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Rambunctious Mouth

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Young Actor (YA) could no longer stand Talkative Colleague (TC) that he had to confide to Another Actor (AC) about how TC has managed to meddle in his life. Allegedly, TC was the one who snitched about YA’s meeting with a female friend and later on, she also told something to YA about an incident with his partner. AC could only listen to YA vent, as he has his issues against TC as well.

Over the course of their working relationship, AC has observed how TC would try to get into the in-crowd and do her own social climbing and weave stories for her benefit. Whenever they would talk about their lives, TC refuses to recall the days prior to her showbiz career, which are the moments when her family had financial difficulties. No longer does she ever want to talk about her family.

TC would rather go around malls and hearing her name screamed by fans gives her pleasure. She likes the attention and this situation was a 180 degree turn from the times when she was just a fan. During those times, TC would be the one running after a celebrity for a selfie or even just a glimpse. Now that she is a celebrity, TC does not mind the fans and would accommodate requests for photos and the like. In other words, she’s not rude toward the crowd, as she relishes the attention.

As he could not find anything worth fighting for anymore, AC left his partnership with TC and moved on. Meanwhile, whenever TC would be asked about her loveteam with AC, she would say that she was the one who left to explore other possibilities. Moreover, TC added that AC is now running after her. Instead of being irked at the twisted story, AC merely laughed it off, as he knows the truth, anyway.   

Without a loveteam partner, establishing a career as a solo artist is difficult for someone at the stage of a budding career. To stay in the recall of fans, TC chose to hang around Discarded Talent (DT), who used to have a loveteam partner. Talented and good-looking, DT seems to be a prized young man among the female talents of his network. TC was smitten with DT and wanted a taste of him. Unfortunately, DT is not like any other male who would get intimate with a female who wants him. That conservative attitude was rumored to have caused the breakdown of his previous partnership. Well, TC would be in for a challenge, as DT is rumored not to be inclined toward females at all.

‘I do not have respect for you who takes advantage of the soul that is kind and giving, for it is you who takes such liberties that becomes the ultimate fool.’― C.C. Franklin

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Insta Scoop: Kris Aquino Shares Video of Her Pool 'Therapy,' Answers How She's Maintaining Her Body

we TRIED. i think that’s the most important thing... but i stressed my Ate who thought we’d get struck by lightning (uh, with me that’s more than likely⛈⚡️)... yes in our pool’s shallowest area i was in danger of drowning. so bimb said until my balance & resistance improve we were better off in the whirlpool. then he called kuya to help him hoist me to our smaller pool w/ seating. bimb gave me a physics lesson about “torque” & my having no resistance that’s why when i spun, i was getting swept to the deeper area (nakalimutan ko na ‘to; he’s in 4th quarter grade 6, i think this was from my late high school 💬📚unless i was reading too many Sweet Valley High, Danielle Steel, and Sidney Sheldon books?) in case you’re curious, our pools are heated using LPG, that’s the benefit of having been a Petron Gasul endorser for many years, we learned to manage our energy consumption because we use Gasul to cook, heat our pools, and for our clothes’ dryers. For fuel needs, we take full advantage of the @snr_official membership discount card when fueling up our vehicles in UniOil. namana ko sa mom ko being a conscientious consumer & i have many more practical tips i can share with all of you. please remind me to write a blog about this. in the meantime, enjoy viewing our family bonding where the 2 sons are obviously the guardians of their very delicate (better term than LAMPA😇) mama. GOOD NIGHT. 😍🥰😘💛
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Repost: Movie Opening Day Moved to Friday, No First Day, Last Day Screening

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Following several consultations with the film industry stakeholders and the public, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) has released Memorandum Circular No. 2019-01 with Policies and Guidelines on the Theatrical Release of Films in Philippine Cinemas.

“This [Memorandum Circular] is the culmination of FDCP’s efforts to strengthen our industry practices and level the playing field for all our stakeholders—from film producers, to distributors, to our exhibitors, and even the audience—through a transparent and fair set of guidelines that addresses the gaps that have long plagued our industry when it comes to screening films in commercial theatres,” said FDCP Chairperson Liza Diño, who spearheaded meetings and dialogues regarding industry practices since she came to office in 2016. Following several formal consultations with producers, theatres, and distributors to draft the contents of the guidelines, a public consultation with stakeholders was also conducted last April 25, 2019 at the Cinematheque Centre Manila. Partner government agencies like the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), the Department of Trade and Industry-Export Management Bureau (DTI-EMB), and the Office of the Presidential Legal Counsel and Spokesperson were also part of the dialogues and have lent support to the development of the guidelines.

To push for Philippine cinema’s growth and development, new policies have been introduced via the MC which applies to both local and foreign films, including the switching of the theatrical release of local and foreign films nationwide from Wednesday to Friday to accommodate more potential moviegoers during the weekend. Every film booked for theatrical release must also have a minimum run-length of at least seven (7) days. Moreover, the theater assignments will be guaranteed for the first three (3) days to avoid movies from getting pulled out of cinemas.

"Full screens" must be assigned to the film booked for the first three (3) days of its run. This means there will be no “screen splitting,” or a double booking and exhibition for a single theatre screen.

An equitable ratio between Filipino films and foreign films should also be observed in regular playdates to give local films a higher chance of being seen by the audience, except in cases where a national film festival, such as Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) and Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

To encourage watching local films at the cinemas among the youth, the recommended national average movie ticket prices every Wednesdays for students of ages 18 years and below will now be priced at Two Hundred Pesos (P200.00) in Metro Manila and a maximum of One Hundred Fifty Pesos (P150.00) in provinces.

Meanwhile, films that have been theatrically released should only be screened to other platforms in the country only after a holdback period of one hundred fifty (150) days after the first day of exhibition to maximize the movies’ revenue opportunity in local cinemas.

After the full contents of the circular have been released in a national newspaper this June 25, the policies and guidelines will take effect fifteen (15) days thereafter.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Extreme Disassociation

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While preparing for his number, Cautious Celebrity (CC) overheard fellow performers talking about him. As CC continued to listen, he could not get over the giggling that dominated the talk. He realized that the topic was about allegedly finding out photos of a male celebrity in his phone as well as few photos of other males in the buff.

So as not to send mixed messages, CC did not confront the group and turned his attention to his staff. CC instructed his staff to be extra careful with his personal belongings, especially when he’s performing on stage. Hence, that means, his gadgets should be secured and no opportunity should be open to anyone to tinker with his devices.

Allegedly, CC is at a stage where he has to suppress whatever might seem natural to him, as his gestures might fan the rumor of his sexual preference. Despite being linked to female personalities, CC has not made concrete moves to win them over. Only his fans have been making a big deal over his female crushes.

CC has been paranoid at being called ‘gay,’ which seems to be a word he disdains these days. Any person who has the guts to ask him about his sexuality is at risk, and besides, CC would deny such rumors. To ensure the ‘gay’ label will be dissociated with him, CC told his staff that only straight persons will be allowed to prep him up for shows. Moreover, CC has consciously avoided interacting with gays. When the management heard about his decision, CC was informed that at least half of the people who run shows are gay and his capriciousness will not be good. However, CC was insistent and his homophobia is taking the better of him. He seems to have isolated himself and talking to him has been difficult, too.

‘We can't be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don't have something better.’ ― C. JoyBell C.

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Trailer of 'Because I Love You' Starring David Licauco and Shaira Diaz

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David Licauco and Shaira Diaz Loveteam Launched in ALV Films’ ‘Because I Love You’

ALV Films gives a timely twist to the rich boy-poor girl love story in ‘Because I Love You’ with the country’s budding love team of David Licauco and Shaira Diaz. The film is directed by award-winning director Joel Lamangan.

Arnold Vegafria, ALV Films President, sees much potential in the partnership of David and Shaira. Vegafria says, ‘For this project, I wanted to launch new artists, new faces, a new love team. I know it’s a big risk, but I strongly believe in the movie’s potential. It’s fresh content, and a very aspirational story, and I hope the movie spreads through word-of-mouth.’

‘With their combined strengths as influencers and exemplary role models for the youth, they can rightfully be hailed as today's fast-rising millennial icons. I have always believed in David and Shaira's acting potential, and it's high time that they get their first big break through this launching movie.’

‘I have always been excited about producing movies, because it’s my way of giving back to the industry. We hope to create more jobs and make the industry flourish, and make our films competitive in foreign film festivals,’ Vegafria adds.

One of GMA’s highly anticipated talents, David gives life to the cool, quiet and reserved executive and heir to his family’s business empire, Rael. His conservative roots have shaped him into stereotyped thinking, which includes affairs of the heart. Summer, played by Shaira, is a ‘tenacious, street-smart firefighter’ who proudly continues her departed dad’s heroic legacy, which is quite opposite the dream of her mother who wants her to be a flight attendant or a beauty queen.

Initially, netizens noticed the chemistry between David and Shaira in Magpakailanman’s ‘Nakawin Natin Ang Bawat Sandali’ in July 2018. The couple’s portrayal trended in social media and in March 2019, the two guested in GMA 7’s web project, ‘One Hugot Away’. David and Shaira have appeared in GMA-7’s top-rating teleseryes. Shaira has acted in ‘Contessa’ (2017), ‘Pamilya Roces’ (2018), and currently, in ‘Love You Two’ (2019), where she plays ‘Sam’, the younger sister of Jennylyn Mercado. David, meanwhile, had marked roles in ‘Mulawin vs. Ravena’ (2017), ‘Kapag Nahati Ang Puso’ (2018) and ‘TODA One I Love’ (2019).

David and Shaira only have good words for each other. David finds working with Shaira a blast and he loves the way Shaira handles her dramatic and kikay sides in their scenes, including love scenes. Similarly, the Artista Academy alum found working under Director Joel Lamangan as a privilege, ‘Knowing his reputation as a strict and disciplinarian director, I’m happy that we survived,’ she said. Preparing for his role, David extensively trained in horseback riding and polo, and a chopper was used to give the authentic ‘old rich’ vibe to his character. 

‘Because I Love You’ stars Martin del Rosario, Michelle Dee, Samantha Lopez, Bernadette Allyson, Monsour del Rosario, Mr. World Philippines 2018 JB Saliba, Timothy Lawrence Yap, Bryan Benedict, IC Mendoza, Victor Basa, Rob Sy, Chris Leonardo, LM Mercado, Afi Africa, Melo Merkona, Jao Mapa, and Mosang. Special cameo appearances are by Miss Multinational 2017 Sophia Senoron, Miss Eco International 2018 Cynthia Thomalla, RJ Ledesma and newly-elect Senator Francis Tolentino.

To ensure the quality of the movie, the producers spared no expense in the movie’s highlights, such as recreating the lavish cinematic backdrops, which would remind viewers of 1990’s ‘Pretty Woman’, which starred Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

‘Because I Love You’ was written by popular Wattpad writer and TV Director, Charlotte Dianco. The movie is the second offering of ALV Films for this year. Kris Lawrence performs the theme song, which was rearranged by Vincent de Jesus. ‘Because I Love You’, was popularized by Julian Lennon. The movie is produced by ALV Films in cooperation with Garahe Films and distributed by Regal Films, ‘Because I Love You’ opens in local cinemas on June 26

Insta Scoop: Janno Gibbs Irked at Water Shortage and Floods

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Repost: Rep. Mikee Romero to Sponsor the 'Eddie Garcia Law'

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A day after the internment of the ashes of the late screen legend Eddie, his stepson, 1Pacman Partylist Rep. Mikee Romero lost no time in pushing for the passage of an Actors Occupational Safety and Health Standard Law providing for stricter measures for the prevention of accidents and other occupational hazards on the movie or television set and the imposition of stiff penalties for violations.

Romero, president of the Partylist Coalition Foundation Inc., said he expects more than 100 of his colleagues in the House of Representatives to co-author the measure to be known as “The Eddie Garcia Law.”

Earlier, the PCFI, the second largest political bloc in the Lower House, announced that they will nominate Garcia for a “posthumous conferment of the National Artist award.”

Romero, president of the Partylist Coalition Foundation Inc., said he expects more than 100 of his colleagues in the House of Representatives to co-author the measure to be known as “The Eddie Garcia Law.”

Earlier, the PCFI, the second largest political bloc in the Lower House, announced that they will nominate Garcia for a “posthumous conferment of the National Artist award.”

The partylist solon said the proposed measure will be the first bill he will file when the 18th Congress opens. He is expected to file the bill as soon as the Lower House starts accepting legisaltive proposals on July 1.

Insta Scoop: Kris Aquino to Overcome 'Final Destination' Fear for Migraine Cure

we were supposed to be in baguio. but a severe migraine got in the way... started with a slight throb late saturday night, got so bad by sunrise sunday- pls remember i’m allergic to almost all pain relievers... name the essential oil i massaged all over my head, shoulders, and feet. they were able to buy my prescription sunday lunchtime, i finally fell asleep, woke up 10 PM for milk, drank my medicine, and slept again until 1 PM today. this is our pool, posted it so that i’ll feel obliged to attempt to do some water physiotherapy... i have zero excuses to not try, our pool is heated & has salt filtration. i read up on migraine prevention & regular exercise is supposed to help. (if you have health tips, please share? BAWAL for me ang migraine medication like excedrin, sad 😢...) my 2 are the sweetest, bimb said the pool gets deep (for me) so he said he & kuya will be my lifeguards to make sure i don’t drown. writing this i’m giggling because i think i’m really 1 of those “Final Destination” types na hinahabol ng pinaka weird na accidents kahit nag iingat na. GOOD NIGHT. i’ll wait for your all natural ways to fight a migraine. it will be good to read when i wake up. 💛💛💛
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