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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Arrogance Explained

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Senior actors and insiders in showbiz are often fond of the saying “Drowning in a glass of water,” when referring to the change in attitude of younger talents who achieved fame in a short time. When a celebrity is said to be in such a situation, he/she is throwing weight when it comes to projects and actors to work with.

Sadly, most of the starting talents who succumbed to the saying have lost their momentum and their fame as quickly as they obtained it. For example, when a young actor suddenly refuses to do a project for whatever reason, it indicates that he/she is not following the instructions of management, particularly, the terms of a contract. Disobeying the management is a risky undertaking, as such, action can disrupt the career of once famous talents. Such disobeying talents can either kiss their careers goodbye for the moment and wait until their contract has ended so they can move on.

In the past months, the industry has shown the rise of several young men into stardom. Fans suddenly increase and an actor becomes famous even though he has been in the business for some time. Thus, when Cute Actor (CA) finally made it to the big league, the management was surprised at his attitude. CA is throwing his weight and making others feel that he is an important talent of the network. This negative and boastful attitude of CA has thrown off some colleagues, as they could not believe the fact that CA has turned into such a person. The image he has oncam is that of a humble and fun-loving person, but the opposite behind the scenes is evident.

As his attitude can get on the nerves of his co-workers, he was warned by a top executive not to be so haughty, as he only had very few projects that are considered hits despite being with the station for several years. Thus, he has not really proved anything. It was only in the last couple of years that CA became a household name.
Given that CA is arrogant, some have speculated that he might be compensating for a flaw. Allegedly, the grapevine says that CA is indeed lacking in that department, and he is not that gifted despite the stance that he projects in his photos. Allegedly, someone who has been intimate with CA spilled the beans that indeed CA is inadequate when it comes to size. Thus, he uses his projection of arrogance to make up for his physical shortcoming.

‘Be careful not to mistake insecurity and inadequacy for humility! Humility has nothing to do with the insecure and inadequate! Just like arrogance has nothing to do with greatness!’― C. JoyBell C.

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Dubsmash Queen Maine Mendoza is the New Face of 555 Sardines #DalawaAngPusoNiMaine

Fast rising star Maine Mendoza @mainedcm, a culinary graduate who  has now made a name for herself as the other half of the Internet-breaking #Aldub loveteam in the highly successful Kalyeserye of Eat Bulaga, is now the new face of 555 Sardines! 
Maine  stars as herself in the new 555 Sardines TVC where the undecided Dubsmash queen is made to choose between her two 555 Sardines favourites, prompting netizens to once again start posting an avalanche of tweets using #DalawaAngPusoNiMaine. 

After the scheduled premiere of  the new 555 TVC on Eat Bulaga today, expect  another deluge of tweets using #MaineHearts555 from her avid supporters who simply can’t get enough of Maine.

According to Greg Banzon, Vice President and General Manager of Century Pacific Food Corporation,  makers of 555 Sardines, “we saw how Maine's humble, wholesomely attractive and funny persona connected very strongly with the masa consumer. We saw her as a perfect endorser to showcase the brand's top two best sellers.”

In 555’s latest campaign, many people will witness Maine’s exciting story with her two newfound loves: The classic taste of 555 Sardines in Tomato Sauce and the extraordinary taste of 555 Fried Sardines.

Asked  which among the two bestsellers would she choose, the young celebrity quipped: “Sobrang hirap! But I’m very happy to endorse both variants of a brand that has always been close to the heart and palate of many Filipinos!”

The 555 Sardines Classic  variant captures the right formula that suits Pinoy taste with its rich and tasty tomato sauce with fresh and plump sardines.   Meanwhile, giving more adventurous consumers an extra kick on the classic comes the 555 Fried Sardines—a unique way of preparing deep-fried to bring out that crispier and tastier flavor, seasoned with special spices for a delectable sardines indulgence that’s available in four flavours: Hot&Spicy, with Tausi, Escabeche, and Bistek,  all fried in soya oil.

With both offerings present the right combination of fresh and plump fish infused with two different flavours, no wonder  Maine ends up singing: “Sana dalawa ang puso ko!” in the newest 555 Sardines TVC now showing on primetime TV.  

Tune in for Maine’s gastronomic adventure with her two loves! For more information, visit or follow 555 Sardines at; @555SardinesPH on Twitter and Instragram.

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Racist Post Against Filipinos over Gilas’ Loss Sparks Outrage

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Never add insult to injury.

Filipino netizens, still reeling from the controversial loss of Gilas Pilipinas to China in the Rio Olympic qualifying tournament, did not take a seemingly racist post of a Chinese Instagram user sitting down.

The IG user with the handle account yu.long has enraged many when he posted a remark that appears to discriminate against Filipinos, and at the same time belies allegation that the game officiating in the heartbreaking Gilas loss’ to the Chinese team, was not ‘sabotaged’, or as many have said, ‘cooked’ Chinese-style.

Yu.long’s comment appears to be in reply to one @engr.castronuevo. He wrote: “We can’t buy referees, but we can buy a million Filipinos to clean our toilet.”

A screenshot of yu.long’ IG post was uploaded on the Facebook page of media personality Cesar Apolinario. Apolinario, himself derided yu.long with the caption: “Posts like this one deserves 12 rounds of applause and a come from behind three point shot sa ilong ng batang to! (in his nose)” with the hashtags  #Racist and #TellYourMomToTeachYouSomeManners.

Irate users flooded the post with comments full of spite, insult and sarcasm of varying degree directed against yu.long.

“A commentary coming from a retard will never make me feel less like a human…” one wrote.

Another, obviously offended, replied: “Your mouth is way dirty and stingy than a public toilet with no water…”

“Pocket full of cash, mouth full of trash. Talking non-sense,” yet another wrote.

But a few ‘cooler heads’ chose to be more forgiving, and urged everyone to just ignore the post.

“Everyone needs to chill. Have you guys read OUR tweets about them? I’m pretty sure we made racists remarks too,” a commenter said.

“Still many things that money can’t buy like respect for others and MANNERS. The whole world knows what you guys did on that particular day anyway. You guys are unbelievable,” added another.

The post has since been shared on Facebook more than 6k times and commented on more than 1.7K times. A check on Instagram turns out yu.long’s account has been made private.


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