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Monday, April 23, 2018

Growing Fondness

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Sometimes, stories can be shocking when personalities who come from different interests share secrets that should be kept. When revealed, such secrets can jeopardize reputations and leave the public wondering with more questions. In addition, the involved parties will never be free from questions on such issue.

One of the best kept stories in the industry is the surprising fondness of Controversial Celebrity (CC) for Young Hunk (YH). As CC has moved from entertaining to serving the people, he has managed to keep his reputation free from controversy that might have resulted from this alleged liking for YH. Although CC comes from a known family, his image is that of a very supportive family man and father figure. Other than that image, CC has not slipped into showing that he has another inclination.

Meanwhile, YH has been nurtured by his management to become another important actor. Over the year, YH has managed to improve his acting skills and to take advantage of learning from seasoned stars with whom he was worked with in various projects. YH might have shortcomings in terms of attitude, but he seems to be doing his best to behave so as not to put his career and everything he has worked for in limbo.

As to how the two got together remains a mystery but given that they do move in almost the same circle, getting introduced to one another is not a difficult thing to happen. Besides, CC has many contacts and established networks with people in the industry, who could pave the way for any person he wants to get to know. YH is a charming person and he is attractive to people regardless of gender. For now, CC has YH as his boytoy and the talent is just chill about it.   

‘The best way of keeping a secret is to pretend there isn't one.’  ― Margaret Atwood

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