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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Not So Mindful Decision

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Backpackers are generally young travelers on a budget who have fewer obligations thus have more time to travel and explore. The duration of their stay has made it very possible for them to indulge in seeing the sights and have more fun, particularly interest in meeting and interacting with the locals.

Backpackers are typically price-conscious. Some are wise enough to capitalize on their good looks to be able to enjoy themselves more like staying in the popular beaches where they can mingle and enjoy drinks with the locals for free. It is not surprising to hear that others even 'use' themselves for free bed at night.

Locals could mean local vacationers as well, who have disposable cash at anytime and are likewise looking for “fun and adventures” themselves.

A group of local Gay Friends GF, together with their Girl Buddies GB went to a popular resort for a popular beach holiday. While having drinks at a bar, they spotted a very Cute Backpacker CB. Not long after, GF and GB hit it of with CB and they exchanged contact information.

That same night, CB and one of GB’s disappeared from the group and went on their own for more privacy.

After a few days, they headed back to Manila, GF and GB were looking for CB to spend some more time together. But for some strange reason, they could no longer reach him.

After some time, they saw CB’s photos on Instagram and they all got the shock of their lives! Lo and behold, CB has become the latest conquest of Agitated Actress. The same CB who flirted with GF and GB is now the guy whom AA takes with her on a trip abroad for recreation. What a lucky, lucky guy!

Many believe that AA’s detractors are right after all. They said that there is nothing that she wouldn’t do just to prove a point…no matter how insane at times. As such, it was something that her unbelieving bashers said only boomeranged on her (beautiful) face.

“ Don't try to be different. Just be good. To be good is different enough. “ ~ Arthur Freed

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Raymart Santiago Reveals 'Truth' Behind Claudine Barretto's Bruises

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Raymart Santiago will not have Claudine Barretto insinuating that he was the cause of bruises on her face, as seen in several photos of the "battered" actress released by her lawyer over the weekend.

In an e-mail to on Tuesday, Santiago's legal counsel, Atty. Ruth Castelo, shared five photos of Barretto wearing a headgear with bandages on her cheeks. The photos, courtesy of Santiago, were taken during Holy Week of 2010, according to Castelo.

An accompanying statement read: "Here is a truthful version of the recent Twitter post of a make-up tutorial to conceal bruises, perhaps even wounds and scars, with the allusion of the subject having been battered. The wounds and scars are definitely real, but how they were sustained is a different story altogether."

Images courtesy of Raymart Santiago

Four of the photos show Barretto with Santiago at what appears to be a swimming pool area of a private residence. The former couple, whose separation was first reported in July 2013, are also seen with a number of companions, including Santiago's brother, singer-host Randy Santiago.

The captions of the photos read, unedited: "Battered wife?!? Seriously...?!? …Amidst these happy faces…?!?! ...Who would believe such a lie?? …About one happy battered wife…???"


The last photo, a close-up of Barretto's facial bruises covered with bandages, was captioned: "Before applying make-up, first make sure that the wounds from the post-surgical procedure have healed so the bandage can be safely removed."

Image courtesy of Raymart Santiago

This was in reference to a series of photos posted on Twitter last Sunday by Barretto's legal counsel, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, showing the actress apparently with bruises on her face, before and after applying makeup.

According to Castelo, Topacio's last photo of a "finished product" was taken before Barretto's live guesting on the entertainment talk show "Showbiz Central" in April 2010.

Topacio's tweets were in response to a post on a gossip blog where photos of Barretto early this year were compared to a more recent one where she bared more scars allegedly from being a battered wife.

In a series of posts, Topacio said: "We are not making this up. The scars have been there all along. In conclusion, no woman would deliberately make herself ugly. Who inflicted them? I leave it to you guys. To all those who say maliciously that the wounds are a fabrication, may you suffer what Claudine has suffered."

Battered wife?

Last week, Barretto had a photo shoot which showed several wounds on her thighs, among them burns supposedly from cigarette butts. Calling herself a "battered wife," the actress said the pictorial was to help others in a similar situation to speak up.

Dr. Acel Chicano, Barretto's attending wound care specialist, told reporters that the marks on the actress' thighs are hyperpigmented, meaning the wounds were not inflicted recently.

"Matagal nang nangyari iyon. Hindi iyon bago pa lang," she said.

Although Barretto did not identify who inflicted the wounds, she said the details are included in a complaint she had filed in connection with the Anti-Violence against Women and Their Children Act of 2004.

Barretto earlier accused Santiago of "physical, sexual, psychological and economic" abuse, supposedly dating back to 2002. These are detailed in her complaint against the actor for his alleged violation of the said law.

Santiago also alleged that he was a victim of domestic violence. In his complaint, the actor accused his wife of being mentally ill and having a history of drug abuse, claims backed by the actress' estranged siblings Gretchen, Marjorie, and JJ.

Court battle anew

Both Barretto and Santiago have repeatedly mentioned the welfare of their children -- 7-year-old Santino and 10-year-old Sabina -- in explaining why they took the spat to court, and why they are seeking sole custody of the kids.

In June, the former couple appeared to have patched things up when Barretto posted a photo of her with Santiago and their kids. This, after they reached an agreement concerning their children through a judicial dispute resolution.

Last July 14, however, Barretto exclusively told ABS-CBN News that she was planning to pull out from the agreement.

Barretto mentioned three reasons why she arrived at the decision, and why she is planning to sue her husband for "economical abuse" -- Castelo's recent statements about the ongoing legal battle, Santiago's supposed absence from their children's affairs, and his alleged unwillingness to fulfill his financial obligations.

Disclaimer on Supposed GMA News Post Going Viral on Facebook

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On Monday night, a link started going viral on Facebook purportedly of a story on GMA News Online with the headline: Overflowing STD virus from Kris Aquino causes a stink at NAIA-1.

Clicking on the link would redirect the user to the actual GMA News Online story Overflowing septic tank causes a stink at NAIA-1 that was posted on July 19 at 1:28 p.m.

For the record, GMA News Online has never posted a story with the headline on the STD virus. Neither was the website hacked.

The Kris Aquino headline seems to be a prank played by Facebook users who shared the original link. The social media site allows individual users to "edit" headlines before posting or sharing them, making it seem like that was the actual headline of the article:

This feature has been part of Facebook since at least 2011, with sites such as Search Engine Watch publishing guides on "How to Spoof Facebook Friends with Dodgy Headlines from Trusted News Sources."

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Clients of the Drug Lord

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The raid that was conducted in a hideout of an alleged drug lord a few weeks ago resulted in interesting outcomes. The good news is that the drug lord was nabbed and several kilos of drugs were seized, but what the operatives discovered in their search spells bad news for showbiz.

Although several showbiz personalities have been thought of as users, very few have actually admitted to using banned substances until they are caught or the results are so obvious in their physical appearance. Some have recovered from their drug addiction and regained new energies for their lives, while others have lost their family, wealth, fame, and even their lives to substance abuse.

During the search of the hideout, the operatives found a list of clients who ordered drugs. The names of versatile actor (VA) and intense performer (IP) were allegedly on the said list. Other than coming from the same network, VA and IP are highly competent actors who have convincingly played offbeat and traditional roles in various projects in movies and television.

Both VA and IP have been involved in controversial love affairs, but have remained among the most eligible bachelors in local showbiz. VA has a more action-packed love life as he has been linked to a number of women from the industry. Meanwhile, IP has had low-key relationships. Significantly, both of them have prioritized their career over their relationships.

What is surprising in the alleged list is that VA has yet to be rumored as someone who has an addiction. By contrast, IP has found himself in the midst of rumors on substance abuse as well as health struggles, which has cost him certain projects from the station.

Be careful not to compromise what you want most for what you want now. – Zig Zilgar

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