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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Just a Major Problem

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She has been called a lot of names, including the harshest: that of allegedly being a desperate social climber with loose morals. But Controversial Personality CP, the epitome of strength amid crisis, endured and survived it all. She has to, after all she and her family had to survive.

When Her Ward HW got into showbiz, CP made sure that HW would enter with a big bang, as in she would be talked about everywhere endlessly. Whatever amount of negativity her family had, CP strived to delete and sanitized all of it, thereby projecting an image of wealth and upper class privilege.  

Showbiz watchers remark that the hard life CP once had contributed a great deal to the strength of character and ambitious nature she now has. She is certainly astute as astute can be and an expert at life, including smart strategizing to benefit her interest.

Lately, CP has been reportedly so stressed out with a forthcoming occasion in the family – the  much Awaited Event AE for HW. CP wants AE to be the biggest among all and would stop at nothing to make it colossal and grandiose. Critics lambast CP for overdoing things for HW’s AE when she (HW) isn’t even a big star to begin with. But CP doesn’t give a damn, reportedly, she wants HW’s AE to end all AE’s – that’s how determined she is.

But unfortunately, things don’t seem to go her way. Reportedly, CP went to the office of a Network Executive NE to talk to her to have a TV Special for AE. The request  was allegedly not finalized as NE was non-committal,  saying that a TV Special would be too expensive to mount at that point. Apparently, CP wanted AE televised much like how it was with another star’s. Indeed, how can she show off to the world her ward’s fabulous AE if it will not be televised?

“Rich” problems – anyone?

Nothing is so unpalatable to arrogant people as to meet with scorn where they expected an unqualified admission of superiority. ~ Charles William Day

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Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Joross and Katz Gamboa

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Should You Kill That Joy and Funky Feeling

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One of Young Starlet actor YS’ aces when he entered showbiz was his physical looks. YS stands out in a crowd of equally handsome stars and can effortlessly give them a run for their money. It was no wonder that His Network HN included YS in the final line-up of stars who were  being groomed for stardom. Unfortunately, YS seemed unfocused and wasted. HN took the cue and bypassed him.

True enough, not long after, YS was reportedly hooked on substance abuse. At his age, his doses were allegedly way too much, YS was in self-destruction mode. In contrast, his colleague, another young and physically Gifted Actor GA took his career seriously. Being a responsible newbie, HN rewarded him with good projects. GA was and is never lacking in projects – shows, television series and the like.

Some network insiders ‘though believe that GA’s ‘blessings’ could also come from his connection to a high profile Network Benefactor NB. (Uh oh..there they go again). Reportedly, NB is so protective of GA and does everything to make his career shine. This has allegedly made some of NB’s (gay) Colleagues NC jealous of him for his enviable “catch” in GA.   

Meanwhile, YS got loads of unsolicited advice from some network insiders who were teasing him to go the way of GA if he (YS) wants to have a productive career. That way, they said, “he, too, can be safe and protected.”  But the jealous NC were not as convinced.

Allegedly, they reported NB to Their Bosses TB. TB1 who’s directly in charge of its stars passed on the task to TB2 to settle the issues, who in turn told NB to go slow in his ways so as not to attract conflict and antagonize NC.   

Meanwhile, many NC could only shrug their shoulders if NB will ever listen to TB2 who they quip is lacking in credibility. One insider remarked that between NB and TB2, it is the latter who should have long been reprimanded for notoriety. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Ouch!

“ One thing you can't hide - is when you're crippled inside.”  ~ John Lennon

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Take a Peek?

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Times are really changing. What used to be taboo many years ago has now become so mundane that you might even be laughed at if you question.

Think girls courting boys. Very young girls getting drunk and going haywire in public. Unescorted corporate women go clubbing to unwind. These days, having young lovers (or playmates) is no longer the domain of DOM’s (dirty old men). They now have their counterparts in the so-called cougars – much older, aggressive and financially independent women who get romantically involved with boys young enough to be their sons or grandsons. To most of these women, it is a status, a validation that they are still as desirable and capable. 

Even the young stars of today display some habits and attitudes that were frowned at during the time of the stars before them.  Presently, the way they conduct themselves in public leaves a lot to be desired. Except for a few, most celebrities no longer care about public perception, as long as they get to enjoy their lives to the fullest – everything is fair game. One of them is High Profile Personality HP.

Owing to his stature, HP knows just how his every move is watched. Not one to care less, he can be brutal for comfort. Lately, there are reports that HP is into a new habit, something that gives him ultimate satisfaction.

Reportedly, when inside a men’s comfort rooms, HP would position himself at a urinal beside a Suspiciously Gay SG person. Once near his ‘prey,’ HP would allegedly tease SG to look at his privates while HP is peeing. One of the SG’s he had done it to was shocked at HP’s boldness and nearly fainted by what he saw.

To some showbiz watchers, HP’s bravura comes as a price for fame. While there are many who manage to retain a grip of normalcy, there are far too many who are being psychologically troubled by destructive fame.

Or the culprit could also be genetics…read between the lines. What do you say, readers?

“He who pursues fame at the risk of losing his self is not a scholar.” ~  Chuang-tzu

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Kia Players Caught Allegedly Involved in Basketball Odds Game

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After all the accolades, head coach Manny Pacquiao will now have to deal with the rumors that all is not well in Kia Sorento, one of the rookie teams in the PBA. With eight games, the team only won one game, and that was against cellar dweller Blackwater Elite.

Analysts have blamed the uneven team talents in the ballclubs as one of the causes of the miserable performance of the new team. Others even pointed out that the head coach has too many responsibilities and distractions. While the assistant coach is not a pushover, he can only do so much as he is not really in a position to implement drastic measures or his own system.

Compounding the woes of the team are rumors that some players were caught allegedly participating in a basketball odds game. For example, if the odds are +10, and the team scores 80 and the opponent scores 85, a bettor wins as 85 is still within the +10 odds. Looking at the scores of the team in the 7 games it had lost, KIA has been giving away an average of more than 15 points to the opposing team. Were some of these players conscious of the outcome of the score? Is this alleged incident another reason why the team, which seems to have a good set of rookies and veterans on paper, is on a slump? For now, measures are being decided as to how to address this issue. Rumors have it that the alleged players might be suspended until the management completes its investigation and passes its verdict.

Several years ago, a highly touted college player lost his chance to play in the pro league because he got involved in a game fixing scandal. Years later, he could no longer revive his basketball career. While so many basketball players apply to the rookie draft yearly, only a few are chosen, and yet, fewer have really established their names in the league. Sadly, some players never learn, and resort to such illegal activities in their professional career.

I think sportsmanship is knowing that it is a game, that we are only as a good as our opponents, and whether you win or lose, to always give 100 percent. – Sue Wicks

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