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Sunday, April 20, 2014

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No More Discrimination

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How true is it that a Powerful Executive PE of a network was recently given a memo (memorandum) by his superiors? The memo was allegedly about the unequal distribution of projects given to the network talents, among others.

Case in point is a Network Newcomer NN who has two (2) television series airing daily in the afternoon and at primetime. Likewise with Heartthrob Actor HA who is being given television projects without let up. The situation did not escape a Pioneer Talent PT of the network who had not been visible for a long time.

PT and a Network Boss NB had a talk one day during one of the network’s functions. After the initial pleasantries, PT related his situation to NB that he had been without any project for almost a year already. He hinted to NB that PE seemed to be playing favorites in assigning projects to his favored stars at the expense of Homegrown Talents HT like him.

PT reiterated further that he had been contemplating to transfer to another network. He told NB that like him, a fellow HT - hunk and very Talented Actor TA – had been in the same predicament, thus had already moved and signed up with a rival network.

NB was reportedly surprised on hearing this, and immediately relayed PT’s concerns to Top Executive TE to resolve the matter saying that all network talents should be treated fairly. Thus a memo was sent to PE. TE made a major decision that a change of hands is to be implemented as far as assignment of projects is concerned.

It was reportedly decided that an Influential Director ID would now take the lead.

A lot of HT’s were privately rejoicing on hearing the latest development. For the HT’s, nothing can be happier news than this, knowing that they would no longer be at the mercy of PE who played politics and favoritism all those years.

“ Politics determines who has the power, not who has the truth. “ ~ Paul Krugman

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Wack Wack Probes Mar Roxas ‘Outburst’

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Did the secretary of the interior and local government go out of bounds?

The Wack Wack Golf and Country Club is investigating a complaint that Manuel Roxas II berated and cussed employees of the club for demanding that he pay the green fee for a golf pro he had invited to give golf lessons to his guest.

Roxas is a registered member of the exclusive club, where the green fee is P5,100 per head.

A report submitted to the Wack Wack administration showed the incident took place on April 6, a Sunday, at around noon at the club’s registration office.

Before the incident, Roxas informed the staff that his guest would be getting golf lessons from golf pro Rey Pagunsan.

The incident was first reported by GMA 7 broadcaster Arnold Clavio in his Abante column. The names of the staff involved were not mentioned.

On being told that he needed to pay the green fee of P5,100 for Pagunsan, Roxas reportedly lost his cool and shouted at the staff member.

“T___ina! Kailan pa nagkaroon ng ganyang rules (Since when did the club have these rules)?” Roxas reportedly told off another staff.

When one of the club’s staff insisted that Roxas pay the fee, the DILG chief reportedly shot back: “T____ ina! Walang presi-presidente sa akin!” It was not clear why he made reference to a president or whether he was referring to club president Philip Ella Juico.

The club personnel then told Roxas that they would just call the general manager to help clear things up. But again Roxas allegedly shouted, “T____ ina! Walang bawal-bawal sa akin!”(Nothing is prohibited with me.)

A witness recalled that the commotion attracted the attention of Roxas’ wife, broadcaster Korina Sanchez, who asked if there was a problem. Roxas answered, “Walang bawal, bawal sa akin!” Roxas eventually left the registration office.

When he was about to tee off, another course employee reportedly asked for the receipt of the green fee but Roxas snarled at him.

Club membership chairman Frederico “Butch” Campos Jr. declined to comment when reached by The STAR and referred the issue to Juico, who said they would investigate the incident after the Holy Week break.

“We will look into it. We will study Sec. Mar Roxas’ letter and invite those involved in the incident. But since it’s Holy Week, we can only act on this next week and hopefully come up with a decision,” said Juico, who received the report upon his arrival Tuesday after covering the Manny Pacquiao-Tim Bradley rematch for Solar Sports.

Roxas earlier sent a letter to club members giving his side.

Pagunsan, for his part, denied that Roxas had badmouthed any of the club’s personnel. “Basta sinabi lang niya na babayaran na lang niya yung green fee ko pagkatapos ng laro namin (He just told them that he would pay my green fee after our game),”

“Pero noong pa tee-off na kami sa backnine ay sinabihan na naman kami na dapat daw bayaran yung green fee ko (But when we were teeing off in the backnine, we were told again to pay the green fee),” he said.

“Kung anu-ano na ngang balita ang lumabas pero kahit saan, kahit kanino pwede akong magsalita sa kung ano talaga ang nangyari (A lot of stories were making the rounds but I can tell what really happened, to everyone and anywhere),” said Pagunsan.

Members behaving badly

The rich are different from you and me, F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said. So does that mean the rich – and the powerful – follow a different set of rules?

Wack Wack Golf & Country Club in Mandaluyong City, undoubtedly an enclave of the rich where a proprietary share goes for around P16 million, is currently embroiled in a controversy involving a rich and powerful government official and the rules of the club regarding guests playing on its fabled courses.

Non-members are charged P5,000 green fee plus P100 for the caddie retirement fund for the club’s East Course on weekends. The fee is levied on any non-member who goes out on the course, whether or not he/she actually plays. This applies to teaching pros and the occasional – though discouraged – bodyguard, as was the case recently of a diplomat who apparently got special permission to bring his bodyguard with him due to security threats.

The exemption to this payment rule is for nurses or caregivers of elderly members or those with serious medical conditions who still want their dose of swings and putts.

Wack Wack has had its share of controversy and scandal over its 84-year history. Most famous of these is perhaps the “back off!” and “may P200 ka dyan” incidents of 2008 that supposedly took place at the club involving major players – some of them high government officials – in the scuttled national broadband network deal between the government and Chinese firm ZTE Corp.

That particular scandal hit the headlines and merited a full-blown Senate inquiry.

Members behaving badly are, unfortunately, not all that uncommon. A lawyer-member was suspended for a year for assaulting a waiter. Another was kicked out of the club for repeated incidents of temper outbursts and violence – including dousing a hapless server with a glass of water – and delinquency in settling his account.

A nominee – one endorsed to use the share of another – was not renewed when his endorsement expired for attempted assault on a fellow member in an altercation in the club’s parking lot. The former apparently resented the latter’s sounding his car horn at him.

Another case currently pending before the club’s membership committee which hears disciplinary cases involves a new member who assaulted a caddie, because his brother – who is the member’s regular caddie – allegedly stole money from the member.

The next meeting of the seven-member committee, scheduled for early next month.

Did Deniece Cornejo Lambast Vhong Navarro on Social Media?

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An Instagram account believed to be owned by Deniece Cornejo posted a series of statements against actor Vhong Navarro, calling him a coward.

“Vhong Navarro, huwag kang duwag! Huwag mo pairalin kasikatan mo hindi porket artista ka pwede mo ng gawin lahat ng gusto mo! Babae ako alam ko karapatan ko! At ipaglalaban ko hanggang sa huli!” said one post attributed to “Deniece Cornejo” by Instragram handler “onlyrealdeniece.”

(Vhong Navarro, don’t be a coward. Don’t use your popularity. Just because you’re an actor, you can already do whatever you want. I’m a woman, I know my rights! And I will fight for it to the end!)

The statement was posted Monday, the same day a warrant of arrest was issued against Cornejo, Cedric Lee and five others charged in the mauling of Navarro last January 22.

While the seven respondents could post bail, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said the arrest warrant would prevent them from leaving the country without any clearance from the court.

In a previous statement also posted Monday by “onlyrealdeniece,” “Deniece Cornejo” called for an end to what she described a “special treatment” being given to a serial rapist.

“In [Jesus’] name, don’t glorify the SERIAL RAPIST! Stop the special treatment! Those who have used and abused their power, those who conspired with the abusers will someday meet the great equalizer,” the post said.

She also called on the Department of Justice to be vigilant.

“Calling DOJ to be vigilant to judge. Will you tolerate someone who has a history of rape? RAPIST CAN BE ANYONE?”

“Very obvious wala pang 10 days ni-resolve na? Why because of the coming soon movie? We wanna know who are the people behind this. STOP MANIPULATING PEOPLE! Very corrupt country!” the post further said.

In her most recent posts, “onlyrealdeniece” slammed an unnamed television station for allegedly condoning a rapist.

“Dear station, open your eyes! Alam ko hindi kayo papayag mapahiya kaya ginagawa ninyo ang lahat kaya masyado na kayo kumpyansa. Lalo nyo lang pinapalakas ang loob ng isang RAPIST! Hindi ako makakapayag dumami pa ang rape victims nya! J-U-S-T-I-C-E!!!” the post said.

(Dear station, open your eyes! I know you just do not want to be embarrassed that is why you are doing everything, and that is why you are so confident. You are just boosting the morale of a rapist. I will not let him victimize other people. J-U-S-T-I-C-E!!!)

“Huwag n’yong lasonin ang taong bayan! Walang tatakas sa ibang bansa dahil expired na ang passport. Huwag mangiral ang negosyo sa inyo!!!” she added, apparently referring to the arrest warrant issued by the court.

(Do not poison the people’s perception. No one will escape overseas because [our passports are] already expired. You just want your business to prevail.) tried but failed to reach Cornejo’s lawyer, Howard Calleja, for comment.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Zest is Dampened

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Not too long ago, Passionate Actress PA was overwhelmed that her showbiz comeback would be very warmly welcomed by both her fans and colleagues - and for good reason. Then and now, PA exudes a fresh aura and a radiant positivity . To others, PA is a breath of fresh air, someone who is cool to work with. Indeed, she inspires without really trying.

It is no wonder that PA is besieged with offers from different networks. But like a true professional, she just doesn’t grab anything that comes her way. In television series for example, PA chooses only the roles that she can do justice to, carefully noting that she has self-imposed limitations to abide by. Yet, on the set, she always comes prepared for the demands of her work.

At the beginning of her latest series, PA enjoyed the camaraderie that she had with fellow actors, who are all respected in their fields. Everything went fine in the beginning until some tension started between her and Actress in Trouble AT.

PA is reportedly resentful of AT who, more often than not, is making work difficult not only for her but for other co-actors as well. On the set, both PA and AT often do scenes together - heavy scenes that is.

It started when AT comes to the set unprepared. You know, not studying one’s character and script will definitely cause major problems on the production as well as the cast. Reportedly, AT is very guilty of this. The characters of PA and AT require the both of them to be constantly in the scenes together.

However, PA resents it because she comes to the set well-prepared. Reportedly, their scenes together take as much as 4 to 5 takes everytime because AT often forgets her lines. PA has been complaining lately that among other things, having several retakes with AT takes too much of her time that would otherwise be spent going home early to be with her family.

Allegedly, PA made a request to the production to lessen her scenes with AT saying that it was draining her a lot of her energy. The request reportedly reached AT, and in no time the once sweet relationship between the two turned sour. It used to be that AT brought food for PA. Now, she had to stop it if only to telegraph her strong sentiments.

How long will their gap last? Perhaps, only the tail-end of their series can tell.

“ Professionalism: It's NOT the job you do, it's HOW you do the job. “

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