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Friday, May 6, 2016

Making No Distinction

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When Versatile Hunk (VH) was seen in an event, guests who know of his life could only surmise that VH has never learned his lesson. Being a celebrity, VH belongs to performers who easily catch attention because of good looks. More importantly, VH has the charm that makes him more gorgeous. This time, VH was taking time to be with Random Personality (RP), and this scene has made onlookers shake their heads and even smile.

Having made a name via his behavior at the start of his career, VH has always projected a cool personality. However, he has worked hard to establish his career by exploring his skills in both comedy and drama. Luckily, the audience has accepted VH in both aspects. Other than being a favorite leading man, the projects of VH have brought impressive ratings and respectable box-office results. While he might not be as big as an actor compared with the other talents of network, VH would easily belong to the top 10 male talents of his network.

Like his career, the love life of VH is almost as colorful and intriguing. VH has been connected to a few of the network’s best female talents. At one point, he shook what was thought to be a stable relationship of a celebrity couple. Then, VH found love with a Female Celebrity (FC) and their being a couple was even deemed as ideal. However, they broke up and now, FC is but a memory as far as VH and his fans are concerned.

The latest celebrity with whom VH shared his life was the most surprising. The fans of Network Personality (NP) were shocked at first because VH seemed not to fit the type of NP. Yet, their relationship was slowly accepted and after some time, doubts were erased as to the sincerity of their relationship. As their careers flourished, rumors of their settling down were quashed with rumors of breaking up. Allegedly, the over friendly and accommodating nature of VH towards the opposite sex did not sit well with NP. Thus, their relationship ended and even if the public were made to believe that reconciliation was possible, VH is allegedly not interested at all.

Thus, during the said event, VH was busily flirting with RP. He obviously did not mind the stares as he was too busy being chummy with RP. What puzzled the onlookers is if VH has finally revealed his true preference or he was just too naïve to realize that RP is a transsexual woman. Either VH knew of RP or RP was very convincing in keeping the attention of VH. Regardless of the reason, VH once again proved that his flirty nature does not have boundaries.

‘It's always seemed to me that flirtation is a man's device for avoiding responsibility. He can say whatever he wants and knows he won't be taken seriously.’ – G.G. Vandagriff

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Movie Review: This Time

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Cast: James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Bret Jackson 
Director: Nuel Naval 
MTRCB Rating: G
Produced by: Viva Films 

“This Time,” the latest starrer of real couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre is a bit different from their previous films together. For one, it does away with the popular convention, taking out those romantic clichés, thus letting the story flow naturally. It is light, spontaneous and entertaining. 

The movie begins during the summer, the only eason that Ava (Nadine) gets excited about every year as it would mean seeing her childhood friend Coby (James) in town. The ambassador’s  grandson, Coby and Ava grow up learning to adapt to the set-up of their 10-year ‘unlabelled’ friendship – or so it seems. 

The movie, James and Nadine’s first as real life sweethearts succeeds in bringing out more ‘kilig’ moments from the couple.  Every scene comes off effortlessly … undoubtedly, a real and happy treat for their fans. But that aside, James and Nadine delivered a fine performance, way better than the previous roles in their past movies. The secret is out, obviously, as the couple themselves admitted that the excitement of seeing each other every shooting day gave them the high. 

It is worth noting, too, that “This Time” also highlights the depth of family relations when Coby did not compromise the safety of his sick grandfather (Freddie Webb) over his personal happiness of travelling to see Ava whom he misses so much. On the other side, the love and support of Ava’s family have strengthened her in all her challenges. Something that cannot be said of her closeted gay friend, Aldrin (Bret Jackson) who goes through life faking himself from his very strict parents. 

Apart from the ‘kilig’ factor, the audience is treated to hearty laughs ably provided by Ava’s overly protective mom, Candy Pangilinan (Mamapards) as she dishes out funny one-liners with her family every chance she gets.  

Ava’s drive to pursue her dreams vis-a-vis her longing for Coby in their long distance ‘friendship’ is a challenge from day one. Yet, seeing the spark in her elderly gay neighbor ate Bi (Ronnie Lazaro) who has rediscovered his lost love has inspired her. And to a great extent, the love story of Coby’s grandfather (Freddie Webb) as he lost and found his one great love, Ofelia (Nova Villa) in Japan.

Indeed, being in love feels damn good. If you are a Jadine fan, this movie is a must- see. Catch it and be charmed!

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