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Friday, December 19, 2014

Another Sports Darling

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Seems like that the two (2) Popular Personalities PP1 and PP2 who have a lot in common, are not after all in sync when it comes to their romance or love life. While PP1 loves to flaunt her young conquests with every detail posted on her social media, PP2 is extremely different.

Many showbiz watchers remarked that PP1 doesn’t need a publicist for she does a lot better than anyone when it comes to her personal matters. People are bewildered at the nerve of PP1 to publicly divulge every little thing that’s happening between her and whoever is her current lover. The public cringe,  but PPI has so much fun and pride. She just doesn’t care about public opinion – much more the very active bashers.

But while PP1 is so passionately romancing her lover, PP2 is just cool about hers. Not many know that the wacky but quite mysterious PP2 is also into some romance with a very Young Athlete YA. Reportedly, YA is quite popular in his field, especially after the recent victory of his team. YA’s friends said that he has been getting some indecent proposals from cougars and gays alike. Why he chose PP2 over the rest, only he can answer.   

It’s true that PP2 pays for YA’s condominium unit and lends him her car, meaning YA is “hatid - sundo” wherever he is. But that’s just about it. Allegedly, she is not really into anything serious with YA - that is another unique thing about her. Allegedly, PP2 is only after sex with the guy. Lucky her, talks have it that YA is so gifted down there.     

Heard from the grapevine that it is PP2 who does the work of pleasuring YA during their intimate moments. It’s actually no big deal for PP2, the source revealed, for it works well for her - as she finds doing it to keep her man while keeping herself fit at the same time. Geez!

So the next time you hear PP2 being teased and paired with a  comedian, you better think again. Everything is just for show – literally and figuratively.

“ There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable. “ ~Mark Twain

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Bigotry Act

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The boss of this certain company that owns various restaurant chains sends this SMS message to the managers.  He gave them instruction not to regularize newly hired gay employees.

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SM Supermalls - The Mall of Choice

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From Shoemart to SM Supermalls: In 1958, a young man started to build his empire from scratch with a humble shoe store in downtown Manila. Decades later, the shoe store has aggressively expanded to become a full-line department store. From Shoemart, the name SM is now synonymous to SM Supermalls, diversifying into the supermarket and home appliance store business. With everything housed in one roof, the company slogan "We've Got It All For You" cannot be more fitting.

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Superb Entertainment Venue: The SM Supermalls, strategically located in cities in the country, are not only shopping destinations, but are entertainment and leisure havens for Filipinos and tourists alike. Each SM Supermall entertainment/activity center has become a regular venue for celebrity mall tours to showcase their performances, promotions for their shows, movies, album launchings, concerts, among others. Likewise, the SM mall store events and promos are held there for loyal shoppers.  

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Celebrity Spotting at SM Supermalls: Celebrities have set foot on SM whether as performers for events or for personal shopping and leisure, either with family or friends. Regular sightings include industry big names like Kris Aquino, Sarah Geronimo,, Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Enrique Gil, James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Ellen Adarna, Anne Curtis, Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes, Piolo Pascual, Kim Chiu, Maja Salvador, Bea Binene, Jake Vargas, Isabel Daza, and a lot more. 

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International Performers Choose the SM Arena: International concert artists have graced the SM Supermalls, particularly the Mall of Asia (MOA), the Philippines’ largest and the world’s 3rd largest mall, where MOA Arena continues to be a venue of choice for their concerts. Among them are Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, among others. Hollywood stars, like Vin Diesel, and world-renowned athletes, such as NBA basketball stars, have played exhibition games in the MOA Arena. 

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Celebrating Christmas at SM Supermalls: Now that the yuletide season has finally arrived, expect more exciting events and adventures in store for everyone. As the Philippines celebrates the longest Christmas in the world, the SM Supermalls are ready to make each one feel that joyful feeling. Every SM Supermall is elaborately adorned with holiday decorations and festive Christmas carols are played for all families to enjoy. "Everything's here for a #MerrySMChristmas." 

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SM Supermalls and the Filipino Family: The SM Supermalls have become part of the Filipino family. No wonder the SM Supermall is the Filipinos’ most trusted mall brand, as it has stayed true to its image throughout the years. Fun and affordable luxury shopping experience, this is what the SM Supermall brand is all about.

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