Tuesday, June 19, 2018

An Unexpected Reaction

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One of the tough tasks that the youth have to deal with is to follow health orders or rather, pay attention to their well-being. Given the age, some young people tend to indulge in activities they think are cool and normal for their age. Even if such activities would be detrimental to their body, they do not care. The usual excuses are YOLO and having a young body that can tolerate anything.

When Popular Performer (PP) posted the need for a medical procedure, his fans were alarmed. Even his Supposed Girlfriend (SG) sympathized with PP and hoped for the best. Everyone knows that PP is the athletic type and any physical change in his body would mean modifying his lifestyle. Thus, he might have to lessen his strenuous physical activities. For someone so young, having limited movement can be detrimental.

As his fans assumed PP was preparing for the big day, they were surprised to see him behaving like everything was fine. Some of his fans noticed him about to leave a hang-out. Although they did not expect PP there, they approached him and asked if they could have a photo. Kindly, PP agreed and put forward his best personality. However, the fans noticed something was amiss.

Being aware that PP might soon be at the hospital and that he has a show the next day, they were surprised that PP seemed to have been drinking and was tipsy. Although he was not dead drunk, his disposition worried his fans. They believed PP should take better care of himself, as he has already made public that he needed a medical procedure. Naturally, one should prepare for a possible life-changing event.

In the case of PP, being one of the most promising performers among his contemporaries, he has so much potential to excel. Although challenging projects seem to be eluding him, he is still popular and has a solid fanbase even if sometimes he can be harsh in social media.

‘Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.’ ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Mayor Jay Khonghun Appeals to Stop the Bashing of Aiko Melendez

Aiko Melendez with Mayor Jay Khonghun and His Family Members
Images courtesy of Mayor Jay Khonghun

Subic Mayor Jay Khonghun is appealing to all concerned parties to stop dragging actress Aiko Melendez into issues hurled at him by people who are not even privy into their lives. Reacting to a Facebook post uploaded a few days ago, Mayor Khonghun sent a private message to Fashion PULIS to air his side.

In his message, the mayor laments that Ms. Melendez is being tagged as the third party in his separation from his wife. Prior to the actress becoming his girlfriend, the mayor and his wife have already separated. Moreover, they both agreed not to reveal to the public the legal process they are undergoing to protect their privacy and that of their child.

Hence, the mayor feels that certain parties have been unfair to Ms. Melendez, who has been subjected to harsh name-calling and cruel assumptions. In this regard, the mayor is strongly apologizing to Ms. Melendez who was inadvertently caught in the intrigue and whom he believes should not be accused of an action that she has nothing to do with at all.

Currently, Mayor Khonghun and Ms. Melendez are on vacation with his family. Pictures show that all is well between the couple and his family. The Mayor hopes that the public will accord him and Ms. Melendez the respect they deserve and allow them to be fully happy.

Fashion PULIS thanks Mayor Jay Khonghun for reaching out and clarifying the matter.

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Kris Aquino Says She Will Not Prevent Bimby from Reconciling with James Yap When He is Ready

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Repost: Senator Sotto Confident that Inquirer.net Will Remove Pepsi Paloma Articles, Calls Articles 'Original Fake News'

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 Senate President Vicente Sotto III on Monday expressed confidence that Inquirer.net would remove the articles online that linked him to the alleged rape of the late actress Pepsi Paloma.

"They will. Because it's fake news, it's original fake news," Sotto told reporters.

Sotto has written a letter to the news website asking that it take down three articles about the senator's alleged involvement in the move to whitewash the alleged rape case.

The articles were written by the news site's US-based columnist Rodel Rodis.

The National Union of Journalist of the Philippines (NUJP) has condemned Sotto for his "brazen attempt to suppress freedom of the press and of expression."

"While we can understand the senator's discomfiture with these articles, we feel he is overstepping his bounds by zeroing in on the Inquirer.net articles," the NUJP said.

Sotto said that the NUJP had inadequate knowledge about the issue.

"Hindi nila alam ang story, kausapin nila Inquirer," Sotto said.

"Ibig mo bang sabihin kapag sinabi kong 'yung mga taong naninira, binabayaran, freedom of the press din 'yun? Hindi. Original fake news," he added.

 In an interview on CNN Philippines, Senator Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel expressed support for Sotto.

"Yes, ako I understand, sometimes it's really unfair. One feature of internet is permanence, once published online it's permanent," Pimentel said.

"There must be a way for someone who is affected by an opinion especially available in a popular website like the Inquirer," he added.

"This person should be allowed to request deletion of the said articles painting him in a negative light," Pimentel said.

Rodis has posted on his Facebook account Sotto's letter asking that two articles he wrote on the senator's supposed involvement in the rape case be removed from the site.

Rodis said that it would set "a dangerous precedent" if Inquirer.net granted Sotto's request.

In a statement, Inquirer.net said Sotto had the right to make the request, "citing particularly his claims that the articles contain unverified facts and baseless allegations."

"In relation to Senator Sotto’s request, Inquirer.net has not made any decision. This is also the reason why we’ve asked Mr. Rodis to comment on the request," Inquirer.net publisher and editor in chief Abel Ulanday said.

"He has replied to us by email which we received (June 16, 2018). But his act of posting this request on social media is his own decision. Inquirer.net has nothing to do with it," he added. —Anna Felicia Bajo/NB, GMA News

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Courageously Junked

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The tides have turned or so it seems. After months of living the life, reality has set in for Stubborn Talent (ST). However, ST got an unexpected response, as the door was shut in his face. So, now, he has to rethink his strategy of how he will address the problems he suddenly found himself in.

When ST decided to explore freedom, he went through the journey without thinking of his responsibilities. Abruptly, ST chose his liberation over a flourishing career. One moment he was the prized gem of the network, but then, one morning, ST packed up and left. His projects and endorsements were severely affected. He just did not show up for work one day, the next, and until he gave signals that he was dropping everything.

Only a powerful factor, more motivating that money, could make someone do such a brave act, which is to leave everything behind. ST chose to pursue love even if that meant isolating himself and condemning his world. The public feasted on his antics, which were opposite of what the public had thought of him to be based on the image he projected. From the boy-next-door, ST was despised for behaving without care.

Family and friends were alarmed as ST had indeed changed. From living a frugal life, they were surprised to learn that he has been allegedly recklessly spending his earnings. All money was going out to a lavish lifestyle. ST overlooked the fact that he ditched endorsements, which he had to pay part of given that his behavior might have violated certain provisions in the contract. Worse, he had no stable source of earnings. What worried his circle was that he might resort to selling his properties later on.

After some time, ST realized that since he was having a family of his own and his resources were dwindling, he had to wake up. When he had the chance, he requested if he could have a meeting with Influential Insider (II), who was his mentor since he started his career. II granted the meeting and gave answers that ST probably half-expected. ST asked if he could have work. Bluntly, II said there was no offer for him now and even in the near future.

When his family learned about this setback, all they could do was blame him and His Partner (HP). They assumed that HP influenced ST to be carefree and live with a YOLO attitude. Unlike HP who was born rich, ST started from the bottom, as he was a nobody when he was discovered. His patience and dedication to his career as well as his talent and charm gave his family a better life. Now, things seem to be in jeopardy. Allegedly, a family member is sick and ST can only do so much.

As to the next move of ST, perhaps he might have to plan cautiously. Obviously, II was teaching ST a painful life lesson, which could really test his loyalty. II knows the value of ST, but pride is at stake as well as setting examples to prevent other celebrities from following.

‘In life, if you are intelligent, you are admired. If you are wealthy, you are envied. If you are powerful, you are feared. But if you're blessed with a good heart, you are remembered, always. It's not about the wealth, power, and intellect, but the LEGACY in life behind those people you've touched.’ - Unknown

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