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Friday, November 30, 2012

Lacking Good Manners

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Popular tv host (PT) got noticed in the industry because of her versatility as an emcee and facility with several languages. Whenever her former network FN needed someone to interview foreign artists, she would be tapped to do the job. Eventually, PT became a familiar face and was given segments in several television shows. She gained quite a solid following during her stint in FN.

However, PT’s career got entangled in some controversies. She was dragged into a mess with her former co-host such that the truth behind the controversy branched out into several versions. The same thing happened to her love life. At one point, PT hogged the limelight when she was singled out and added to the long list of women linked to a popular personality. Then, like a flash in the pan -- it just  fizzled out -- everything was over in a matter of months. No one even bothered to check what caused the break up.

Rumors have it that PT does not really have that kind of sweet image she projects on screen. Some people assert that she can be really difficult to work with and can get on people’s nerves at times. She was like that ever since, such that it was not that hard for FN to let her go. When a rival network RN made an offer to hire her, FN did not make a counter-offer to match that of RN's. Consequently, PT made a quiet move to RN.

In her new network, her diva attitude is starting to unleash. A member of the production (MP) had a first-hand experience with her once. MP remembered the time when she had accidentally touched PT's hair that had already been styled. PT fumed right away and reprimanded MP. She told her sarcastically not to touch her hair again as it was already fixed.

In another incident, PT was interviewed by a segment producer. After the interview, the segment producer, as a gesture of thanks and goodbye, made an attempt to kiss her ala "beso." PT stood up and received the kiss but tried to avoid the other person's face from touching hers. Huh?

Indeed, allegations like PT is difficult to work with, doesn't care and has no respect for the staff and people lower in rank than her are mounting by the day.

"Be careful whose toes you step on today because they might be connected to the foot that kicks your ass tomorrow." --- bitchy quote

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sorry, I'm Busy!

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The word amnesia is a term used in showbiz to refer to stars who have trouble remembering names/faces of colleagues, especially those of media people. Often those accused with amnesia are newcomers, which is quite understandable. Other stars deliberately do it towards some reporters expecting that they get written, no matter how negatively - which to them is still publicity no matter what. And still, there are some stars who are just too busy with left and right commitments that they don't know anymore what is going on in their own industry especially of people and events.

Our subject is a Talented Singer TS1 who was a guest in a concert of a Fellow Talented Singer TS2. Backstage at the dressing room, TS1 was just chilling out and busy with her cellphone. Unknown to her, a Network Executive NE was just nearby looking at her. Being a fan, NE approached TS1 and requested her if she could sign her poster that NE would give to her niece. TS1's reply shocked her, "Pwedeng mamaya na lang? May ginagawa pa ako e!"

Actually, there was nothing to get busy with at that time as she was just fidgetting with her cellphone. NE who was obviously embarrassed, quietly went back to her seat. A few minutes after, TS2 came in and was pleasantly surprised and flattered that NE, her network boss was there for her. She hugged and kissed NE, and introduced her to TS1. TS1 was so shocked, couldn't even look at NE in the eye. Perhaps thinking of making amends, TS1 approached NE and cheerfully said, "Picture po tayo." But NE looking uninterested, politely turned down the gesture.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

His Unbreakable Habit

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This talented actor TA comes from a well-off family. TA made women swoon during his peak some years ago. He was a hunk, and a no-nonsense actor as well. For some reasons, he got himself entangled in many issues and controversies in the past. Reasons why TA had been lacking in projects for years. And perhaps because of these, he had also become ill- focused even on his own life. From people's observation, he seemed to be direction-less. Some of is colleagues in showbiz hardly take him seriously. Until he got himself to be managed by a talent agency. But sadly, he has yet to be given projects at this point. Meanwhile, TA continues with his usual kind of fun - girls G and oh, even transwomen TW (male at birth, usually have undergone physical changes/medical transition to conform to being a woman).

He gets these G 's and TW's not by association with pimps. All he does is conspicuously park his car at the back of an old, once popular and controversial building within the business district. TA is already a very familiar face among the "players" there, in street lingo, he is "suki." As soon as he parks his black vehicle, these girls will already position themselves. One by one, they will approach TA's car. Usually, he would take a long, hard look at each prospect. If he likes her, there would be no questions asked. TS would open his car and immediately leave the place to head off somewhere for more privacy. There is a particular condo near the area where TA goes to as hideout/venue for all his tryists.

This seems to be TA's challenge ever since: how to break free from this old habit.

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"Miss Earth 2012 Teresa Fajksova is getting her sights on educating her own people first when it comes to environmental issues.

Teresa, who represents Czechoslovakia, bested 79 other international delegates for the Miss Earth crown. She admits her native country has a long way to go in terms of environmental consciousness.

The beauty queen shares that she was surprised by the number of recycle bins in Manila, which they lack in Czech Republic. She is also pushing for the use of solar energy.

Teresa hopes her reign can bring in the change her country needs when it comes to caring more for the environment."

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Spotted: Kissing in the Parking Area

Is handsome actor (HB) trying to build a playboy image? After his failed relationships, came a story of his closeness with a staunch actress (SA) in the same network. They were linked after they did a project overseas. Despite HB and SA being single, and the network playing up the story, the public was not interested. The story of having some relationship growing between HB and SA seemed to lack certain believability.

A few nights ago, HB was spotted with sprightly actress (AS) after a recent event for a charitable cause. Initially, AS was seen stopping a sports car in the parking lot. An eyewitness thought the driver might have been a former relation of AS. However, when the window rolled down, HB was in the driver’s seat. Then, AS entered the car and gave HB a very passionate kiss.

In the said event, HB was a prime mover, while AS was one of the guest performers. Did AS take advantage of kissing one hunk at that moment? Well, being known to be a gentleman, HB did not stop AS from kissing him. Perhaps, this was his way of thanking SA for participating in the event. On hindsight, the kissing might have been harmless anyway.

Since the kissing was done in a not so private area, one cannot help but think if this behavior of HB and AS could be a publicity stunt to improve his image. Well, that idea would be sad considering that both SA and AS, who happen to be close friends, will be used in the process.

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Congratulations to the 2012 Mr. and Miss Mapua IE-EMG Winners

Mr. IE-EMG: Jeven Cantero

 1st Runner Up: Raphael Layug      2nd Runner Up: Charles Christobal

Ms. IE-EMG 2012: Gabrielle Quirino

                        1st Runner-Up: Gelca Rivero          2nd Runner-Up: Jerisa Lim

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bad Boy or Good Boy?

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Is this young actor (YA) carrying on the reel love team into real life too far? While a few frowned at the beginning when YA was being paired to the hottest budding teen actress (HB) of the network, the current development in the career of YA proved them wrong. Who among the latest young stars need a very efficient crowd control to stop the fans from mobbing? Anyway, YA has fallen in love with HB according to the grapevine.

His love seems so intense that he could not stop from being quite honest and scary in his reply to questions regarding him and HB. For example, he was asked what he would do to other boys looking at HB with interest. He candidly replied that he would gouge their eyes out! When the management watched the interview, they immediately had that segment edited out. Then, they called for YA and his manager. The management told them to taper down the bad attitude behavior. YA is being groomed to be the boy next door and not the bad boy of the network. They advised him to get rid of the family tradition of being irrationally violent and brawl-happy.

Incidentally, YA has told HB to stop wearing short skirts and shorts because these fashion getups are calling the attention of the boys to her. While YA and HB are barely out of their teens, the network has discovered another potential milking cow. As experience proves, reel to real love teams spell out the doom for most careers. Although the kilig factor is a major selling point for their careers, the obsession and the stunting of career growth hover in the future. Will the network succeed in controlling YA or will he be another one hit wonder with a short career because of his uncontrollable attitude?

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On the photo, taken about 5 years ago, was Joan Apuyan with her father Roberto Torrero Apuyan, 61 years old. Here's what Joan posted on her facebook page:


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Poor Press Relations

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The talented actor (TA) enjoyed the peak of his stardom a few years ago when his movies were box office hits, his telerseryes were top rating, and several award-winning bodies recognized his acting talent. Then, his personal life got in the way. Until now, the repercussions of that unfortunate incident are still creating ripples in his career. Unfortunately, his silence has created a negative image on his part that portrayed him as uncooperative and difficult to deal with. This present image was quite different in his early days, when he was approachable.

So, when and where did the change happen?

In a recent event where TA was at the red carpet ceremony, some press people asked if he could be interviewed. TA agreed without hesitation. As the press was setting up and TA was waiting for the question, someone from his production took his arm and pulled him away from the press. Of course, the press was  surprised and later on infuriated by the act. It seemed to them that they would not be able to do the interview after all.

What was the point of putting TA there in that  big event if he would only be prohibited to mingle with the press? Was there something that the production was afraid of? Did they not trust TA enough to give only the answers that they want thrown at the press? Is he not that mature enough to handle his issues on his own? Instead of helping TA improve his image, it looks like his own production is orchestrating his ruin.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

War Freak Ego-tripper

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Seems like talk show host TH is quickly turning out to be everybody's favorite person to hate. TH, if his co-workers' many stories are to be believed, is turning into a monster as fast as his sudden fame's impending demise. TH feels entitlement in so many things, expecting everyone to kowtow to him at a flick of a finger, and that no one has the right to disagree with him or they will suffer his fury. 

While on air, TH's co-host in the show CH gently said to him that maybe details on TH's story about a certain doctor was not exactly how it happened. TH answered him good naturedly at first, but he went berserk as soon as lights dimmed during the commercial break, cursing CH so bad, saying that he did not have every right to meddle in his segment.

The show's senior co-host SCH already wrote about TH and castigated him for his crass behavior towards co-workers. He has been subject of many complaints and has already caused him his suspension on the show. And yet, TH's acerbic tonque has gone out of control berating even the executive producer EP of his morning show for the pettiest and flimsiest of reasons.

In one instance, TH saw some staff members on monitor engaging in small talk during a break. TH scolded and lectured them off and reported them to the station manager. The next morning, one of those in the staff was fired as a result. At one time, he cursed and berated a guard for not recognizing him.

Talks have it that TH is a very insecure soul towards his co-hosts. There was no single radio co-host that TH did not have an issue with. He spares no one, even the iconic radio personality and adviser whom TH rudely belittled saying that his new radio show will never rate.

TH continues to make life miserable for co-workers, even a close relative RB of his former benefactor whom he owed much of his career to was not spared from his boorishness. RB couldn't take him and left for good. TH spreads malicious rumors about his former benefactor. He's made backstabbing his pastime, and he needs to be stopped.

There were also talks that TH asks money from doctors who regularly guest in his radio show, which is a big violation of network rules. He throws his weight at anybody, making demands as if he employs them. He once demanded for his own dressing room and make up artist MUA which was impossible given their studio set up. What's funny is that the "bigger" co-hosts were not asking for anything.

TH is such a misfit, an ego-tripper who knows no bounds, spreading his venom to whoever gets in his way. Apparently, he takes refuge at the thought that he is indispensable. Perhaps his top bosses ought to take action at the mounting complaints. Remember that in any organization, it is the right people who will always be your assets. And as such, the bar has to be raised higher.

Amidst the gravity of the complaints from his co-workers, many believe TH deserves to be swallowed into oblivion, never to be seen again. For those concerned, guess it's never too late to listen, especially for a network that strives to have a fresher image.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Exactly the Opposite

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When a BI allegedly pertaining to this “sweet” actress (SA) came out, her fans posted responses that denied SA had such a negative personality. Unfortunately, some people who know her but are not yet her fans are now finding out how she is off cam. Take the case of this FP reader (FR) who is based abroad.

While SA was shopping in an Asian city, her assistant was approached by FR to ask permission if she and her boyfriend could have a picture with SA. The assistant relayed the message to SA, who responded with a smirk. SA then proceeded to search the racks for clothes and tops. After a while, SA approached FR, and looking displeased, asked them if they were based in that city and they said yes. The boyfriend politely asked if they could have a picture with her. SA raised her eyebrows, and responded “K” in a sarcastic tone.

Still, FR took a couple of shots, and her boyfriend thanked SA who just walked away and never responded. Both FR and boyfriend were so disappointed at her display of arrogance towards her fellow Pinoys. They have met other celebrities abroad who were way too friendly compared to SA, which is why they could not figure out why SA behaved in that manner.

SA and other celebrities should always keep in mind that public figures, especially when abroad, ought to try harder to be a little friendlier and approachable. Overseas fans expect more as they hardly see these visiting celebrities in person. Pinoys' penchant for photos and celebrities often goes hand in hand. Are photos ops with these stars too much to ask? Now, if stars have a really valid reason not to entertain them like if they're sick or very tired, they can always politely decline and fans will surely understand.

Stars should NOT forget  that they owe a LOT to these fans whom they habitually snub.

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Thank You Aliw Awards for the Nomination


I would like to express my big thanks to Aliw Awards for nominating me again for this year's Best Male Emcee. I am humbled to be recognized for my effort being an events host. This nomination both inspires and affirms excellence for which Aliw Awards stands for.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

You Shouldn't Assume!

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Confident Host CH keeps on reinventing himself in the field of entertainment. Very adventurous, CH has an active social life to gain more network and opportunities. But he seems not content, and always wants more.

One day, he set an appointment to meet up with an Executive of a management company EM. CH wanted to be managed by EM's firm thinking that it would help in his image if he'll be identified with the agency.

When he got to EM's place and while walking along the corridor of the huge office, CH was his usual bubbly and confident self. He engaged the staff for small talk while waiting for the EM who happened to be attending to some visitors. As soon as the visitors had left, CH immediately went inside the top honchos's office and with both arms outstretched, he very confidently proclaimed himself to the EM and exclaimed, "Boss ***, i-manage mo ko!"

The boss who was sitting on his desk was taken aback, stared at him from head to toe and answered in big tone," Who are you? I don't know you!"

CH was so shocked and embarrassed, he obviously didn't see it coming. He was caught off-guard by the EM's "brutality."

Sounds quite unbelievable that there are industry people who don't know CH at all. Apparently, it was learned that owing to EM's very busy schedule, there was no way he would know CH since he seldom watches television, if at all, only those that concern his production and talents. And unlike his colleagues, EM does not socialize much and move in the same circle as CH.

The experience is a lesson in miscalculation, a humbling one for CH. Just because you think you're popular, do not assume that anything that moves knows you.

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A Scam Aborted?

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Was it an honest mistake or an intentional deception? Thus, would be the questions of people who were at the backstage of a recent event. A tradition of the event is the awarding of the coveted recognition to the most beautiful and the most debonair attendees of the night. While the event was going on, the hosts announced that the coveted recognition goes with a cash prize.

Finally, the names of the winners of the coveted recognition were announced. The envelopes were awarded and the winners were happy that they were recognized. When the envelopes were opened at the backstage, they were allegedly empty. The cash prize was not in any of the envelopes. It was not like the winners needed the money; rather, it was the principle. The manager of one of the winners demanded what happened to the cash prize. The manager persisted until the organizers were able to trace what happened to the money. Well, allegedly, one of the committee members had kept the cash (for safekeeping, perhaps).

The frenzy at the backstage for the search for the missing cash was so tension-filled that it merited a tweet from a controversial personality (CP). Of course, the mysterious tweet made the followers wonder at the meaning, and CP will not spill the beans, anyway. As always, the event lives to its consistent reputation of always having a controversy, be it with the choice of winners or the voters, themselves.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Don't Get on My Nerves!

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Talented Performer TP is passionately hating Handsome Actor HA. All the while TP was thinking HA was serious in his intentions, until some months ago when she kept getting negative feedback from concerned people. Allegations that HA was courting her simultaneously with another actress AA, and other girls, which TP dismissed in the beginning.

Apparently, TP was so mad at HA after she was shown his photos that confirmed her suspicion all along. The photos ignited the fire and her bottled up emotions. It was said that she was thankful for the photos shown to her for it nailed his real colors from the start. TP was so mad when she saw the pics that she wanted to slap him! That was such a big blow to her.

Allegedly, HA is still into a relationship with a top production member PM who has done him countless favors all these years. This PM was a big factor on the success of his latest project. He certainly owes PM a big gratitude, among so many things that PM had done for him. As is a cliche' in showbiz, "No such thing as a free lunch." Oh well..

Apart from those, there are also rumors, quietly going around that HA and a respected actress RA are playing sweet music together. Quite unbelievable for RA's status. But talks are wild, people are speculating. Such is a possibility considering the profile of RA's past relationships. If indeed something is cooking between the two, I think we know where to give credit to. RA certainly knows how to pleasure her man, especially on someone as young as HA.

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On Cristalle Henares and Jason Sabio of Azkals

This message got to me forwarded by a common friend:

"HI guys! I don't know how to say this. You are all very close to me and Jason. We mutually decided to part ways. The reason is that we both are in different stages of our lives right now and have different plans for the near future (like him moving back to the States to finish school, etc). The easiest to move on is to do a clean cut and not even hang out with each other or be in the same place together. It's extreme but we have our reasons. I'm sending out this message so we don't have to discuss this anymore or talk about it when I see you guys. I hope you guys understand and can support me through this. "

We were quite surprised. Dr. Vicki Belo's heiress, Cristalle Henares and Azkals' Jason Sabio have called it quits. Everyone who knows them think it was a mature decision mutually agreed by both parties. The reasons were cited and we just have to respect that. Hoping they will be able to move forward from here on.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is She a Kept Secret?

Image courtesy of

When Reality Show Discovery (RD) gained attention on national television, her fame was like here and there and dropped as quickly as the interest in the show waned. The problem with RD is that no image could really fit her. She can host as she had several stints as a co-host for several types of shows. She can act and do comedy as well. However, her talent is not really for lead roles. She is attractive enough to be linked to a few good looking men who were also part of the reality show.

After spending some time in the network that discovered her, she managed to surprise a few when she decided to move to another network. By this time, her career needed a boost. Hence, her new network gave her assignments in their shows. Because her face was familiar, she got attention, and eventually, slipped into oblivion. In short, she’s around but since there’s nothing that controversial in her life, she’s not really talked about…perhaps until now.

Perhaps it is an open secret that no one dared investigate or dare expose because a powerful network insider (NI) is involved. Well, since RD is amiable, it was easy for her to make friends, and she, of course, made acquaintances with NI. She also had common friends with the children of NI. Like a scene from a movie, the children of NI got wind that something was going on between NI and RD. They told their mother of the alleged affair. The mother (wife of NI) went to see RD and confronted her without investigating on the matter. RD got slapped by the wife of NI. She is also demanding that the network should not give any assignments to RD.

Does RD and NI really have a secret affair? Will the wife succeed in her adamant demand? If there is really something going on between RD and NI, will they dare continue with their tryst? Of course, any scandal of this sort will definitely affect the image of the network, and its publicists will immediately kill this issue. Who do you think are RD and NI?

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Who Wore It Better: Bianca Manalo vs. Tim Yap

'PSY' Gangnam x AMALAYER Remix by DJ Brian Cua

More Value, More Life with Watsons

There are many things we value in life. We value our family, health, relationships and ourselves. Whatever you value, Watsons values you. That’s why Watsons brings you great value offers so you can get more out of life.

See how these personalities share what they value & how they found great value in Watsons.

A Mother’s Unconditional Love

Watsons newest ambassador & celebrity mom Christine Jacob-Sandejas quips, “My family is really my life. It gives me joy to take care of my husband and five kids – keeping all of us healthy is a top priority. It’s a reality though that healthcare is rather expensive especially with a fairly big family such as ours. It’s good to know that we now have more choices when it comes to branded and generic medicines like what Watsons is offering.”

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When it’s My Turn to Take Care of My Parents

As a Pinoy value of caring for elders, children give time and effort to give back to their parents. As Venus Raj, Miss Universe 2010 runner-up recalls “We were really hard up before. When we were kids my mom would do multiple jobs to support our family. And Nanay has been there for us all the time - raising us and keeping us in good health. Pipilitin nya kami to drink our medicines as required - on time and after meals. Now that I am able to provide for her, I make sure she gets the best care possible especially with her maintenance medications. I value my mom’s health that’s why I want her to live a longer life and have more time with our family. Ako naman ang mag-aalaga sa kanya.”

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Busy as a bee, Venus says, “Since I became Ms. Universe runner-up, life has never been the same. I got more than what I prayed and worked hard for. And now sabi ko sa sarili ko, no matter what I do, I would still think that there is no limit to what I can achieve. And dami ko pang gustong gawin at ma-achieve for me and my family kaya I really have to take care of myself.”

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Actress Strikes Anywhere

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After a string of controversial affairs, this lovely actress (LA) has decided to keep her encounters as quietly and as low key as possible. Recently LA embarked on a new advocacy and took concrete steps to create awareness for it. Thus, she would organize and join out -of -town trips. Of course, LA had noble intentions for her new cause and she even invited her friends to join in her activities.

Although her intentions are good, LA has another agenda. Her recent trips have become excuses to invite a good looking fellow (LF). In one trip together, they explored each other’s environment. LA and LF disappeared from their group and embarked on their own adventure. An hour or so after, unknown to LA and LF, they were seen leaving a villa together. But before leaving the place, while standing in front of the villa, LA was seen wiping her privates, and throwing the used tissue into the garbage bin. Ewww. Isn't it such a turnoff for someone of her stature to do something so personal in public view? Not only that, isn't she supposed to wash and soap herself after doing it? So unhygienic to just wipe! Ewww!

In the second incident, LF came to visit her on the set of her taping. Suddenly, LA asked her driver to buy something. She then entertained LF by letting him into her vehicle. In a few minutes, the vehicle was seen swaying, a movement similar to that of a kiddie ride - moving and rocking from side to side. Indeed, what an exploratory side trip for both of them! Just proves that LA wants to be properly nurtured wherever she is. And part of her beauty secret is making sure she doesn't miss a "thing"!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

You Are Globally Special

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Reality search winners: aspiring actor AA and his loveteam BB have a huge fanbase FB overseas who have supported them since they were still in the competition. This FB had been aggressive in their activities to show AA and BB just how they are loved. Unfortunately, AA was not really welcoming to the idea to have this huge FB around him all the time. People close to him say AA feels suffocated by them and their demands especially during interactions in social media like twitter. And AA certainly walked his talk by snubbing their first ever "get-together."

Although hurt from that snub, it didn't take awhile before FB organized another big get-together. They communicated all their concerns to AA and BB about this. But again, FB felt that the idea was not a sound and welcome one for AA. Yet again, he ditched his fans the second time. FB claimed too much damage resulted from that because some global fans from US, UAE. Singapore and Taiwan were already booked to see the loveteam but AA chose not to come, even though the handler did agree that AA was coming. FB claimed that AA was arrogantly ignoring his fans even on twitter. And blocking them if he saw some criticism directed at him.

But there were also talks that camp of AA and BB have sent advance notice two weeks ahead that they can't make it to the event so that FB's will have ample time to change their plans. BB said that she had prior commitment on that gtg day. But FB would have none of those.

Apparently, FB's finally decided to give up on the loveteam of AA and BB, to AA in particular, as they see the futility of all their efforts to support him. They contend that they supported him for so long inspite of his lack of talent, and had been very understanding of him amidst all his shortcomings to FB. But they say that AA's arrogance and ill treatment of them were always his way of returning the favor.

Until, AA's management decided to come into the picture to mediate and appease FB's feelings. As a result, AA made it to the get-together --- at the 11th hour, so to speak. But no matter what, the gesture kind of softened FB.

On the other hand, in the spirit of fairness, some people ask: Just how far should fans/supporters get involved in their idols' lives and career. Is there a parameter as far as the relationship between the two is concerned? It's true that fans spend good money to show their love and support, even sacrificing family time for their idols, among many others. But how far should they go? Some say there are fans who go overboard and make unreasonable demands to the stars, even abusing the use of social media to "harass and bash" their idols if their desires are not met. Some celebrities also complain of being targets of fans who turn bashers when requests are not granted. Have fans really evolved and now have the ultimate right to dictate at their own terms? Should celebrities give in and be threatened by these?

Again, when do we really draw the line?

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Merry Christmas from Coca-Cola

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tired or Swell-headed?

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Is young actress (YA) getting swell-headed this early? YA reportedly walked out of the set of her latest project. The production team PT was surprised, YA reasoned out that she was already tired. Of course,  PT could not just accept this because they have been working a lot longer than YA, yet they have to be professionally committed to the finish. Doesn't YA know that any disruptions in the set incur additional costs on PT's part or the crew won't get paid? Many have noticed that ever since her boyfriend (BF) publicly admitted that they are together, YA seemed to have changed.

YA ought to know humility and that anything she does - good or bad, will most likely be linked to her bf. In case she has no history, BF has always kept his relationship low profile. Except for a leaked kissing photo, he is private with his lovelife. Moreover, he is already established and her presence in his life does not really add up to anything. In contrast, being his girlfriend increases her value, so to speak.

Another issue is that despite her years in the network and good projects, YA still has not achieved the status compared with the other homegrown talents of the network. Her launching series only did fairly, and her recent project did better but this series can not be entirely credited to her as it had a commendable set of actors on its roster and was aired on primetime. Perhaps she should rethink where her career is going. YA has yet to cultivate a certain image to standout amongst her peers to make her a bankable star. And talks of her unprofessionalism is certainly not the vehicle to get there.

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