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Catriona Gray Wins Miss Universe 2018

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Miss Universe 2018: Philippines
1st Runner-Up: South Africa
2nd Runner-Up: Venezuela

Top 3:
Philippines, South Africa, Venezuela

Top 5:
Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Philippines, South Africa, Venezuela

Images courtesy of Instagram: missuniverse

Top 10:
South Africa, Vietnam, Venezuela, Philippines, Costa Rica, 
Curacao, Nepal, Canada, Thailand, Puerto Rico

Top 20:
Asia Pacific & Africa: South Africa, Philippines, Nepal , Vietnam, Thailand
Europe: Poland, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland
The Americas: Curacao, Costa Rica, Canada, Puerto Rico, Jamaica
Wildcard: USA, Venezuela, Indonesia, Brazil, Australia

Best in National Costume: Miss Laos

The Full Performance of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray (from Top 20 to crowning moment)

Guess Her Action

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When love and career mix, expect a lover to move drastically, especially when the two are incompatible. Specifically, when one has fallen in love with another from the other network, anticipate changes. Although lovers coming from different stations seemed successful at first, consequently, one moves to be with the other. The network of the mover, of course, cannot hold a talent when he/she cites matters of the heart under the guise of “exploring my horizon.”

Such stories are not unique, as from bit players to major stars, the big move has been done. Fans could laud such a move, but others will see that as a heartless and lack of gratitude act. Usually, bashing outweighs praises especially within the first few weeks of an announcement and no celebrity is spared at all.

These days, Pretty Talent (PT) is under the watchful eyes of fans and bashers alike, as signs seem to indicate PT might follow her heart soon. It’s not that her network has a dearth of eligible young men she can fall in love with, it’s just that heart saw Someone Else (SE) on the other side of the fence and the attraction was so strong to defy norms set by the network. Besides, her close friends are in the same network, which might already make her feel comfortable.

As for SE following PT, the idea is unthinkable. SE is not exactly a unique personality in terms of skills and SE’s network has many young actors who can match SE’s performance. Thus, SE might not develop his craft in case he decides to move. By contrast, his network can always make room for another pretty face. Moreover, when a talent moves to SE’s, network, expect the grandest welcome, which is a far cry from the simple welcoming ceremonies of PT’s network.

The grapevine is abuzz that PT is just waiting for her contract to expire and for the network not to renew her. Subsequently, her next move is allegedly to join SE. Also, when the network broached the idea of reviving the hit loveteam of PT with Attractive Boy (AB), she was cold to the idea. After their loveteam collapsed, AB has yet to find the love team partner that his fans can accept. If and when PT will make the big move is a waiting game.   

‘Defiance in itself is a sign of strength, and strength is a light side of human nature - when at all present, that is.’ -- Varg Vikernes

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Australian Media Takes Pride in Miss Universe Catriona Gray

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Celebrities Show Reactions at Announcement of Catriona Gray as Miss Universe 2018


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