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Friday, March 31, 2017

Pursuing an Ending Career

The hardest part of success is sustaining the momentum, which is not easy to do for any celebrity, especially for the younger generation. When Network Discovery (ND) entered showbiz, she impressed everyone with her talent and everyone knew she had potential to excel. ND eventually proved everyone right. However, youth, ambition, and misguided decisions did not sustain her popularity that long.

When opportunities started getting scarce, ND had to find gigs, and naturally, her network was the first to save her. However, attitude got in the way. ND seems to be having a hard time accepting that her career is dying and she can no longer be choosy.

Thus, when she agreed to guest in a show, the producers were caught unaware with her sudden demand to change the original plan. ND was supposed to perform with Sensational Newcomer (SN), who is being tagged as her successor. Without any valid excuse, ND refused the original plan to perform back to back with SN, and she allegedly wanted to perform first.

As the show was live, there was no choice at the moment, but to give in. However, after that incident, the production people made sure ND might have a difficult time to get a booking in her own network. Of course, this unofficial move would definitely make it hard to ND to get the exposure she needs to make sure her fans still know that she is still trying to live her career.

Sadly, the recent events in her life might have already affected her finances. Barely having gigs and concerts cancelled, ND might have trouble making ends meet. This situation would turn for the worse if her station would not give her work. It’s not that she does not have the talent, she still has it, but her attitude is getting in the way. Someone should talk sense into her that humility is what she needs at this point, and not behaving like she is still a top celebrity.

‘Do not let arrogance go to your head and despair to your heart; do not let compliments go to your head and criticisms to your heart; do not let success go to your head and failure to your heart.’ ― Roy T. Bennett

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Repost: GMA Lets Aljur Abrenica Go

Image courtesy of

Aljur Abrenica’s exclusive contract with his home network officially expired last week, but GMA 7 no longer renewed it, and finally lets go of the actor.

Abrenica was given the biggest break of his career when he won as one of the ultimate survivors of the network’s premier star search, “Starstruck” Batch 4. Since then, he had been hailed as one of the network’s most bankable talents because of the top-rating projects he previously did. 

But the relationship between the two  turned sour when the 27-year-old actor, in 2014, filed for a petition before the Quezon City Regional Trial Court to nullify his contract with the network. He accused his mother studio that the direction of his career does not align with original plans.

Despite his on-going case then against his mother network, Abrenica was still given projects, including his comeback on the now-defunct weekly noontime variety show “Sunday All Stars” and television projects such as “The Half Sisters”, “Dangwa” and “Once Again”. 

Last March 27, the actor turned 27, but just as he celebrated his birthday, issues of his alleged P1.3 million debt to veteran broadcast journalist Kaye Dacer surfaced, concerning a house sold to the actor, the balance for which was reportedly unsettled to date.

He is also expecting his first child with fiancee Kylie Padilla. News of Padilla’s pregnancy recently hit the headlines, and somehow forced the couple to clarify matters through a public admission.

The actor has not spoken yet about the issues surrounding him, and has displayed inactivity on social media for the past weeks. JB

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Just Solving Money Woes

Citing a celebrity in one’s village often elicits various reactions and results in a snowballing of the possible purpose of the celebrity in the said area. For instance, if an actor is seen frequently in a village, rumors might focus on the possibility that he might be seeing someone or thinking of buying a place to live in the vicinity.

When Contentious Celebrity (CC) and a Family Relation (FR) were seen in one of the houses of a village, the neighbors realized something seemed amiss with the two. The said house is special and neighbors know that people visit for a special reason.

Over the past months, CC has been conspicuously absent in TV and even in movie projects. While she has remained active in social media, her presence on mainstream media has been limited. A quick review of her past activities shows that most of her projects did not deliver as expected. In the entertainment industry, one is only as good as the last project. Hence, there seems to be a slowdown in her career, and quite possibly, in her cash flow.

Despite the lackluster movement in her career these days, CC is a winner in other aspects of her life. However, there might be much pressure to match the financial freedom of her Present Boyfriend (PB). Known as a wise person when it comes to business, PB has invested his earnings and is reaping the benefits these days. Unlike other personalities, PB has kept quiet on what he does with his earnings and hardly brags that he knows how to handle his money. Rumors have it that he can stop working and he will still live comfortably.

However, having a rich boyfriend does not guarantee that one will be comfortable as well. The pressure to show to the wealthy partner that one can handle his/her money will be significant. With hardly a project, CC would naturally not want to bug PB if she indeed has money woes. Hence, the visit to the said house was imperative. Allegedly, CC and FR went to the said house to borrow money, which was approximated to be less than half a million, and payable with minimal interest. When the neighbors saw CC and FR, the assumption was that borrowing occurred, which led them to think that CC might indeed have money problems. Of course, she might even be borrowing so that she would have the money to invest in the businesses of PB. Nonetheless, what is sure is that CC only has a limited number of projects, and the lesser the projects, the greater is the need to tighten one’s belt.

‘Let us not bankrupt our todays by paying interest on the regrets of yesterday and by borrowing in advance the troubles of tomorrow.’ – Ralph W. Sockman

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Repost: Iza Calzado Appeals to MTRCB for the X Rating of 'Bliss'

Image courtesy of

Responding to the X rating the Movie and Television Review Classification Board gave her upcoming film “Bliss,” lead star Iza Calzado is appealing to the review board to reconsider.

“Mawalang galang lang po sa MTRCB, nais kong lang pong maliwanagan kung ano yung standards natin ng X na pelikula. Bakit yung ibang mga foreign films na mas grabe pa ang mga eksena puwedeng maipalabas sa atin, at ang ‘Bliss’ hindi puwede? Hindi naman po porn ang pelikula namin. Sana kapag napalabas ang pelikula, tayo ang humusga,” she said.

“I’d like to believe that my director—the award winning director of Heneral Luna—is a responsible director. Sana the film [would] be given a chance to be seen by the Filipino audience. Sana rin, this opens a discussion on our film rating standards,” Iza said in a statement furnished to InterAksyon by her manager, Noel Ferrer.

For her portrayal of the film’s ill-fated lead character Jane Ciego, Iza won her first international acting recognition when she was honored with the Yakushi Pearl Award for Best Performer in the Osaka Asian Film Festival in Japan earlier this month.

Ferrer ascribed the X rating to “explicit nudity” and told InterAksyon that the MTRCB committee’s report credited the nudity to Iza and another actress, Adrienne Vergara, who portrays a menacing nurse.

The X rating means the MTRCB deems “Bliss” unfit for public exhibition. However, the producers can appeal the rating and submit the film for reevaluation.

In most cases, producers are forced to edit out the scenes deemed offensive by the review board which might then give the film an R-18 or R-16 rating upon second or third review.

But Iza’s appeal suggests that she prefers “Bliss” to be shown in its entirety and not watered down with further editing.

In an earlier interview with InterAksyon, the film’s director, Jerrold Tarog, declined to discuss the details of the issue just yet.

For its part, the film’s producer TBA Studios furnished InterAksyon with this press statement.

“We understand and respect the decision of the MTRCB reviewing committee regarding the film ‘Bliss.’ We are currently going through the process of submitting an appeal for a second review and hope for a more favorable result.”

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