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Thursday, March 26, 2020

FB Scoop: Rizal Governor Nini Ynares Tests Positive for Covid-19

Image courtesy of Twitter: boyrishan

Image courtesy of Facebook: Jun-Andeng Ynares


  1. Some local government units kasi ay hands on talaga so acceptable na they should test as to not pass it on to other people while supervisig at visiting yung nasasakupan nila. Yung mga senators at vips at buong pamilya na nasa opisina/bahay lang ang sobrang kakapal tapos talagang yung test nila ang pinapauna ang resulta kaloka.

    1. Well it's about time. It was long overdue.

  2. feeling ko alam ko sino nakahawa sa kanya.

  3. Jesus heal her and all those who are afflicted with the dreaded virus. Please protect also all the health care personnel, the government officials and staff who are performing their jobs, the grocery workers, market vendors, the food delivery personnel, all the front liners, and all people who work to combat the COVID-19. In Jesus name, Amen.šŸ™

  4. No. Hindi yan hands on?! Nakakaloka! I dont how she gets positive e halos di naman yan lumalabas pada tumulong. I am from Rizal and hindi namin siya nararamdaman! Nakakaloka!

  5. 12:10 di naman siya lumabas ng opisin niya eh. From rizal din



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