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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just Rare and Delightful Cherry for Picking

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Celebrities or not, most sexy women desire to be featured in sexy men’s magazines. For them, it is a benchmark, the ultimate gauge that they have finally arrived as stars, as sexy stars, that is. With the sexual nature of the photograph and just the bare essentials covered, it is labeled as flirty and inviting to its mostly macho readership. Nonetheless, it is still deemed as decent and acceptable – depending on who’s looking.

Certainly, the impact and reach of the magazine is a big consideration to most female stars before they agree to bare those well-toned bodies. The popularity of a magazine definitely spells the big difference.

The star’s excitement gets more fired up when she is featured as the magazine’s cover for this will ultimately open more doors of opportunities and bonanza.

However, some sexy stars have other agenda other than good exposure. Reportedly, others use the exposure to boost and enhance their celebrity status for the benefit of their “other” profession – if you get the drift. They feel empowered to do transactions with their clients on their own terms.

This was what this svelte and liberated model/writer/artist LM had in mind when she decided to pose for the cover of a sexy magazine. LM’s provocative poses reportedly generated more interest from clients who were mostly politicians. LM used this to her advantage and raised her fee to whoever was willing to pay 6-figure per transaction. Yes, indeed!

And here’s another catch: The partner TP of a prominent media personality MP is a new client of LM. TP who holds a public position is reportedly so smitten by LM that when MP went abroad recently, he booked LM immediately. Such that for several days, TP and LM became passionate playmates - playing with fire with great abandon.

"The young are permanently in a state resembling intoxication."~ Aristotle

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Sen. Jinggoy Estrada Defends Himself from Janet Napoles Scandal

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Sen. Jinggoy Estrada on Thursday said he will not be surprised if businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles implicates him in the P10 billion pork barrel scam.

In an interview, Estrada said Napoles, the alleged mastermind in the P10 billion pork barrel scam, might be coached on what to say in the scandal.

"I'm not saying that she will be used. But there are chances since she is already in government custody. As I mentioned earlier, some unscrupulous elements might just put words into her mouth," he said following Napoles' surrender to President Aquino.

He refused to say who these "elements" are who would coach Napoles.

He also said he will not be surprised if Napoles links him to the scam now that she is in government custody.

"Of course. Ang mahirap dito, we politicians, they are picturing us as thieves already... Ang pine-present sa media, yung NGOs na bogus na inaakala nila na merong cut ang legislators. Ako, I can prove that," he said.

He also said other opposition lawmakers might also be linked to the scam. "That's trending right now. WelI, I hope not. I'm just hoping and praying that she would tell the truth, nothing but the truth. Because if she will tell the truth, I have nothing to hide."

Estrada refused to comment on allegations that Napoles' surrender to President Aquino Wednesday night was scripted. He said he still believes in the sincerity of the President, saying it is up to the people to decide if the surrender was scripted.

Napoles has been accused of setting up fake non-government organizations to pocket pork barrel funds from certain lawmakers, who in turn allegedly got huge cuts from the deal with the businesswoman.

A Commission on Audit report earlier showed Estrada and 2 other senators regularly gave millions of pesos in pork barrel funds to NGOs controlled by Napoles. The report showed that several NGOs linked to Napoles received P1.23 billion from Estrada, Sen. Bong Revilla and Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile from 2007 to 2009.

Estrada earlier said lawmakers have no responsibility to verify if NGOs that receive their pork barrel funds are legitimate.

He said it is the Department of Agriculture's job to check NGOs receiving pork barrel funds.

"It is not up to the senators to determine whether an NGO is bogus or not," he told reporters.

"Alangan naman na kami pa ang magsasabi na, 'Uy, bogus 'yan.' How will we know?" Estrada added that lawmakers only endorse NGOs, and that they do so in good faith.

He said he himself he himself would like to get to the bottom of the P10-billion pork barrel scam, despite being implicated in it.

He also confirmed that Napoles was his "acquaintance" after they met during parents' meetings in school. He said his daughter and Napoles' nephew were classmates.

He clarified that he never had business dealings with Napoles and did not know if the priority development assistance fund (PDAF) endorsements he signed before were actually for her.

"I wouldn't have known," he said.

'Whistle-blowers should take priority'

For his part, Senate Majority Floor Leader Alan Peter Cayetano said he would rather listen to the testimony of the other whistle-blowers first before hearing what Napoles has to say.

He said the whistle-blowers in the scam have more credibility than Napoles.

Cayetano said he sees nothing wrong with Napoles' surrender to President Aquino, saying that he does not see how this could lead to "selective testimony" from her.

He refused to criticize the alleged special treatment given Napoles during her surrender but noted that she should go to an ordinary jail and treated like an ordinary Filipino.

He said Napoles could be place in a separate cell if there are threats to her life.

The senator urged Napoles to tell all about the scam, noting that the truth is her only protection. She said Napoles should execute an affidavit about the workings of the P10 billion pork barrel scam.

"Habang siya lang ang nakaaalam ng impormasyon na alam niya, magpapatuloy ang threat sa kanyang buhay," he said.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Going For a Young Toyboy

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Money changes people. From someone who struggled from one live performance to another before he became famous, Notorious Talent (NT) has a reputation about how he would splurge with his hard-earned money on people he is with. NT was even rumored to have sponsored the holiday of the entire group of people just so he could be near his alleged love interest.

As time passed and amid the intrigues, NT remains resilient. However, NT had to lie low on his love life. The family of his alleged partner then was surprised when he greeted NT. After a few weeks, rumors had it that their alleged relationship was over. Then, NT was linked to other male performers, but none was as intriguing as the previous one.

Recently, NT found out from other gays that a former reality show contestant (SC) was engaged in certain services aka booking. Allegedly, SC has been doing his trade in a province north of Manila before he went on live TV. While in the reality show, SC was involved in several “shocking” incidents with his fellow contestants. Since NT probably found SC cute and enticing, he offered SC an exclusive contract. So, is SC the new toyboy of NT?

It's pretty hard to tell what does bring happiness; poverty and wealth have both failed. -Kin Hubbard

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Sarah Geronimo Rehearsal Video with Teacher Georcelle

Nadine Samonte is Engaged to Richard Chua


Will Nadine Samonte be the next showbiz bride after Shamcey Supsup, who is marrying her Fil-Chinese boyfriend in December?

The answer could be yes. The star of TV5’s upcoming series “The Gift” was wearing an engagement ring when she attended the new show’s story conference on Thursday, August 29 at Sequoia Hotel in Quezon City.

Nadine admitted that her businessman-fiance Richard Chua surprised her by presenting the ring last July, when he knelt before her, and asked, “Will you marry me?” while a video was recording the big occasion.

The proposal

Richard chose Sofitel Hotel as the setting of his proposal, and the scenic Manila Bay as backdrop.

Nadine recalls, “May papanoorin kami – yung ‘Dirty Dancing’ sa CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) pero hindi ko alam na hindi natuloy. So nagpunta kami sa Sofitel for coffee. With us were my mom, brother ko and his mom. Nagkayayaan kaming lumabas kami sa pool area.”

To Nadine’s surprise, Richard took out a video camera and trained it on her. When she asked what it was all about, Richard told her he just wanted to take videos.

Turns out he was preparing the video for the big event leading to the proposal by Manila Bay.

“Tinanong niya ako, ‘How much do you love me?’ So sabi ko ‘I love you so much!’ Then he asked me to take a video of him. He asked me to ask him how much I love him. Ang sagot niya, ‘More than anything else in the world.”

Then, it happened. Nadine recounted how flustered Richard looked when he asked Nadine, “Pag may binigay ako sayo, may surprise ako.”

Without warning, Richard dropped to his knees and popped the question.

Nadine's reaction

Unlike other girls, Nadine didn’t cry. She was even amused.

“Hindi ko mainintidihan ang reaction ko. Natawa ako kasi yung singsing baligtad. It’s so funny! So sinasabi ko sa kanya, ‘Seryoso ka ba?”

That’s how Nadine started wearing the ring which has never left her finger since.

“Kailangan parati kong suot ito.”

Getting engaged was so unexpected for Nadine, who said in one interview that she doesn’t want to invest her time in the wrong man – until Richard came along.

“We have the same taste – in movies and music.

Magkaugali kami. I have this gut feel that he’s the one.”

Twelve-year gap

The 12-year age gap between her and her 36-year-old fiance doesn’t scare Nadine a bit.

“He’s more mature, mas stable na. Ako ang baby.”

Richard coined the word ‘Bubu’ as their term of endearment.

“Bu means love, so it means love, love,” Nadine explains.

The sparkle in her eyes tell the rest of the story.

Question: What Can You Say about Catherine Zeta - Jones and Michael Douglas' Break-Up After 13 Years of Marriage?


Hollywood A-listers Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, one of Tinseltown's most high-profile couples, have decided to split, at least for a while, their publicists said Wednesday, August 28.

The pair have had a rough few years health-wise, and Douglas, 68, made headlines earlier this year with comments to a newspaper about oral sex that reportedly left his glamorous British wife, 43, feeling embarrassed.

American star Douglas and Zeta-Jones -- both Academy Award winners -- have been married 13 years and they have two children, Dylan, 13, and Carys, who is 10.

They decided to live apart after Douglas returned from the Cannes Film Festival in May, shortly after his wife checked in for a second round of treatment for bipolar disorder, People magazine reported.

"Michael and Catherine are taking some time apart to evaluate and work on their marriage. There is no further comment," Douglas spokesman Allen Burry told AFP, confirming the cover story in the latest issue of People.

A spokeswoman for Zeta-Jones, Cece Yorke, issued an almost identical statement, without elaborating.

Neither star has filed for divorce or legal separation, according to People, which featured the couple of its cover with the headline: "Their Marriage Crumbles."

"Michael and Catherine love each other very much, (but) they're taking a break," a close confidant told the magazine, adding: "No legal people are involved whatsoever."

The movie star couple have not been photographed together since April, appearing on red carpets solo and vacationing separately.

They have faced a tumultuous few years, with Douglas fighting off throat cancer and Zeta-Jones undergoing treatment for bipolar disorder.

Then Douglas made waves in June when he attributed his throat cancer to the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV), saying he caught it by performing oral sex. He later backtracked, saying he did not know what caused his cancer.

Zeta-Jones found her husband's comments "embarrassing," and was upset he didn't clarify that he was exposed to the virus before the couple met, according to a long-time friend cited by People.

She was also angry that he revealed she was coming home from bipolar treatment, which she wanted to keep private. "Things went downhill from there," the friend told Hollywood's celebrity bible, adding: "The stress has taken a toll on their marriage."

Douglas has also been stressed by his son Cameron's jailing for drug dealing. "He loves Catherine, but she has her own issues .. it's sad," said a friend.

Zeta-Jones and Douglas married in 2000 in a lavish and star-studded wedding in New York. His contentious divorce from his first wife Diandra Luker reportedly cost him more than $45 million. He and Zeta-Jones have a pre-nuptial agreement, according to People.

The Welsh actress won an Academy Award in 2003 for her supporting role in "Chicago" and has appeared in films such as "Traffic" and "Ocean's Twelve."

Douglas is an actor and producer who has won two Oscars and four Golden Globes in a career spanning more than four decades. His most well known films include 1987's "Fatal Attraction" and "Basic Instinct" in 1992.

More recently he reprised his Oscar-winning 1987 "Wall Street" role as ruthless stockbroker Gordon Gekko, in 2010's "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps."

This year the veteran actor, son of Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas, was widely praised for playing flamboyant entertainer Liberace in the biopic "Behind the Candelabra," co-starring with Matt Damon.

People magazine quoted a family friend as saying the couple hoped to work out their differences.

"They want the best for their kids, no matter what happens," said the friend. "I hope they work it out... They were really good together." It is not clear if or when the couple will speak publicly about the announcement. Douglas is due to appear at the Deauville Film Festival, which opens in the northern French seaside resort on Friday.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Her Graceless and Tacky Ways

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As one of the busy talents in her network, Singer Emcee (SE) has been very visible these days. In other words, she has been swamped with so many commitments as a host, actress, and singer. As these activities demand much of her time, she has to decide which to prioritize.

The weekend demands much of the time of SE, and at one point, she could not attend the rehearsals for one of her weekly shows. Instead of cancelling her number, as she was unable to rehearse on her given schedule, she insisted on doing the number.

When she finally had the time to rehearse, she saw two other stunning actresses using the studio to practice their number. True to her form and divaesque attitude, she made the two leave. She told them they were already good dancers and that she had to run through her number. The two actresses had no choice but to adhere to the demand of SE.

Incidentally, are the overflowing commitments of SE a reason why she sometimes has lapses during her live show? At one time, she confidently said the wrong name of one of their guest despite the huge screen that correctly showed the name of the guest. It was good that this guest was witty enough to make the awkward situation into a comedy. Then, SE has been criticized for giving her opinion without really understanding the day’s issue.

We tend to overwork as a means of self-escape, as a way of trying to justify our existence.-―Josef Pieper

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Janet Lim Napoles Surrenders to President Aquino

Fugitive Janet Lim Napoles has surrendered to President Aquino at 9:40 this evening. PNoy has turned over Napoles to the custody of DILG Secretary Mar Roxas and the PNP Director General Alan Purisima.

The alleged brains of the pork barrel scam has been in hiding right after a warrant of arrest had been issued against her for charges of serious illegal detention from the alleged kidnapping of her cousin and former employee, Benhur Luy.

Earlier today, PNoy had put up a P10Million bounty for any information that would lead to Napoles arrest.

Napoles could have sensed danger in her life with the P10Million price tag put on her head.

Her lawyer, Atty. Lorna Kapunan denied knowing where her client was all the time that she was in hiding. However, on a radio interview a few minutes ago, Kapunan said that Napoles brother, Reynald Lim is also set to surrender.

Congresswoman Lani Mercado: I Can't Help Scholars Sans Pork Barrel

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Actress and politician Lani Mercado-Revilla fears that lawmakers being stripped of their pork barrel funds might mean she can no longer give money to scholars and other people who approach her for help.

Mercado-Revilla, who represents the 2nd District of Cavite in the lower House, replied to people in a series of tweets that senators and congressmen use their Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) for social assistance.

"I have to tell 7,000 scholars that without PDAF, I can't help them," she said.

"Nasa menu po ng senador at congressman ang educational assistance, medical assistance, at hospital assistance," she added.

"We give out scholarships to empower people. It is in our menu. Our constituents ask us for medical and burial assistance," she said.

The congresswoman, who is married to Sen. Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr., however said that her statement given to entertainment news site PEP was taken out of context.

She was earlier quoted as saying that "Sige, basta wag lang manghihingi ang mga tao sa amin."

"(Statement) taken at the wrong context," she said on Twitter. "Sorry you are taking me at the wrong context. Alam niyo na kung paano kami tumulong, PDAF or without PDAF."

Mercado-Revilla said details on her PDAF-funded projects are posted online in her Facebook account.

She also asked people to visit her district "to take a feel of what happens in the ground."

According to a Commission on Audit special report, her husband was among top 5 senators who used their pork barrel funds from 2007 to 2009.

Under Annex A of the COA report, Revilla requested use of his pork barrel eight times, with a total of P503.85 million.

Amid public outrage over the alleged misuse of billions of pesos of public funds, President Benigno Aquino has called for the abolition of the PDAF.

Aquino is instead proposing a system where lawmakers can still propose certain projects for their constituents but this time with several restrictions.

There will be a menu that proposed projects should conform with and allocation for the approved projects will now appear in the national budget or the General Appropriations Act as line item, starting in 2014.

Health services, scholarships, and livelihood projects are among projects that may still be allowed.

Kim Chiu Won't Watch OTJ Movie of Gerald Anderson



Kim Chiu said she has no plans of watching the acclaimed crime-thriller "On the Job (OTJ)," which was released Wednesday in theaters nationwide, explaining she has no interest in "hard action" movies.

The 23-year-old actress was asked on the matter shortly after a press conference held Tuesday night for her month-long starring stint in the weekend fantasy anthology "Wansapanataym."

On whether she is seeing "OTJ," Chiu said, "Ay, hindi po [ako manonood]. Hindi po ako mahilig sa hard action. [Gusto ko] feel-good, saya-sayahan."

Directed by Erik Matti and co-produced by Star Cinema and Reality Entertainment, "OTJ" stars Piolo Pascual, Gerald Anderson, Joel Torre and Joey Marquez.

Torre and Anderson portray inmates temporarily released from jail to become contract killers, while Pascual and Marquez are law enforcers assigned on their trail.

Anderon is Chiu's former boyfriend, having separated in 2010. While the former couple went on to co-star in a number of projects since then, Chiu reportedly cut her ties with the actor and her former best friend, actress Maja Salvador, early this year, when the two admitted having a relationship.

Ready but cautious

On Tuesday, Chiu said she is ready to enter a new relationship, but added she is "taking her time" when it comes to getting to know a potential partner.

"Darating din tayo diyan. Hindi naman kailangan sapilitan, kusa niyo pong malalaman kung sinuman po ang nagpapatibok ng puso ko. Hindi ko naman itatago, at tsaka na sa tamang edad na ako," she said.

Admitting she misses having a boyfriend, the actress nonetheless added, "It takes time know someone para tumanggal 'yung relationship. Kasi pag mabilisan, gano'n din, mabilisan, para ka lang nagpalit ng damit. 'Ay, ayoko na dito,' gano'n."

On the subject of her close relationship with on-screen leading man Xian Lim, who has openly expressed admiration for her, Chiu merely surmised they must be "exclusively" dating as they are not seeing other people for now.

"Thank you kasi nandiyan po siya para sa akin. Pero wala naman pong bakuran effect. Wala naman po, wala naman pong gano'n siguro," the actress said, when asked if she thinks her close ties with Lim may be discouraging to other potential suitors.

Noting the "fairy godmother" story of her "Wansapanataym" mini-series, Chiu was also asked if she has any wish when it comes to love.

She responded: "Huwag mo na i-wish, kasi minsan 'yung wish mo mali eh. Hayaan mo na 'yung destiny 'yung magsabi about love."

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