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Monday, September 22, 2014

Another Junkie in the Making

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Like some of his contemporaries, eyes are on this comebacking young hunk (YH). When YH was discovered a few years ago, his fans awaited for the network to give him the projects that would eventually make him into a bigger star, just like the previous winners of the contest. He had the looks and was multi-talented.

The waiting was futile as YH disappeared from the limelight. At that time, the network had so many young stars, and YH with his raw talent then still needed so much shaping up. Thus, he was easily lost in the more talented pack. Not much was heard about him, and stories said that he opted to return home instead of pursuing a career.

Fast forward to a few years after. YH suddenly made his return with such a big bang that his former station gave him a second look. No one expected his comeback to stir the box office. Soon, YH was back with his network, and was positioned as a possible rival or heir to the other hot young hunk of the station.

While fame and fortune are within his reach, YH has a habit that is worrying those who know of such deed. One time, while in a popular summer place, YH was seen allegedly crushing what seemed to be innocent-looking tablets. Soon, he was inhaling the said powder. It turned out that the tablets were the prohibited ones that were made popular by the rich kids who frequented bars and who wanted to dance the night away, literally. Thus, after YH had his tripping, he stayed in his place and looked daze. His dosage was quite strong that instead of making him all hyperactive, he just stayed there.

With the fast development of his career, YH has much to gain and much temptation to face. His fans and his network as well as his management are all giving him another shot. Will he take advantage of the opportunities now, or will he just let his bad habit get the better of him?

All the suffering, stress, and addiction come from not realizing you already are what you are looking for. – Jon Kabat-Zinn

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