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Saturday, July 30, 2016

She Could Do Much Better

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Fame and fortune are two main goals of entering the entertainment industry. While some would claim that they want to use their talent to entertain people, everyone knows that having a career is a job that brings in the money. Talent is not really a requirement for establishing a career in the business, as such could be developed anyway. Looks could sometimes be the main factor in paving the way for a career. Despite the reasons for wanting to join showbiz, some realize that being in the industry brings much temptation and opportunity, depending on how one sees the moment.

Fast-rising Pretty Newbie (PN), whose name is becoming famous, has not been spared from her secrets being spilled in the grapevine. It seems that PN has succumbed to the temptation that hovers around beautiful and attractive personalities. Allegedly, PN has fallen for the charms of Non-Showbiz Businessman (SB), who happens to be very rich and well connected to a few showbiz personalities.

Given the mixed heritage of PN, she naturally makes heads turn, and immediately, people know she has potential to make it big in the entertainment industry. Under the management of an influential group, PN has been presented opportunities to gain exposure by appearing in high profile projects that have been aired in major stations and the cinema.

Yet, potential seems insufficient and circumstances have led to looking at temptation straight in the eye. The meeting of PN and SB was facilitated by Versatile Starlet (VS). Having been in the business ahead of PN, VS is more familiar with the ins and outs of such transactions. At one point, VS had to hook up with an industry insider to assure her of work, as she has been waging a battle with her weight that has made her lose some jobs. Initially, VS was interested in SB, but given her reputation, SB was not. Thus, he shifted his attention to the younger and fresher PN.

Although she is already an adult, PN is still considered young, and being seen alone with SB would definitely raise eyebrows. Hence, VS is supportive enough to join them whenever they have dates. A group date would never raise suspicion that something else is happening. Besides, PN has much potential in her career and a story relating to her alleged relationship with an older man would definitely put everything to a halt. Thus, they have to be very careful, but the two have managed to travel abroad allegedly. These past months, PN seems to be gaining momentum, but having a connection with SB might put her career in jeopardy. Perhaps, PN could be reminded of her priorities before she gets deeply involved in a choice that she might regret later.

‘If someone believes that living on benefits is a lifestyle choice, then we need to make them think again.’ – George Osborne

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Movie Review: How To Be Yours

Image courtesy of Instagram

Main Cast: Bea Alonzo, Gerald Anderson
Director: Dan Villegas
MTRCB Rating: PG
Released By: Star Cinema

When the official teaser of Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson’s first starrer “How To Be Yours” was aired, not a few in social media commented that it would be just another romance comedy movie, not far from the usual shown before it. But judging from the viewers’ reactions at the cinema, it seems that many will be happy to be proven wrong.  

Niño (Gerald) and Anj (Bea) are two people who fall in love but their colorful relationship is constantly challenged by their commitment to their professions and personal goals – Anj who wants to make it big as a chef and Niño whose marketing expertise is nothing short of indispensable.   

“How To Be Yours” is modern in its approach as it tackles the journey of two devoted lovers, bravely proving themselves further amidst the trials they have to face along the way. Niño is Anj’s encourager, the wind beneath her wings who constantly pushes her to run after her dreams.  

The movie’s narrative and pacing work well as each character is allowed to develop as the story unfolds. Not just banking on romance comedy, director Dan Villegas made sure that viewers can learn a thing or two about relationship and priorities and what matters in between.

Needless to say, the movie is a well written emotional ride. The scenarios are real, very telling of the joys and plight of career people in the workplace that many can relate to. That working in an industry like food/restaurant as a chef for example is no different from that of a soldier right in the middle of a battle field.  

The film’s casting is quite commendable, notably Bernard Palanca who plays to the hilt the strict chef/restaurateur Pocholo who Anj has to constantly do a balancing act with. Likewise the mix of supporting actors who play her wacky and supportive friends, nothing like effortless and natural humor.  

Definitely, Bea and Gerald are the best choice for the film. They not only have perfect screen chemistry, but the rapport is obviously there, as they look so comfortable with each other you’d think they’re just having fun and not acting at all. But you’ll get carried away by their serious and emotional scenes, as they seem so real. If true, their alleged ‘past’ could have contributed to it.

Cinematography is noteworthy, too, with meticulous camera shots and frames making each scene come alive. Niño and Anj’s bedroom scenes, along with their “intimate moments elsewhere” are perfectly captured, accompanied by that engaging musical score. Scenes at the grocery are cool, those Binondo shots in ‘slow mo’ certainly add magic.    

There’s one distracting, observation ‘though - very noticeable with Anj is that in all her scenes, whether she is stressed at work in the kitchen or having a dinner date or in the bedroom about to sleep and even while sleeping - her face looks the same - always freshly made-up with hair perfectly in place all the time, like she has just stepped out of the parlor. Now that’s believability flaw in question.

But overall, director Villegas succeeds in this movie, notably for its fresh concept. He and his team certainly worked hard for this. His past movies notwithstanding, Walang Forever, English Only, Please and his recent blockbuster, Always Be My Maybe which also starred Anderson (Arci Munoz), all proved his consistency that content and commercial success do mix.

Catch “How To Be Yours” so you would know what ‘kape’ and ‘babe time’ and ‘forever’ are all about.

Now showing in cinemas, the movie also stars Alex Vincent Medina, Anna Luna, Bryan Sy, Devine Aucina, Janus Del Prado, Jerome Tan and Nicco Manalo.

Vitamin E as a Good Antioxidant

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Aside from keeping your skin really healthy, here are other essential benefits that you can get from Vitamin E:

1. It essentially maintains the functions of our heart and blood vessels.
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4. It gives all-around protection for a healthy immune system.
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