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Friday, October 20, 2017

Getting Killed Too Early

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Sometime ago, Eager Personality (EP) was quite excited as she was finally fulfilling her lifelong dream of joining showbiz. With the support of her family, EP was bound to be part of the next group of talents waiting to be made into stars by a network. EP took advantage of the opportunity to show what she was made of. Eventually, EP gained a following and even has her various fan groups. She was given projects and even a significant part in a movie. However, EP was not alone, as she was paired off with Cute Boy (CB).

Although rumors have it that EP originally was attracted to Other Handsome (OH), he was already set for Talented Newbie (TN). Thus, EP had to be with CB, as per decision of management. As newcomers, EP and CB had no choice but make the most of their loveteam, which was well received by fans as well. The management booked EP and CB in various shows and possible endorsements. However, something seemed off.

Recently, in a fan meet, their followers noticed that EP and CB were uncomfortable with each other, and suspicions of something being wrong spread as the gathering was cut short. Some even believe that EP and CB seemed emotional. According to the grapevine, the loveteam of EP and CB was headed for termination. The management has decided to separate the two and find new partners for them. As per practice, newcomers are usually paired off into loveteams to develop their following and make them more viable.

Allegedly, the parties of EP and CB have a rift between them, which has prompted the camp of EP refusing to talk to the camp of CB. The misunderstanding then took its toll on the plan of the management of the two, as the parties became uncooperative. Hence, future appearances of EP and CB as well as their potential endorsements are all going down the drain. Rumors even indicate that CB will not be invited to any event of EP, especially the ones her party actually produced and sponsored. Hence, it’s back to square one for a loveteam partner for EP.

With this scenario of being difficult to deal with, the network might just give more support to OH and TN, as there seems to be no rumor of their parties giving any headache to the management. Perhaps, the parties of EP and CB should be reminded that succeeding in their network requires full cooperation with management, which will not bother with difficult talents. For every one talent who is given a break, many are just in the wings waiting for their turn.

‘Anyone who imagines they can work alone winds up surrounded by nothing but rivals, without companions. The fact is, no one ascends alone.’ ― Lance Armstrong

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How Emotional is a Man?

We are humans and we are created to be emotional beings. Our thoughts and feelings are important in the process of our day to day lives and sometimes, we neglect acknowledging it or most of the time, do not give it much thought. A study showed that everyone of us here on earth are emotional human beings at one way or another, although there’s a little percentage of men being emotional. It’s not that they don’t feel things, they just don’t show it. 

That’s why, men are more at risk for having cardiovascular diseases as they don’t show their emotions as often as they should.

  • If you’re sad, just be sad until you get over it.
  • If you’re happy, show it. Burst into laughter and clap.
  • If you feel like crying, do it. Crying doesn’t make you any lesser of a man. It’s even a brave gesture if you ask me. 
  • Enjoy yourself. No matter how old you are, you still have the right to enjoy yourself, meet your sexual and reproductive health needs.

Speaking of sexual needs, in connection to emotions—if your basic sexual needs as a man are met, your emotional health is at its peak as well. So in a nutshell, make sure you strive to acknowledge your emotion and meet your sexual needs no matter what.

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This will help make your emotional well-being healthy and stable!

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Just Cut It Out

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With the uncertainty if the top actor of a network will be resuming his career, speculations are being whispered on the next hopeful the network might support to fill the void. Apparently, observers are placing hopes on Promising Talent (PT) to be the next fresh face that would measure up to the standards set.

So far, the projects of PT are doing well in terms of box-office returns and praises coming from critics and netizens. Undoubtedly, the network has a potential star in PT, who has been given roles under the helm of the best directors and best scripts. Fans adore PT given his boyish looks and his kind image in social media, which has witnessed his thoughtfulness and other.

However, when the cameras are off and the press people are not around, PT behaves differently. People have observed that PT has become arrogant and unpleasant in dealing with coworkers. It’s not merely in the way he speaks, but actions do speak louder than words. Although the cast comprises top actors, certain practices on the set have to be respected. Unfortunately, PT has opted to skip such practices. PT has been refusing to spend lull time to throw lines with actors he will be appearing with in the scenes. Throwing lines is a form of rehearsal that would prepare the actors for their scenes. Obviously, if actors were ready with lines, the taping would go smoothly.

That’s not all. PT has an unhealthy habit that cannot be shown in public. Thus, if photos showing him smoking would leak, his image might be affected and endorsements will have to think twice or drop him. It’s one story to be smoking, but it’s worse if one smokes even in the presence of people who do not want to smell or inhale the smoke. Allegedly, PT would not bother to control his habit even in front of his co-stars. Imagine the smell and the second hand smoke those around him would endure.

Well, one thing that propelled the top actors of the network to stardom is their attitude and discretion. Most of these actors have made sure that their image would remain clean and they have learned that once social media gets wind of their irrational behavior, their career can be affected, and the management can only do so much damage control. As PT is still relatively new, perhaps his behavior should already be checked as early as now.

‘To become a better you, never let the attitude of pride linger around your ambitions.’ ― Israelmore Ayivor

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