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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Just So She Knows

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With so many things going on in the career of Well-Rounded Talent (WT), observers cannot help but wonder why humility seems to be missing in her these days. WT comes from a lineage of entertainers and without doubt, joins the league of legitimate performers of her generation. In other words, WT has true talent and can sing very well without any voice enhancement.

However, WT has developed a superior attitude and she makes people around her feel like she is a very important talent of her network. With a couple of international projects in her resume and countless performances onscreen and onstage, WT could be the next big star. Yet, stardom seems to be elusive and worse, negative stories about her are keeping the grapevine busy.

Although WT is considered among the reliable talents of her network, some production people are not keen on working with her. At the backstage, WT hardly smiles and would often be seen pouting, like she has so many troubles. Naturally, the production people would stay away from someone who would rather frown than smile, and display a serious face than lighten up.

Sometimes, instead of making the work easier to accomplish, WT would take time to make people feel she is indeed important. Instead of being ready and waiting for her cue, she would rather stay in her room and step out only when she is called. Thus, minutes are wasted just to call her. One time, she even made her co-workers wait. Everyone needed for the shoot were ready and WT was the only one missing.

As to why she’s behaving like a little diva can only be speculated. It seems that WT is under the illusion that she has already made it big in the industry. The truth is that she has hardly made ripples, as her contemporaries have scored big in the box-office and so far, WT has nothing to show in this regard. Perhaps one should remind WT that talent is never a guarantee for success and sustaining power in the industry.

‘I've learned to try to sustain myself by holding on to the integrity of who I am. I'm not talking big diva. I'm quiet. I'm shy. And I became stronger when I stopped trying to be the person they wanted me to be.’ - Crystal Waters

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Jing Monis Recounts Incident with Brazilian Model, Gabriela Barros

Images courtesy of Facebook: Jing Monis and Gabe Barros

Renowned hairstylist Jing Monis contacted Fashion PULIS to give an account of the incident that led to his online outburst at Brazilian model Gabriela Barros. Accordingly, Monis was disrespected by the rude attitude of the model.

In a bridal fashion show in a hotel down south, Monis was the official sponsor for hair and makeup. Throughout the afternoon, Monis and his crew made sure every model was prepped up. However, the task was not easy, as the models kept standing up and moving around, which made the makeup time longer. It seems that the foreign models hired for the show felt they could do whatever they wish simply because the staff comprised Filipinos. This delay added to the tense atmosphere.

After the models ate dinner and the show was about to start, Monis made a last minute check of the hair and makeup of the models. After all, the name and reputation of Monis was at stake, and thus, he had to make sure everyone was perfect. Then, when Monis saw the disheveled hair of Barros, he was aghast, as brides are supposed to have a neat and well-styled hair.

Monis approached Barros and asked if she were modeling. If Barros were not going on stage, then Monis would not have been concerned with her looks. Instead of responding to Monis, Barros allegedly ignored the hairstylist and continued to converse and laugh with her fellow model in Portuguese. Keeping his composure, Monis repeated his question, but Barros continued to ignore him, which angered Monis. Monis then called the attention of Barros and told her that she does not even have a work permit, and he walked away.

Later, Barros together with her agent, Gibby Arca, went to Monis. Instead of a positive outcome, Barros allegedly pointed at Monis and started her jab, claiming that she has been modeling for five years. Arca then mediated and tried to pacify the parties. Arca apologized to Monis for the attitude of Barros.

Given his more than 25 years of experience as stylist for various fashion shows and celebrities, Monis has never encountered anyone with the attitude of Barros. The issue between Monis and Barros puts to light the number of foreign models being hired for local shows. The problem is that some of the foreign models do not have a work permit, and the fashion industry remains blind at this situation. Moreover, these models might not even be paying the proper taxes. In any industry, while looks or beauty might be important, attitude and behavior are essential factors that create goodwill and respect.

Note: Fashion PULIS welcomes the side of Gabriela Barros and Gibby Arca.

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