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Just Exaggerate

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These days, Network Talent (NT) is living with the cliché, ‘Strike while the iron is hot’. As the network has finally noticed her, the big bosses decided to give her a break by giving her a marked role in a big project. Although NT has been with the network for a few years, getting ahead of her contemporaries was not an easy trek, as the competition is high. Her batchmates have managed to take the lead, while she stayed only a few steps behind. This time, NT has vowed to make her break noticeable.

Driven by ambition, NT had to forego matters of the heart. NT has attracted the attention of several boys from her management. Besides, forming a loveteam is often an easy step to gain notice from fans. NT did have a successful loveteam at first, but eventually, the partnership was broken apart, as something seemed amiss. NT’s loveteam partner has moved on ever since and has been paired with other female talents. On the personal side, her heart did not rest. As soon as her loveteam was dissolved, Promising Actor (PA) entered the scene.

Initially, PA and NT had nothing serious in mind even if PA had been vocal about his being smitten at NT. PA was a versatile actor, as none of his screen partnership could be considered a loveteam. Moreover, PA seems to have surpassed the loveteam stage and is now being built as a solo talent, which is good for his career. Time passed and PA started to develop serious feelings toward NT. He no longer just wanted moments in bed, he wanted more. Thus, the problem started.

When NT found out how PA was feeling, she dropped the bomb. Flatly, she was not interested in having more than a no-strings-attached encounter. Sadly, she broke the heart of PA. NT could only say that she wanted to focus on her career and that meant fully concentrating on her character in a project. She could not risk her career anymore, as she no longer wants to play supporting roles and have no certainty in her career. She wants to give it all this time and having PA would only distract her.

With seriousness in mind, NT aimed to outshine her co-stars in her scenes. Lucky for NT, her scenes are often with co-stars who are not known for their acting. For instance, in a scene with a female celebrity, who was once criticized for poor acting skills, NT was determined to make sure she was noticed and make PA look like a ham actress. The question is if NT would be able to raise the acting skills of the cast or merely be critiqued for overacting.

‘Achievement results from work realizing ambition.’ – Adam Ant

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Insta Scoop: Sleeping on the Plane Photo of Gretchen Barretto and Atong Ang Goes Viral

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Insta Scoop: Gretchen Barretto Says Nothing Is Wrong with Her Fully Clothed Photos with Atong Ang Unlike that of Her Sister's

Images courtesy of Instagram: gretchenbarretto

Marjorie Barretto's 17 Minute 'Tell-All' Interview With Karen Davila on TV Patrol

Video courtesy of YouTube: ABS-CBN News

Image courtesy of Twitter: ABSCBNNews

Marjorie Barretto finally broke her silence Tuesday on the latest controversy to beset her family, which erupted last week during the wake of her father, Miguel Barretto.

Speaking with ABS-CBN News’ Karen Davila, Marjorie answered, one by one, the accusations hurled at her by sister Gretchen, in relation to the reported scuffle during the wake at The Heritage Park in Taguig.

In narrating the events of October 16, Marjorie sought to contextualize first the ties of Gretchen with their niece Nicole, as well as businessman Atong Ang.

Ang, Marjorie alleged, was the boyfriend of Nicole for five years — until Gretchen supposedly “stole” him from their niece. These claims were already denied by Ang in an earlier statement, saying Gretchen and her long-time partner Tonyboy Cojuangco are business partners, and Nicole formerly employed by him.

According to Marjorie, prior to Gretchen’s arrival at the wake, Nicole and her mother received separate messages from Ang’s family members.

“[They] said, kung puwede umalis muna sila Nicole at ‘yung mga kapatid niya, dahil parating si Gretchen at si Atong. Bigla na lang lumuha [si Nicole]. Apo siya, e. She had more right in the wake," Marjorie said.

“Tapos siyempre napapahiya siya sa aming lahat, kasi very present si Atong sa lahat ng family gatherings namin in that almost five years, as the boyfriend of Nicole. Napapahiya rin naman si Nicole na papasok silang (Gretchen and Ang) magkasama. Parang sampal na sa pagmumukha niya ‘yon. It was not the place to do that.”

Further, Marjorie claimed Nicole was advised by Ang’s camp to leave “dahil magkakaroon ng gulo.”

President Rodrigo Duterte arrived at the wake prior to Gretchen and Ang, Marjorie recalled. “Dumating ang Pangulo, he had his moments with my mom and prayer for my father,” she said.

Referring to their youngest sister, Marjorie narrated: “On cue ni Claudine, dumating si Gretchen at si Atong. Atong stayed at the end [of the chapel]. Gretchen was there, apologizing to my mother, crying. We were at the side.”

Those details align with earlier videos posted by Claudine and Gretchen on Instagram, where the latter’s arrival can be seen. Gretchen described Marjorie as “fuming” in those clips.

Marjorie did admit being irate at the time, but not for the reason Gretchen claimed — that she was simply against her older sister being at their father’s wake.

“They were claiming na mainit na ulo ko. Hindi lang po ako. ‘Yung pamilya ko po, dahil na-offend kami really about Atong sending our nieces and nephews out of the wake of our father. That’s the tension,” she said.

Marjorie went on to confirm that the President did attempt to mediate between her and Gretchen, as initially reported by eyewitnesses at the wake. She also confirmed Gretchen’s earlier statement that she, Marjorie, did not agree to reconcile with her sister, even at the President’s insistence.

“Sabi ko, ‘Mr. President, I respect you, I love you, I voted for you, sir. Pasensya na po. Hindi po kita mapagbibigyan,’” Marjorie recounted.

“I could see her face. I could see the insincerity in Gretchen. I know her the most,” she added, when asked why she refused to shake hands with her sister.

It was at that point, she said, when Claudine supposedly made a scene. Claudine, who had been estranged for a time with Gretchen, has formed a close relationship anew with her “Ate” following their reconciliation early this year.

Marjorie said: “Claudine says, ‘You’re unbelievable!’ Tumingin ako, bunsong kapatid. Diyan nag-start ‘yung bastusan, actually. And then she followed with, ‘How dare you! You just want the attention!’

“I said, ‘Mr. President, tingnan niyo po ‘to. Ito po ‘yung totoong pagkatao nila. Nagbabait-baitan lang po sila sa harapan ninyo. I hope you understand.’”

Marjorie alleged that Ang then attempted to grab her, after she questioned his presence at the wake in front of President Duterte.

“‘Bakit ba siya nandito?’ Nagalit! Sa aakma si Atong…
That’s when the PSG cordoned… Because the President was holding me. Pag safe si Presidente, safe ako,” she said, referring to the Presidential Security Group.

Around the same time, Gretchen was supposedly poised to grab her, too, according to Marjorie. That was the point when Nicole got involved in the scuffle, she said.

“Nakita ko sa kanan ko, Nicole carried Gretchen, nilipat siya, nilayo sa akin. Because, according to Nicole at mga tao doon, she (Gretchen) was also going to follow to make me hablot. Iyon ang kaguluhan nila doon,” Marjorie said.

The PSG advised the President to leave due to the commotion, but he insisted to speak first with Marjorie, the former actress narrated.

“He safely took me away to the farthest couch, habang si Gretchen ang nag-nervous breakdown. She ran after Nicole, pulled Nicole’s hair, kicked Nicole. She beat up my niece,” she alleged.

Contradicing Gretchen’s earlier claim, Marjorie added: “I wasn’t the one with nervous breakdown. I was sitting quietly with the President on the left side of the chapel, exchanging pleasantries… We ended well, habang si Gretchen nakikipagbugbugan doon. Para klaro sa lahat. Siya ang gumawa ng gulo. Hindi ako. I respect my father.”

Marjorie also addressed Gretchen’s accusation that she is to blame for the heart attack of their father which supposedly led to his passing.

Gretchen had said Marjorie excluded their mother, Inday Barretto, from a recent party celebrating Mr. Barretto’s 82nd birthday, causing the patriarch to fall ill.

“It goes to show that Gretchen does not care about the family at all. My father died of acute respiratory failure. He did not have a heart attack,” Marjorie began.

She recalled that Mr. Barretto suddenly had “violent chills” during the party — two weeks before he died on October 15. Mr. Barretto also had showed signs of sepsis, severe pneumonia, and high fever, among others, resulting in his 16-day hospitalization.

“Gretchen, stop diverting. My mom is always invited. Why wouldn’t she be invited? She is my mother, and she is the wife of my father, and we are in good terms. If I did not want my mother at the birthday celebration of my father, I wouldn’t have done it in my house.

“My dad claimed to us that my mom was ill that day, that’s why she was not able to join us, which is not unusual. My mom is 82 years old,” Marjorie said.

Marjorie then brought up the long estrangement of Gretchen from their parents, contrasting that situation with her own efforts to spend time with their family.

“Now when we talk about her painting me as a bad daughter, I will put my foot down. I am a good daughter. I am present every Sunday, every family event, I throw their parties, I serve them, I visit my family.

“Speaking of not inviting your mother to your house — Gretchen, for more than 25 years, has never invited my parents to her house, any of her mansions and rest houses, not even to their garage. So don’t paint me as the bad daughter, Gretchen,” she said.

Asked whether she is growing tired of her five-year rift with Gretchen, Marjorie said: “What Gretchen is doing to me is not only to me. She does this to all her friends, all my friends, family, parents, everything. This evilness has to stop.

“Ako, gusto ko ibalik ‘yung tanong kay Gretchen: Kailan ka ba mapapagod? When will you start healing so you can stop hurting everybody? I pray for healing. I sincerely pray for healing.”

Marjorie pointed out that throughout the two weeks their father Miguel was under intensive care, Gretchen did not once visit him — which would have been an indication that she was sincere in mending ties with her family.

“Kung pumunta siya sa ospital, sa tatay ko, habang buhay, walang Presidente, walang kamera, walang lahat, ako ang unang yayakap sa kaniya. I would have hugged her. I would have led her to my father, and I swear that on my children’s lives.

“I am for reconciliation, just not an orchestrated one,” Marjorie said.

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Repost: Ramon Ang Denies Knowing Julia Barretto, Says Issue Will Not Help in Country's Progress

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Senator Bong Go Shocked at Behavior of Barretto Sisters, Appeals for Reconciliation of Siblings

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Tweet Scoop: Vice Ganda Suffers from Food Poisoning

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Insta Scoop: Gretchen Barretto Chides Marjorie Barretto in Interview, Tells Sister to Relax, and Stresses Case to be Filed by Claudine

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Note: This post has been deleted

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Insta Scoop: Is This Gretchen Barretto's Reaction to Post of Julia Barretto About Being Raised Well?

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FB Scoop: Alex Diaz Apologizes for 'Indecent Proposal' Issue, Wants to Achieve Acceptance and Representation for Bisexual Community

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Liza Soberano Featured in Philia Mafia's 'Estella' with Arci Munoz on Vocals

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Who Did It Better: Kathryn Bernardo vs. Nadine Lustre

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Bad Judgment

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The friendship between two highly talented personalities seems to be on the rocks these days because of a joke that offended the other. Although Talented Personality 1 (TP1) and Talented Personality 2 (TP2) are close, their friendship is not for public fare. TP1 and TP2 have a deep friendship that began even before they achieved fame.

Unlike TP1, TP2 is not comfortable about talks on sexuality. Anyone who dares mention sexual orientation or any other related term in front of him can expect cold shoulder treatment. His public image is so important to him that any insinuation about orientation will be met with harsh words or long-term ignoring. He will even cut ties if he feels like it. By contrast, TP1 is more open-minded and sexuality is an issue that he has put behind him and people have accepted him for his choice.

Allegedly, the two share activities that TP2 will not want to be caught doing. Together, they would get bookings in the local scene or ever overseas in the past. They also have an understanding that they would not post anything about their adventures in social media, and thus, the public would have a hard time believing that the two are close.

By coincidence, TP1 and TP2 were scheduled at the same event. At the backstage, TP1 was being interviewed. TP2 was a few feet away, as he was waiting to perform. One of the interviewees asked TP1 who would be his choice for a role in a comedy gay movie sequel. Candidly, TP1 blurted out TP2. The press people around TP1 laughed and someone said that TP2 would do well as he does not have to exert effort. Again, more laughter ensued.

TP2 heard the entire exchange, and predictably, he felt offended. As he was no longer in the mood, he excused himself and left. He said that he was too sick to perform and his number no longer pushed through. At that point, no one knew what triggered TP2’s sudden reaction. TP1 could not say much, but he realized he might have caused TP2’s walking out. Nonetheless, he did not say anything to the press.

TP1 apologized to TP2. However, TP2 no longer talked to him. TP1 knew the one thing that could offend TP2 and still, he did not control his mouth. That statement, which seemed to be a joke, was taboo, as far as TP2 was concerned. Despite what happened, TP1 is still confident that TP2 will not be able to stand not talking to him for a long time. After all, he still does the booking and TP2 has an appetite that needs to be fed every so often.

‘‘Perfection’ is an illusion and we all make mistakes; you must allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes and bad judgements and glimmer wiser through them.’ – Christine Evangelou

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Repost: Claudine Barretto Claims 'Dagdag-Bawas' in Marjorie Barretto's Version of Wake Incident

Images courtesy of Instagram: claybarretto/ marjbarretto


Claudine Barretto on Tuesday broke her silence on the fight between her older sisters, Gretchen and Marjorie, denying Marjorie's statement that she started their fight and claimed that the older sibling was changing the facts of the story.

"Ako nagsimula ng gulo? Ahm, first of all, hinding hindi ko magagawa 'yun sa harapan ng Presidente o kahit sino mang mas nakakatanda na nirerespeto ko," Claudine said in a report by Nelson Canlas on GMA News' Saksi on Tuesday.

She said that Gretchen tried to reconcile with the family when President Rodrigo Duterte, during his visit to the wake of their father last week, made the suggestion.

"So sabi ni Marjorie, ako? Ako po? Magmamano sa kanya? Sabi niya, hindi nyo ho alam kung anong ginawa niyan sa akin at sa mga anak ko, sabi niya," Claudine said.

"So sabi ni Gretchen, hindi ako na lang po bilang nakakatandang kapatid. Nag-give way talaga yung Ate ko. With all humility. Alam mong napakahirap gawin yun ha. Ikaw ang Ate, ikaw ang magpapaubaya," she added.

According to Claudine, she could not take Marjorie's tough stance in front of President Duterte.

"Sabi ko huwag sa harapan ng President, Marjorie. Sabi ko, you're unbelievable. Sabi ko ganun. Ganito ang boses ko ha. Hindi ako sumisigaw.... Sinabi ko talaga na you're unbelievable Marj, tapos what? I'm unbelievable? Wow! Yan nagbabait-baitan 'yan, ganyan. She was hysterical already and sa Presidente," she said.

"Hindi mo nga kayang mapagbigyan ang hiling ng presidente, mag-a-i love you ka sa presidente? Ano ba 'yun?" she added.

Claudine also said she could not take the way Marjorie removed and added details to the story.

"'Dun sa kwento niya, maraming kulang or dagdag. Pakiramdam ko, dagdag-bawas. Yung pananakit nila sa akin, physically. Minedico-legal ako," Claudine said.

According to Claudine, the feud between their father are making it harder to accept the passing of her father.

"Dahil sa gulong 'to hindi pa nagsi-sink in yung pagkawala ng tatay ko. Hindi ko alam kung dahil sa gulong to o dahil ayoko pang i-accept.," she said.

"Hindi ako okay kasi alam kong hindi okay ang daddy ko, hindi siya masaya sa mga pangyayaring ito," Claudine said.

Meanwhile, Gretchen chose to answer Marjorie's statements on Instagram.

Gretchen said she was not able to visit her father when he was confined in the hospital because of Marjorie's outburst.

It was also possible that when she does visit, she might meet Caloocan Mayor Enrico Echiverri, who allegedly is the subject of a complaint that Claudine is considering to file.

It was walso their mother, Inday, who told her that she was not invited to the birthday party of their father as a form of revenge for taking the side of Claudine.

This action is allegedly the catalyst of the feud between their parents.

Gretchen also said she does not have the influence to orchestrate the grand entrance of President Duterte, adding that it was the President who wanted to see her at the wake.

She hoped that, at the wake, Marjorie would be able to control her temper.

Gretchen also posted the video of her conversation with her mother at the wake as proof that she was not hysterical to rebuke the accusation of Marjorie.

GMA News is trying to get a statement of Marjorie Barretto at this time. — Joahna Lei Casilao/BAP, GMA News

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