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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Price of Merrymaking

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When Cutie Performer (CP) felt something was not right with his body, he decided to seek medical advice. CP was having a hard time urinating, and such symptom could lead to something dreaded by anyone who has a sexually active life. Being young and hot, CP is not one who would not be attracted to the call of physical world.

A few months ago, he stayed somewhere south for a few weeks. During his extended vacation, CP met several foreigners and explored the world of the underground flesh trade. However, there was no news that he himself was paid for his services or he merely did it for the sake of doing it.

Now, CP has to pay the price for his revelry. The findings of his tests indicated that he had STD, and CP had no choice but to undergo treatment. After all, he had just moved to a new station and he has to prove that he made the right decision to leave the network and the people who initially gave him a break in showbiz. As a newbie in the network, CP had to be physically well to focus on his assignments.

While CP kept quiet about his treatment, Network Talent (NT) found out about his predicament. NT called and confronted CP. He was very furious that CP had contracted a disease. He cursed CP, and his anger was at a very high level. Despite rumors surrounding his preference, NT keeps a clean-living image. He has always presented himself living a vice-free life. NT’s image is that of the ideal boyfriend and hardworking actor. He has kept his reputation squeaky clean, but then, he has his secrets. Rumors refuse to die down.

The anger of NT is understandable because his greatest secret includes his intimate relationship with CP. Theirs is purely physical. Neither could risk exposing the truth behind their true preference. Much would be lost if both come out of their closets. Everything that NT has built in a long time can crumble with just one error.

The fear of getting the disease from CP filled the thoughts of NT. If he finds out he got it himself, how could he explain his condition to his girlfriend, to his parents, or to the management? Hopefully, NT will have rationality take over his emotional state, as he has to undergo some tests for his peace of mind.

Eventually. we all have to accept full and total responsibility for our actions, everything we have done, and have not done. -- Hubert Selby Jr.

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Is Bryanboy Wanted in the US for Credit Card Fraud?

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How true is the story that Bryanboy (Bryan Yambao) is wanted in the U.S. for alleged credit card fraud? His victims of the alleged fraud even include high profile celebrities, such as Hollywood actresses. Over the past weeks, Bryanboy has been spending time in Europe, which has fueled speculations of the said story. According to his social media accounts, he has been spending time in Europe doing some shopping and planning for his wedding to his Swedish partner.

Sometime in 2012, Rogue Magazine published an expose on the alleged credit card fraud involvement of Bryanboy. The article detailed how Bryanboy rose from a nobody to a buzzword in the international fashion industry through his blog, fearless comments, connections, and photos of his fashion sense. As to how he was able to afford high-end bags and clothes remains questionable. 

Other than the credit card fraud, accusations even claimed that his finances also came from anomalous transactions of the Philippine government. Regardless of the expose, Bryanboy was made a media correspondent in America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 19).  

While interviews with former friends of Bryanboy were quoted in the Rogue article, other blogsites became the venue for the defense of Bryanboy. As people waited if Bryanboy was going to file a lawsuit against the magazine, nothing was heard from his camp. 

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