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Enthralled Lovers

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Someone advised Sexy Actress (SA) to forget about dating showbiz personalities and go search for the single and good-looking non-showbiz bachelor, and never let him go. SA has been through situations that have linked her with showbiz celebrities and all have gone down the drain. SA is pretty, talented, loyal to her network, and has a stable career. However, her love life has not been quite as ideal as she had expected it to be until she met her Prince Charming (PC).

PC fits the mode of the advice SA received. He is young, rich, intelligent, and good-looking. In a few years, PC will be among the top personalities in business given the extent of the business interests of his family. Not only is he intelligent, he studied in a top business school overseas. Hence, SA was smitten and the good part is, PC likes SA as well.

PC may be perfect man for SA, but she should not expect to receive a warm welcome from his family. As soon as a Family Elder (FE) knew that SA was a popular figure in the life of PC, an investigation was set. Allegedly, a background checking was done on SA. FE learned that SA is not the girl-next-door type, as she seems to have an adventurous way of life when it comes to men. Although they are not in serious relationships, SA is not one who will be shy about spending private moments with certain male celebrities. The interesting part is that FE is a friend of a close relative of a male celebrity SA was linked to on several occasions. This male celebrity is married, by the way.

Further investigation uncovered that PC played a significant role in one of the projects of SA. PC took care of the financial side just so SA can continue her project. The project movie did not, however, do justice to the investment of PC.

Given all the data from the investigation, FE talked to PC and asked his status with SA. FE then told PC that he could be with her as much as he wants, but never should he bring her home or get into a serious relationship that would lead to marriage. PC was shocked and asked FE why she was reacting that way. FE merely said that it was for him to find out and she was just warning him this early. Unfortunately, PC is so much in love with SA, and she ought to learn to get to the good side of FE to make her accepted and her past disregarded.  

‘One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning.’ – James Russell Lowell

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Recently, an insurance company published a note concerning the involvement of the said company in an incident with an exclusive membership club. While many were clueless on the subject of the announcement, others were curious as to the video that seemed to be the source of the announcement.

The alleged video has since gone viral and the event was indeed controversial. The incident occurred in Manila House. The woman in the red dress is talking over her mobile to a certain Jo (a member of Manila House) and complaining about the size of a particular dish served at an event of a Sunlife official that she took charge. Apparently, during the food tasting, the cut of the salmon was bigger than what was served to the guests in the actual party. Hence, the conflict arose, as the bill has yet to be settled at the time of the video.

The video gets interesting when the standing man, who is presumably a managing partner of Manila House, starts screaming at the woman on the phone. As he raised his voice at the woman, he abruptly grabbed the mobile from her and starts explaining to Jo. The staff had to pacify the angry partner.

Sources say that after the incident, the woman filed a complaint against the man for his behavior. The parties settled the matter amicably. The said altercation happened several months ago and the video only surfaced a few days ago, and is still making its way in social media. While the issue has been closed, the resurfacing of the video has caused quite a stir. Hence, the statement was released to point out that all has been resolved.

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