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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

But He’s Mine

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There was a time when Attractive Actress (AA) was subjected to all sorts of accusations concerning her reasons for choosing her partners. Later, such labels were soon thrown into oblivion when she started being linked to some of the handsome and amiable male actors in the industry. When AA commits herself to a relationship, she gives more than a hundred percent effort, as she wants everything to work smoothly. Unfortunately, these relationships only broke her heart.

Now, AA is taking revenge from all her failed relationships by choosing a Non-Showbiz Partner (NP) who has a certain quality that her previous partners did not possess. Prior to NP, AA can be very generous to her young partners to the point that she was no longer aware that she was almost emptying her pockets. While these could be called investments for love, AA made the wrong investments. Her relationships did not work out.

Never count AA out, by the way. A woman like AA can bounce back and men would always find her attractive. Thus, attraction and love will always find a way. Sometime ago, AA was spotted with NP, which caused a bit of a stir. First, NP was not from the industry, and second, NP was not as par as the previous partners of AA in terms of looks. By contrast, a few clicks here and there revealed that NP is successful in his field, and therefore, has more financial resources at his disposal.

This time, things have changed. Instead of spending for her partners, AA is now showered with gifts, as NP’s way of showing his appreciation and love for her. AA is flattered at the attention and gifts, too. Finally, AA is feeling how much someone cares for her. Incidentally, given that NP is a well-off man, AA is being haunted by a very old accusation, which is her being quite materialistic.

Regardless of the circumstances, AA is probably realizing that love indeed has a practical value and now, she wants to be at the receiving end. Besides, who needs young good-looking partners who cannot provide in the way a not so handsome man can and whose pockets are way too deep.

‘Materialism coarsens and petrifies everything, making everything vulgar, and every truth false.’ -Henri Frederic Amiel

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Liza Soberano is the New Darna

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Finally, the choice has been made. If all goes according to plan, Liza Soberano will be flying as Darna according to sources.

After Angel Locsin made the painful decision to give up on the role due to health concerns, the hunt for the actress for the role began. Several names came up, such as Kathryn Bernardo, Jessy Mendiola, Yassi Pressman, and Nadine Lustre. Even Pia Wurtzbach was a favorite among fans, but the former Ms. Universe had to forego the opportunity.

The role of Darna propelled Locsin into becoming a household name when she was still in GMA. Soberano now joins the ranks of Rosa del Rosario, Vilma Santos, Anjanette Abayari, Nanette Medved, Angel Locsin, and others who breathed life into the role of the Filipina hero.

Now, the roles of Ding, Efren, and Valentina are now up for an exciting search.

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Repost: Friendship of Jed Madela and Darren Espanto Affected by Rumors

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Jed Madela admitted that his friendship with Darren Espanto has been affected after some people put malice into their closeness.

In an interview on Sunday, Madela said things are no longer the same between them and he is saddened that it had to be this way.

“I’ve always been a kuya to Darren ever since he started. Ngayon na he is already finding his spot in the industry, I can’t help but be very proud of him. And for these people to come to the limelight and bash and give meaning, nakakasakit ng damdamin,” he said.

“In all honesty, ngayon, hindi kami masyadong okay. We just say ‘hi, hello,’ unlike before. I try to protect the kid. Kung iba-bash ninyo ako, okay lang. Pero kapag siya na or 'yung ibang kaibigan ko, mas lalo akong nasasaktan. Ako, naha-handle ko,” he added.

Although they still communicate with each other through text, Madela said things could have been better if only people weren’t malicious.

“Kapag maraming tao, we are kind of awkward. Hindi lang sa kanya. It’s more of kung sino ang mga na-intriga sa akin. It kind of become awkward na ‘hi, hello,’ alis. Ganun na lang. Wala ng harutan, wala ng lokohan. It’s pretty sad but that’s how the industry works,” he said.

Despite this, Madela is hoping things will go back to normal.

“Hopefully. Kanina nga we were talking, we were goofing around sa backstage sa dressing room. Pero nandoon pa rin 'yung pagka-awkward na baka may makakita na naman, may mag-picture tapos 'yung picture, bibigyan na naman ng kulay. It’s very disappointing and frustrating,” he said.

For Madela, he would rather be hurt than any of his friends because he is certain that he can handle all the bashing.

“I’m a very private person and I try to protect and value my privacy, especially my friends. For them to get bashed just because I’m their friend is very painful for me. Minsan, ako na lang, I try to keep it to myself and tell them, ‘Sige lang, go lang, okay lang ako,’” he said.

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Repost: Daniel Matsunaga Ready to be Friends with Erich Gonzales

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Months after his much-publicized breakup with Erich Gonzales, Daniel Matsunaga said he is ready to be friends with his former girlfriend again and that he has already moved on.

In an interview at the sidelines of Star Magic’s silver anniversary celebration on Sunday, Matsunaga said he and Gonzales are now civil with each other. In fact, Matsunaga crossed paths with the actress at the Araneta Coliseum during rehearsals.

“I am willing to be friends. Kahapon nagkita kami dito, I said hi to her. We just need to give it time. Hindi usap-usap, pero we said hi naman,” he said.

Matsunaga emphasized he harbors no ill feelings towards Gonzales and that he still has a huge respect for the actress and her family.

Asked how he felt that his sister was likewise dragged into their breakup, Matusunaga said: “Siyempre, family will always be family. Her family will protect her. My family will protect me. At the end of the day, it became big, I don’t know why, but the respect is always there.”

What matters most, according to Matsunaga, is the fact that he and Gonzales were given the chance to speak to each other after their split.

“We spoke even after that. Everything is fine. That issue is already done. It’s been a few months. I don’t want things to go out of control again. I have a huge respect for Erich. I have moved on already,” he said.

Matsunaga said he will also be happy for his ex-girlfriend if ever Gonzales finally decides to date again.

“It’s okay. I just hope she’s happy. I just really hope she’s happy with everything that’s going on in her life. She seems happy and that’s good. I am really happy for her. From the bottom of my heart, I just want the best for her,” he siad.

Matsunaga, however, maintains that he is not yet ready to be in a new relationship.

“I don’t look for anybody. I have faith that God will give me the right one. I’ve been waiting for that. Right now, focused lang ako sa work. Work muna and kung may isang babae in the future, God knows best,” he said.

He also belied rumors romantically linking him to his fellow “I Can Do That” contestant, actress Arci Munoz.

“No, we are friends. We are very good friends. Lahat kami sa ‘I Can Do That,’ we are one big family. Every time may taping kami or may rehearsals, nandoon kaming lahat. We also try to go somewhere and have dinner, go out, para masaya yung bonding and everything,” he said.

When directly asked if he is courting Munoz, Matsunaga replied: “Siguro dahil sa mga acts namin, sabi nila bagay kasi maganda 'yung acts [sa show]. Single siya, single din ako pero sa ngayon, friends lang kami.”

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Monday, May 22, 2017

The Missing Passion

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Often, even the most successful figures can have personal issues that ordinary folks would find hard to believe to be happening. Fame, fortune, and friends in right places are all but external forces that do not truthfully protect one’s fight with his/her internal struggles. While others would dismiss internal struggles as trivial, for others, facing such issues that could sometimes worsen into paranoia has to be addressed.

When Important Talent (IT) has to deal with issues, the decision was between one's personal circumstance and that of pleasing people, which was part of the job description. While the profession seems to be gaining ground and should make IT secure, stories that revolve around family matters have become bothersome. One of these stories has led to IT thinking of Busy Lover (BL).

Allegedly, nights with BL have been cold, which caused doubts on the part of IT. IT tried to spice things up, but still, nothing happened. The passion was not there anymore, or so it seems. Thus, doubts set in and stories of affairs once again resurfaced in the thinking of IT.

Instead of helping IT thresh out assumptions, a friend fed a rumor linking BL to a staff in a nearby office. Thinking of the probability that BL was unfaithful and the lack of physical intimacy were the last of the straws that were about to break IT's back.

Before things could worsen, IT chose to deal with the situation in the most diplomatic manner. IT set priorities that need to be fulfilled in the days to come. As to the relationship IT shares with BL, much has to be deciphered as allegations of a third party have yet to be proven.

‘Life is full of confusion. Confusion of love, passion, and romance. Confusion of family and friends. Confusion with life itself. What path we take, what turns we make. How we roll our dice.’ - Matthew Underwood

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Imagination Takes Flight at the Barbie Dreamtopia Journey!

This year, Barbie continues to amaze all girl dreamers through an enchanting play time in a world full of rainbow mermaids, sparkle princesses, magical unicorns (or rather unicones!) and all sorts of dreamy colors at Barbie Dreamtopia.

Take your kids imagination up a notch with its newest line. Let your child join Chelsea on a magical ride with the Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Dreamboat and explore the four whimsical lands of Dreamtopia. The colorful little wings flap and the cotton-candy-looking air balloon spins as you roll the vehicle over! With pink clouds, bright colors and butterflies, the Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Dreamboat is dreamy to watch again and again.

Let’s add more fun to it with Barbie Dreamtopia Bubbletastic Fairy that fills the entire kingdom with its colorful bubbles. The doll was made extra magical because of its butterfly-shaped wings that can make bubbles! Just dip the doll’s wings into the bubble solution that’s included in the doll set, pull her ribbon wings and watch as the fan connected to the wings spin. Now you can turn any place truly magical!

Get to experience the Dreamtopia magic with us, as Richprime Global Inc. in partnership with Toy Kingdom bring you, Barbie Dreamtopia Journey this May 27 to 28 at the Main Mall Atrium of SM Mall of Asia! Sweet colorful surprises await you on our Dreamtopia-inspired activities. Join forces with your daughter and find as many striped bubble balls at the Bubbletastic Find booth. Play toss game with a twist at Feed the Strawberry Bear, grab your magical fishing rod at the Wispy Wishing booth, have a colorful ride at the Rainbow Run, make your own unicorn head piece at our DIY workshop and a lot more! Earn points per each activity and bring home exciting prizes and freebies.

What’s more exciting than being a model for a day with your mom, dad, or fellow friend? Join the Mom-And-Me Twinning Fashion Show on May 28 and strut the magical runway when you come in your best Dreamtopia-inspired twinning and matching costume! Program will officially start at 2:30 pm. Don’t miss out on this enchanting day with us and always believe that with Barbie, you can be anything!

To know more details about the event, visit now or you can visit Barbie's official Facebook page at Check out Barbie’s newest products, exciting offers and exclusive promos in all leading toy stores and department stores nationwide.

FB Scoop: Female Student Allegedly Harassed by Jason Abalos Clarifies Reason for Expose, Reveals Other Females Who Suffered Similar Fate

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Note: Fashion PULIS welcomes the side of Kapamilya actor, Jason Abalos, on this matter. Contact information:


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