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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Don’t Make That Joke

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Three young talents were on an out of town appearance when their playfulness took over. Given that their sponsor was generous, they were billeted in accommodations that had a jacuzzi overlooking a scenic view. The opportunity was too great to pass such that they decided to plunge in the tub together naked.

Talent 1 (T1) and Talent 2 (T2) were very happy at the opportunity to see the naturally gifted Talent 3 (T3). During spontaneous photoshoots, netizens often get distracted by the bulge of T3, which has been a point of teasing among their fans. Meanwhile, T1 and T2 are slowly making their individual identity by shining with their talents and their loveteams.

As the three sat in the tub, T1 and T2 were looking at each other, as if they were sending messages through their nonverbal. Suddenly, T1 grabbed T2 in the middle, and T3 was starting to wonder what the two were doing. In a blink, the two started kissing and caressing each other. T3 was obviously feeling the heat while the two continued with their antics. After a few minutes, T1 and T2 stopped and stared at T3 for a second, which made T3 quite uncomfortable. Then, the two boys laughed and said they were just joking. At this point, T3 started to laugh hard, as his fear of being groped and initiated in a same sex experience dissipated. T1 and T2 laughed as well.

The three were making so much noise, given their laughter and splashes in the water. Unknowingly, their noise roused a Production Staff (PS), who immediately investigated what the three were doing. What PS saw was shocking, as the boys were playing in the water and pretending to kiss each other. At the point, PS stepped out and started screaming at the boys.

The boys were surprised, as PS reprimanded them for being unruly and behaving in a way that could question their sexual preference. Consequently, the image that their management is trying to build for them might be overshadowed by their questionable behavior. After all, given that their target market comprises young, teenage females, if doubts are cast on their preference, then, they might not be given attention anymore. However, what hit the three hard was the line that said that if they do not behave properly, then they might as well give way to the new talents that are about to be launched by their network. These new talents are fresher and have been carefully picked based on their talents and audience response.

Incidentally, what PS was saying echoes rumors on the sexual preference of T1 and T2. Although they are being groomed as male icons, they have been part of rumors of being in the closet. Meanwhile, T3 seems innocent, as he has no idea that T1 and T2 could swing both ways.

‘Some people say I have attitude – maybe I do… but I think you have to. You have to believe in yourself when no one else does – that makes you a winner right there.’ -Venus Williams

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