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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Twisting Tales

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Sometime ago, Offcam Staff (OS) noticed that Network Talent (NT) seemed to be showing interest in Another Staff (AS). OS noticed how NT looked at AS when they had to meet for work. OS assumed NT was showing his best side to impress AS. Eventually, OS found out that NT has been communicating with AS.

AS was surprised as OS and other personnel told her about NT’s way of looking at her. They agreed NT was kind and lovable, and wondered if he had been flirting with AS in his own way. The giddiness was there until one day, AS was informed of the rumor NT was spreading. Allegedly, NT was telling people that AS was behaving like a stalker and obsessed with him. OS was surprised at the story as well, as NT seemed to have been doing the first moves and cute impressions.

Later, OS found out AS was dismissed. OS was shocked that NT was capable of twisting a story and tarnishing the reputation of another co-worker.  

‘A question that always haunts me. Why can't people just be real? It's easier being real than pretend being real. Give yourself a chance.’ − Author: Manasa Rao

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  1. D ng kaH. Well ganon talaga pag malakas sa mngmnt.

  2. Yun iba sisipsip at manlalaglag ng ibang tao just so they could get more projects siguro

  3. Whoever this is, I hope his career will tank big time. Karma never fails.

  4. Madaming ganyan sa showbiz. Using their names and taking advantage. Feeling privileged. Even if it means bringing other people down. Kakasad.

  5. Ang sama. Ang kapal. Karma, please now na. Kawawa naman yung staff

  6. Grabe, the nerve of the NT! How can you fcking afford someone losing the job of the AS, just for your fame? Shame on you, NT!

  7. Well ganon talaga. Majority pa din talaga sa mga tao masasama at sarili lang ang iniisip, unfortunately.



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