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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Miscalculated Move

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With work at a standstill due to the covid-19 pandemic, Female Celebrity (FC) thought of a way to ensure that she keeps her role in the life of Influential Actor (IA). During their project, FC and IA have allegedly developed special feelings for each other, but no admission has ever made anything official. IA has remained silent as to the real status of his connection with FC.

Despite the non-admission, FC performs her duty as the caring staff member, especially toward IA. This situation has not stopped her from trying to win over the heart of the said actor. Thus, while restaurants are closed and deliveries are difficult to come by, FC took it upon herself to cook for IA and his househelp. FC wanted to make sure she continues her visibility in the life of IA.

On the day that FC set to bring her food to IA’s home, she wore cherry shorts. As the guards are familiar with FC, she easily entered the home. Feeling familiar, FC made her way to one of the rooms where IA was supposed to be. When she entered, her disposition changed. It seemed like cold water was dropped on her.

FC had seconds to regain her composure, pretend she was not shocked, and act normally. Thinking she would find IA alone, she was very disappointed at what she saw. In front of her was like a scene from a family movie. IA was playing with a baby, while the Baby’s Mom (BM) was watching over them. When FC made her presence felt, IA did not budge and BM looked at her from head to foot. IA said that FC can just give her food to the helpers and thanked her. FC followed IA’s instructions and hurriedly left.

After a few hours, IA spoke with the guards and instructed them not to allow just anyone to enter the home, especially when BM and her child are at his home.

‘If you don't get what you want, you suffer; if you get what you don't want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want, you still suffer because you can't hold on to it forever.’ ― Dan Millman

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Tweet Scoop: Netizens Wonder if Imee Marcos Has Ditched President Duterte with Video Prodding Government Agencies to Act and Mentioning of 'Emergency....emergency'

Video courtesy of Twitter:  KahelJay

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Tweet Scoop: Angelica Panganiban Refuses to Wish Ill Any of Her Former Lovers, But Will Not Work with Carlo Aquino

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Insta Scoop: KC Concepcion Does a Fun, Almost Revealing Dance for Frontliners and Health Care Workers

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Insta Scoop: Wife of Sonny Angara, Tootsy Angara, Expresses Understanding of Neighbors' Discrimination, Thankful for Help Coming from Others

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Insta Scoop: Iza Calzado Tests Negative for Covid-19

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Repost: DOH Awaiting Delivery of P1.8B Worth of PPEs for Distribution to Hospitals

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The Department of Health (DOH) has purchased P1.8 billion worth of personal protective equipment (PPE) sets for the country’s health workers battling the spread of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the front lines.

According to Health Secretary Francisco Duque III, the health department is waiting for the delivery of around 1 million PPE sets procured for the health front liners to enhance their protection from the disease.

“Pagdating noong ating PPE, um-order tayo ng mga 1.8 billion pesos worth of PPE. Mayroon pang natitirang mga 225 million (When it comes to PPE, we ordered P1.8 billion worth of PPE. We still have P225 million left),” Duque said over government radio last weekend.

“Itong perang ito ay para sa personal protective equipment na mga isang milyong PPE (The funds will be used for the acquisition of around one million personal protective equipment),” he added.

The bulk of the PPE will be distributed to health workers serving in government hospitals and similar facilities, Duque said.

“Matapos natin mabigyan ang ating mga health workers sa public facilities, ay puwede rin tayong umayuda sa mga private hospitals na humihingi din ng PPE (After we have given PPE to our health workers in public facilities, we can augment the supply of private hospitals requesting for PPE),” he said.

The government’s acquisition of PPE seeks to boost the supply of such protective gear for health workers amid the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 in the country. Duque said a PPE set, including headgear, goggles, N95 mask, gloves, apron, and gown, costs around P1,500.

Compensation for health workers

Duque said around P275 billion will be used for the government’s operations against the coronavirus under the Bayanihan law, which was recently signed by President Duterte. A portion of these funds will go to the compensation of health workers.

The new law gives the President more powers to address the coronavirus emergency, including allocate cash, funds, investments including unutilized or unreleased subsidies and transfers held by government agencies as well as reprogram, reallocate, and realign from savings on other items in the 2020 national budget.

‘Yung P275 billion, ang bahagi nito mapupunta para sa mga health response to COVID-19 na kasama din ang mga ayuda para sa ating mga healthcare workers (The P275 billion will go to the health response to COVID-19 including compensation for our health care workers),” he said.

Under the law, Duque said the government will provide P100,000 compensation to public and private health workers who may get infected with coronavirus in line of duty. At least P1 million will be given to those who may die while fighting the coronavirus pandemic. This will have a retroactive application from February 1, 2020.

“At sa ibabaw ito ng PhilHealth na sasagutin naman ang kanilang pagpapa-ospital (On top of this, PhilHealth will shoulder their hospitalization),” he said.

As the cases of coronavirus infections passed the 1,000th mark, MalacaƱang recently assured the public that the government is “doing everything” to contain and stop the spread of the disease in the country.

Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said they expect more PPE and medical supplies, including those donated from various sources, to reinforce the operations against the coronavirus.

“The once inadequate supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that cost the lives of nine of our doctors and placed others in critical condition have been addressed, as donations of PPE sets (i.e., surgical masks, head gears, face shields, goggles, gloves, protective gowns, and foot covers) coming from many sources have poured in even as their local production is in full swing from our garments manufacturers and local fashion designers,” he said.

“Medical supplies, alcohol, soap, and other health items are coming in too from various donors, individuals, and privates entities. The Bayanihan spirit has caught fire and everyone is chipping in, in a united front against this unseen deadly enemy,” he added.

Tweet Scoop: Angel Locsin Warns of Fake Account

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Insta Scoop: Liza Soberano Says Enrique Gil is Celebrating His Birthday The Best Way Possible

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Insta Scoop: Claudine Barretto Remembers Rico Yan

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Insta Scoop: Joshua Garcia Greets Janella Salvador with Simple Birthday Message

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Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Moved to 2021

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Who Wore It Better: Kathryn Bernardo vs. Maine Mendoza

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Monday, March 30, 2020

Matriarch's Blues

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The day came when Cherished Parent (CP) finally put her foot down and refused to hear the side of Defiant Actress (DA). CP and DA have one of the most admired relationships among showbiz families and CP would rather keep it that way. Over the years, CP would do anything to make sure DA would have a comfortable life and good education. When DA entered the entertainment industry, CP gave her all out support and protected the child from intrigues and bashers. However, this time, CP would have no more of DA’s disobedience.

Call it instinct or perhaps the bond was just strong. CP started to feel uneasy when she would read seemingly cryptic posts from DA. As DA is of age, CP took her time and asked DA if someone new had entered her life. DA said that she was just teasing her fans and giving them a bit of excitement. Days passed, but CP’s mind was full of what-ifs, as she felt DA was not honest in her reply. She needed to know. Although DA and CP live apart, the circumstance did not stop the latter from pursuing her plan.

Choosing a typical day, CP made sure she had monitored who have been dropping by at DA’s home. Hours passed and everything was normal. Night came and CP had not noticed anything strange. However, a few hours after midnight, a car entered the home of DA. CP then reached out for her mobile to check on DA. All she got was static, as DA’s phone seemed to be off the grid.

CP was feeling something she did not like and thus moved on to Plan B. She went to the house of DA and the feeling was overwhelming. The gate was bolted and all lights were turned off. Being familiar with the house of DA, CP made her way to the side entrance. Not only was she familiar with the lay-out, she had her own set of keys that she used to open the backdoor. Quietly, CP went to DA’s room and knocked.

The next minutes were quick. When DA opened the door, she was shocked at CP standing in front of her, but CP was more stunned. On the bed was Male Celebrity (MC) wearing only his underwear. Immediately, MC stood up and got dressed. CP controlled herself from screaming, which would have awakened the entire village. DA was crying and saying that MC is the only man who has made her very happy. MC butted in and said that he loves DA. CP was stressed out and lashed at the two.

CP was furious and said that the two are ruining their careers if they continue their relationship. Worse, she said she does not want to undergo the repercussions of a scandal once the relationship of DA and MC leaks to the public. Worst, she does not want certain people and her bashers to poke fun at her and the rest of the family if DA and MC continue their behavior. Finally, CP told the two to stop seeing each other and DA was instructed to stay with her, so she can be monitored and MC, prevented from seeing her.

‘The mother-child relationship is paradoxical and, in a sense, tragic. It requires the most intense love on the mother's side, yet this very love must help the child grow away from the mother, and to become fully independent.’ – Erich Fromm

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SM Foundation Donates Medical Supplies to Chinese General Hospital

Tweet Scoop: Celebrities Call Out DOH for Pegging P500 Allowance Per 8-Hour Shift for Health Care Volunteers

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Repost: MalacaƱang Says President Duterte Supports Mass Testing

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MalacaƱang assured on Sunday that President Duterte will support the conduct of mass testing on the public for the coronavirus disease (COVID19) once the Philippines becomes fully equipped for it.

Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo gave the assurance as the public continues to clamor for the conduct of nationwide mass testing to allow the government to undertake proper steps to combat the deadly disease.

“Ang lahat ng iyan ay susuportahan ni Presidente kung nandiyan na iyong lahat ng kasangkapan. Kasi kung wala naman eh papaano natin maipapatupad iyon (The President will support all of that once we have all the necessary equipment. Because if we don’t have them, how can we implement such measure)?” he told DZRH.

The Department of Health (DOH) has rejected the proposal to conduct mass testing because of the country’s limited resources.

“While we already have 100,000 testing kits, and we expect more to arrive, these are not enough to conduct mass testing,” Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said.

On Sunday, the number of COVID19 positive cases in the Philippines breached the 1,000-mark, bringing the total to 1,418.

A total of 2,686 tests for COVID-19 were conducted in the country as of Saturday afternoon based on DOH’s tracker.

The death toll among COVID-19 patients rose to 71. The new deaths were all elderly people aged between 60 to 86 years old. All of them were Filipino nationals.

Four more patients have recovered from COVID-19, bringing the total number of recoveries to 42.

Tweet Scoop: Celebrities Hope Tragedies in 2020 Would Stop

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Department of Health Apologizes for Drive for Health Care Volunteers and Announcing Defective Test Kits from China

Images courtesy of Facebook: Department of Health (Philippines)

FB Scoop: Neil Arce Defends Angel Locsin from Basher Accusing Help Efforts are Just for Publicity

Image courtesy of Instagram: therealangellocsin

Images courtesy of Facebook: Neil Arce

Sarah Geronimo Shares How She and Matteo Guidicelli Celebrated His Birthday

Image courtesy of Instagram: matteog

Video courtesy of Instagram: ashmattfann

Bong Revilla Deeply Saddened at Losing Staff Due to Covid-19

Image courtesy of Instagram: bongrevillajrph

Image courtesy of Twitter: gmanews

Ruby Rodriguez and Family Extend Home Quarantine for One Week

Image courtesy of Instagram: rodriguezruby

Video courtesy of YouTube: GMA News

FB Scoop: Governors Jonvic Remulla of Cavite and Ramil Hernandez of Laguna Joke About Declaring 'Total Lockdown' First

Image courtesy of Facebook: Jonvic Remulla

Image courtesy of Facebook: Gov. Ramil Hernandez


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