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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Enduring His Snappish Behavior

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Although he is quite talented, Baffling Performer (BP) can be such a whiner and irksome when it comes to his off cam behavior. While BP has been in the business for many years, he has not attained the status of his colleagues who have reached higher grounds when it comes to performing in the international scene. A few years ago, BP found himself leaving his former management and raising his issues in public. However, he soon realized that if he continued to show discontent publicly, his career could suddenly halt, as his former management is very influential in the circle. Thus, BP made peace with his former management and moved on.

Part of his career is the usual out of town concert, which also serves to widen his mass appeal. However, his boyish charm in front of the cameras is the exact opposite of how he could be when he complains. In an out of town gig, BP was heard raising his voice as to why he had to stay in a not so classy hotel, while his colleague was billeted in more comfortable accommodations. His ranting was futile, as the timing of his presence in the locality coincided with festivities, and thus, all hotels were overbooked.

To make matters worse for the staff who had to listen to his complaints, BP requested for his room to have a pleasant smell. Thus, the staff had to produce the air freshener immediately. As soon as BP got hold of it, he sprayed and sprayed every nook of his room, where he was actually just staying for the night. As his performance was within minutes, BP was said to be practicing his songs with all his might with every pressing of the spray button. (Perhaps, he did some dance moves as well.)

Given this behavior, people who heard the story could not believe he could be so meticulous to an extent, which really make them doubt as to the veracity of BP’s relationship with the opposite gender.

Complaining not only ruins everybody else's day, it ruins the complainer's day, too. The more we complain, the more unhappy we get. -- Dennis Prager

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Is She Not Thankful for His Love?

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The Bitchy One BO and her Leading Actor LA, together with their co-stars  were in a city for some work and recreation. Expectedly, BO and LA were deluged by Excited Fans EF wherever they were - while performing in their shows, while shopping, eating at restaurants, etc. Some of these EF came from different parts of the city and got in touch with BO. They wanted to visit her at the hotel to bring her some gifts aka ‘pasalubong.’

Unfortunately, on the night that EF were supposed to see BO at the hotel, they arrived a bit late, around 10 o’clock, as most of them had travelled long distance. They were at the lobby when they decided to phone BO in her room to say that they had already arrived. BO begged off from seeing the EF and reasoned out that she was already tired and not feeling 100 percent. She  thus instructed them to leave the goodies at the hotel’s concierge.

EF were so disappointed. As they were about to go to the concierge, they saw LA who seemed intoxicated and was smiling at them. EF were ecstatic as LA was so cool and accommodating. Feeling so lucky, they grabbed every opportunity and took a good number of photos with the ever smiling LA. As a gratitude to him, EF gave him all the goodies - boxes and boxes of chocolates, stuffed toys, shirts – all those that were supposedly meant for BO. They even told LA to give some of the stuff to his special girl.

The next morning, BO instructed concierge to bring the stuff to her room. Concierge remarked  that nothing was endorsed to them. BO was surprised.

At the airport  on their departure for Manila, LA had to hand carry several goodies - something that caught BO’s eyes. BO asked LA where he had gone shopping to buy those stuff. LA replied in the negative and said that some thoughtful fans waited for him at the hotel lobby and gave the gifts to him.

BO kept quiet, but deep inside she knew those were for her. So funny.
Apparently BO wasn't really feeling100 percent that night even if her bf followed her to the city. Turned out, she thought bf would finally propose, but for the nth time, he didn't. Such an elusive dream. Ouch!

“ We want something desperately and we try to force the God to give it up before it is ready. We want everything now. That is the devouring self. “

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