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Monday, October 23, 2017

Don’t Kid Around

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Living in a reputable village has its perks, such as round the clock security, nice neighbors, and privacy. Hence, when a celebrity comes home to such environment, he/she can find respite from a tiring day from showbiz. At home, the celebrity can he himself/herself and live a life away from prying eyes. People in such villages often mind their own concerns, but in the area where Entertaining Celebrity (EC) lives, neighbors are working on a petition to get her out.

In the past years, EC suddenly shot to fame with the help of publicity coming from her network, and thus, from an unknown face, she suddenly became famous. Prior to entering showbiz, rumors are loud that EC used to be in the entertainment business, which has nothing to do with showbiz. Sometimes, she would even offer her services of companionship to men who need to have a woman with them. However, these services are purely for display and EC will not indulge in anything beyond being seen with her client.

Recently, her neighbors noticed the influx of different cars in front of her house. At first, the situation seemed normal, but then, they observed that One Visitor (OV) would be accompanied by a number of bodyguards, who would wait until OV leaves the door of the house of EC. When the villagers realized who OV was, panic set in. After all, OV is a high profile personality, who is often featured in the newspapers for his controversial views. OV is quite powerful as well. Hence, the neighbors fear for the worse, especially in case an unexpected altercation would occur between them and OV’s team.

OV, nonetheless, is not the only recognizable face that drops by the house of EC. Number Two Visitor (TV) seems unable to shake his womanizing ways despite his public image. Allegedly, TV comes over during weekends, when work is done and change has happened as well. If His Wife (HW) used to make a big deal whenever rumors of his womanizing become loud, this time, HW has remained quiet. As long as TV only wants EC for his physical needs, HW no longer cares. She opts to retreat, as she no longer wants her family to be feasted upon by bashers. Thus, HW allegedly just takes to shopping all her frustrations on reigning in TV.

The story does not end there, as Powerful Personalities (PP) in the network of EC have heard of the little business EC is running. Thus, PP warned EC and told her to be discrete or else her career might be affected and she might have fewer shows. The situation was like a catch 22 for EC, as she needed the shows to remain visible onscreen, and thus be the best promo for her entrepreneurial endeavor.

“Sometimes, loyalty gets in the way of what you want to do. Sometimes, it’s not your secret to tell.” ― Stephenie Meyer

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Overwhelming Majority of Surveyed Respondents Believe Women Should Not be Taxed an Additional 20% for Wanting to be Beautiful

Tips on How to Prevent Having Cockroaches Inside the House

Cockroaches can be considered harmful insects. Like mosquitoes and flies, cockroaches can carry diseases that can cause threats to our health. Who wants to put their health on the line just because insects are present? We can always do something about it and preventing cockroaches from spreading diseases should start with our environment at home.

Here are tips on how you can prevent cockroaches inside the house:
  • Get rid of anything dirty. Make sure the whole house is clean and free from garbage that roaches can use to feed on.
  • Dirty laundry must not stay for more than 2 weeks and it should also be placed securely inside a covered dirty laundry basket.
  • Dry anything damp or wet area because cockroaches love to stay in dampen areas where they can lay their eggs.
  • Use insecticides that are made specifically to kill cockroaches.

A friend recommended a cockroach killer spray which I have not heard before. I didn’t even know they make cockroach killers these days but nonetheless, I am both surprised and excited. When I came to the supermarket and bought it, I instantly tried it that same day when I got home! This insect spray really specializes on dealing with cockroaches I felt so relieved that this Strike Cockroach Killer Spray is super effective! Apparently it has this nozzle which can help you spray in “hard to reach” places or corners of your home making sure you leave no cockroach surviving. I tried it and I didn’t see any cockroaches randomly after a day.

It is built in such a scientific way wherein the contents get emitted in UNIFORM quantity and amounts of all components, particles and ingredients come out fully CONCENTRATED which disperses quickly but stays in the area for a longer time. Compared to other insecticides, Strike Cockroach Killer Spray has a remarkable canister and a guiding pipe on its spray spout which makes up for maximum usage of contents that allow direct spray contact to cockroaches making it easier to use in order to fight cockroaches and bugs that may reside in corners that are hard to reach. 

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