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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pushing Her Comeback

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As fans awaited her comeback, Pressured Personality (PP) humbled herself by giving in to the demands of appearing again in public. During her hiatus, the lifestyle of PP almost endangered her health. Given that she did not have to appear in front of the camera that often, PP did not mind how she looked and how much her body has changed.

Nonetheless, PP could not fully turn her back at showbusiness. After carefully charting her plans, PP accepted a project that exposed her to many people. During these moments, PP tried to regain the momentum she has lost and gather the fans who adored her. However, there was a problem. When she took a break, her fans were lost, although most of them remained loyal. Then, her lack of visibility affected the shine of her star. Reality sank in when PP realized that a generation is unfamiliar with her achievements and the body of work she has contributed to the industry.

As PP exhibited the persona that endeared her to her fans, her efforts were not enough. With the new generation of performers and overcrowded talent pool of her present network, PP no longer occupied the throne she once held. Despite her name, PP has to give her all to increase her fan base.

Typical of anyone on the comeback trail, PP has several projects lined up. After her stint that aimed to reach out to the wider audience, rumors of a forthcoming movie are loud. However, caution is taken on implementing this project. PP was once a star and any acting project should not relegate her to second lead, such as playing mom to a lead character. The dilemma is that very few producers have gambled on movies that focused on roles that could fit PP. Besides, the choice of a screen partner is important as well. Most of the actors who once played opposite her have retained their youthful looks or have succumbed to good food. Thus, any younger actor would have to be convincing.

Still, PP is determined with her comeback. Physically, she has served as inspiration for those who ought to fulfill a goal. Talent-wise, PP will soon test the waters of her first love again. These activities comprise the grand plan for PP to regain a substantial portion of what she had lost in terms of stature. In addition, her social media accounts are more pleasant than ever. The positive attitude that PP is showing is indeed helping. Nonetheless, time could only tell if PP would be able to return her lost glory.

‘If you live life so cautiously as to never fail, you end up failing at life itself.’― J.S.B. Morse

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Question: Is It True that Miss Universe 2016 in the Philippines is Cancelled?

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Image courtesy of Facebook: Kat De Castro

Movie Review: My Rebound Girl

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Alex Gonzaga, Joseph Marco
Director: Emmanuel dela Cruz
MTRCB Rating: PG
Released by: Regal Entertainment Inc.

The love story centers on Rocky’s (Alex) misfortune in her relationships - that of being a consistent rebound girl by her exes. She soon gets tired of her predicament and decides to set rules for herself so as not to be trapped again in such a situation.  

Rocky and her friends are setting up their coffee shop business and everyone takes pains in the nitty-gritty details to make it a close to perfect venture.Trying to find that perfect coffee blend takes a major turn in the story. 

In comes Rich, a coffee farm grower who wants to salvage their family farm from being sold by his mother. He strikes a deal with Rocky’s group to be its coffee supplier and partner at the same time. 

Both Rocky and Rich have just been through their breakups from their respective exes and despite provocation, they try to avoid falling for each other. However, it proves to be easier said than done, as they soon begin to show interest towards each other.

Deliberate or not, it is easy to note that Rocky’s character seems not far-fetched from Alex Gonzaga’s real image and persona. For the most part of the movie, Rocky keeps shouting and making faces, and shouting and making faces again - it’s a challenge to enjoy and be entertained by this movie. Save for the concluding part, there is hardly any scene that Alex’s character is sober. Indeed, there’s a big difference between being cute and being annoying.  

Compounding it even more is her bossy character towards her business partners. Rocky seems to have the last say in everything, from the coffee blend to the coffee shop’s paint and interior - everything has to conform to her taste. Now who wants a business partner like that?

My Rebound Girl as per its press release says the movie will inspire people to not give up on love so easily despite the odds. Rich and Rocky are supposed to have fallen for each other but it’s hardly felt as the movie fails to capture that ’romance ’. Making it worse is when his ex, Sophia wants him back and he immediately succumbs to her spell, totally forgetting his commitment to Rocky. What inspiration can be had from that?

The movie is a bore, in fact, most scenes are filled with lengthy and irrelevant scenarios that you struggle not to fall asleep while watching.

Expectedly, Marco’s well-defined abs got its exposure in the movie, but it can only go so far. It cannot salvage the character that is lacking in his performance. For one, he is ill-focused and so self –conscious. It takes more than the physical to get things right – and that’s a no brainer.

Had the movie been carefully well-thought-out, the viewers would have been treated to a fresh-faced and unconventional love team, a breather from the ones we are constantly fed and conditioned to like. Unfortunately, Joseph Marco and Alex Gonzaga just don’t have the chemistry to pull it off.

 If at all, the beautiful, refreshing shots at a coffee farm in Benguet prove to be the movie’s redemption.   

"My Rebound Girl " also stars Martin Escudero, Mitoy Yonting, Alora Sasam, Nathalie Hart, Pinky Amador, Racquel Villavicencio, Anna Vicente, Carl Guevara, Helga Krapf, Lawrence Yap. Now showing in cinemas

Repost: Is Jake Really the Father? Andi Speaks up

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Actress Andi Eigenmann neither confirmed nor denied the claim of her half-sister that Jake Ejercito is the biological father of her 5-year-old daughter.

The "Camp Sawi" star released a statement on Friday, explaining her decision to keep the identity of Ellie's father from the public and eschewing press interviews about it.

"Recent events have put my daughter Ellie into the limelight with the media, netizens, and strangers questioning who her father is. I made a conscious choice not to talk about the paternity of my daughter in order to protect the privacy of Ellie," she said.

"Although she was born into a showbiz family, as a mother, I would like to shield her from the intrigues and gossip that are part of the industry. Growing up, Ellie knew who her father was and he has been there for her, and that's all that matters. I hope this will put the issue to rest, out of concern for my very young daughter. I'm requesting everyone to respect the privacy of Ellie."

Last week, Max Eigenmann, Andi's half-sister, claimed that a DNA test has proven that Jake is the father of her niece. "They did a test. Yeah, he [Jake] is the dad," Max told Mo Twister in an episode of the host's podcast, "Good Times with Mo."

Jake has yet to speak up on this disclosure.

In past interviews, however, Andi said that Jake is the closest "father figure" to Ellie. "Si Jake 'yung nandiyan since the beginning and he loves my daughter like his own, and so he's the father."

However, that was before Andi got into a heated exchange with the son of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada on Twitter, and claimed that she "never" needed him for anything.

Meanwhile, former "On the Wings of Love" star Albie CasiƱo, whom Andi's family tagged as the father during the height of the actress' pregnancy, hampering his career as a young actor, recently expressed relief over the news.

"I'm just happy that the truth is out, I can finally relax now," he said in a statement released through Cosmopolitan Philippines.

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