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Probing the Funds

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While overseas, Seasoned Celebrity (SC) took the opportunity to hold a few shows to see if she could still attract the crowd. Of course, the reality is that SC belongs to an older generation and the young crowd abroad might no longer be familiar with her style. To address that possible issue, SC invited a Young Team of singers (YT) to attract the crowd.

The shows were successful and SC achieved her objective of regaining her recognition from the overseas audience. SC is such a talent that can never be turned down, but with the growing crop of new talents and genres, SC had to take the backseat. Other than performing, SC used the shows to appeal for donations for various causes to the audience.

SC shared stories of war-torn places in the country that needed funding and support from every possible source. The plight of the victims and the soldiers touched the hearts of the audience. The hat was passed and people donated whatever they could. The heart-wrenching numbers of YT softened the spot of the audience as well as opened their wallets.

When the producer turned over the accumulated donations a six-figure amount in foreign currency was given to SC. Upon reaching home, SC said she will turnover the amount to the agencies spearheading the operations. After some time, the Overseas Organizer (OO) asked for a receipt, as the major donors wanted to see where their generous amounts went.

SC did turn over the donations but there was a major problem. Allegedly, her receipts could only account for a very little portion of the amount turned over to her. Her subsequent excuse was that she misplaced the receipts and she gave donations to other non-government agencies. Unfortunately, OO could not fully buy the story and an investigation is allegedly underway to verify the story of SC. In case OO makes the story breaks into the press, the embarrassment would be a major one for SC, as many would speculate what she could have done with the alleged unaccounted-for donations.

‘Confidence... thrives on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection and on unselfish performance. Without them it cannot live.’ – Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Repost: Husband of Radio Personality Suspended for Unexplained Bank Deposits While Working as Security Guard for Customs

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A Customs security guard at the Port of Manila has been suspended and is currently being investigated for allegedly having about P1.9 million in several bank accounts.

According to an exclusive report by Jun Veneracion on 24 Oras on Wednesday, Renly Tiñana has only had one plantilla position at the Bureau of Customs (BOC) since 2002: Security Guard 2. At the port, Tiñana was assigned as a spot checker to inspect shipments and drew a monthly salary of P14,000.

However, an investigation by the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service (CIIS) has found that Tiñana keeps nearly P2 million in different bank accounts.

"Given 'yung salary grade niya, if at all, it warrants na kami ay tingnan namin kung ito ba ay naakma sa kakayahan niya o sa kakayahan ng pamilya niya na magkaroon ng ganito kalaking deposits," said Customs Assistant Commissioner Jet Maronilla in the report. 

The CIIS looked into four bank accounts allegedly belonging to Tiñana, containing funds amounting to P1.9 million. 

Investigators took special notice of large funds that entered and exited the accounts, including P2.5 million that was deposited and then withdrawn on the same day. 

"Ang naging red flag lang din kasi sa investigation ng CIIS, sa pagkakaalam namin sa report na ginawa nila, eh yung period kasi ng April at saka May, medyo substantial yung transactions ng pag deposito," said Maronilla. 

The BOC has sought the assistance of the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) to look into the bank transactions, and has also requested a lifestyle check on Tiñana from the Department of Finance (DOF), of which the BOC is a part.

The Customs bureau has also tapped the National Bureau of Investigation to help with the criminal investigation.

Grave misconduct

According to the report, the bureau learned of Tiñana's bank accounts after the arrest on May 20 of a fake Customs employee who supposedly would deposit money into the security guard's accounts.

More than P150,000 in cash was confiscated from the fake employee inside the Port of Manila, as well as deposit slips and Tiñana's alleged passbooks. 

An administrative case has been filed against Tiñana, who has also been slapped with a three-month preventive suspension.

On June 20, Customs Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero instructed that Tiñana be charged with grave misconduct and conduct prejudicial to the best interest of public service.

Tiñana's lawyer declined to be interviewed on camera for the report, but showed GMA News their written comment on the Customs investigation.

The Tiñana camp's comment claimed that the P150,000 carried by the fake employee was part of the salary of Tiñana's wife, who earns much more than her husband, and that the BOC should return the money as well as some of his personal property.

The CIIS, however, does not think much of the explanation. "Sa investigation na ginawa ng CIIS, it would seem na hindi siya justified, kasi ang recommendation ng CIIS ay mag-file ng administrative charges," said Maronilla. — BM, GMA News

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Repost: Marian Rivera Says Taking Care of Baby Ziggy Comes Ahead of Working on Soaps for Now

Image courtesy of Instagram: marianrivera

At the renewal of her partnership with Kultura on Tuesday, Marian Rivera was asked if she is willing to star alongside with her husband Dingdong Dantes in the Filipino adaptation of the K-drama series "Descendants of the Sun."

According to Marian, she and Dong have actually talked about it but “to be honest, priority ko talagang alagaan si Ziggy. Mahirap para sa akin na iwan si Ziggy tapos mag-soap,” Marian told the press at the event.

For now, the Kapuso Primetime Queen said she has several endorsements to honor before going back to her shows in GMA.

“Endorsements muna ako. Tapos niyan, babalik ako unti-unti sa Tadhana tapos sa Sunday Pinasaya,” she said.

When asked if she would be willing to star with Dingdong on DOTS, she said “sa soap no ako ngayon. Pero malay after two months mag-yes ako so tignan ko.”

Marian's priority, she said, is to take care of her second son Baby Ziggy.

“Ako yung tipo ng nanay na hands-on. Kasi ayoko pagsisihan na wala ako doon habang lumalaki sila,” she said.

“Sabi ko nga kung tatanungin mo ko sa punto na ‘to I will say no talaga pero malay mo naman kung nilapitan ‘yung location,” she added.

She said it’s hard for her to choose since she is still busy taking care of her newborn Baby Ziggy.

“Ang hirap mamili kasi may newborn ako two months pa lang although baka naman pag na-adjust sabi ko nga ang hirap ng magsabi ng yes kaya ko hindi naman pala hindi naman binigay sakin ‘yon di naman sinabi na oo ikaw ‘to,” she said.

Marian shared that fans have been tagging her on videos of DOTS and that they have been telling her that she and Korean actor Song Hye-kyo have similarities.

“Sabi nila maganda yung kwento tapos nagkatuluyuan sila tapos yung babae may similarity daw sakin,” she added.

Marian’s renewal event with Kultura is her first public appearance after giving birth to her second son Baby Ziggy last April.

Dingdong will be starring in the Filipino adaptation of DOTS with Kapuso actors Rocco Nacino and Jasmine Curtis. His leading lady for the show is yet to be announced. — LA, GMA News

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