Sometime ago abroad,  the staff TS of a high-end makeup brand got excited when they recognized CA and saw her approaching their counter. TS thought and assumed that CA was eager to buy as they knew she could easily afford the prices of their expensive products since CA is a famous star (kontrabida) in the Philippines. 

However, the staff was shocked at the first question of CA when she approached them. She asked one of the attendants if there were samples (demonstration products) for sale. When the staff replied that it was strictly prohibited for them to sell samples because it would mean losing their jobs if they did, CA snubbed him and pretended not to hear anything. When she got the same reply from another female attendant, she gave her a bad stare, turned her back and walked away. The staff was surprised at such attitude of CA.

CA has been in the business for so long, beginning since her teenage days. The public has seen CA at her lowest and most triumphant moments. She has grown up in the eyes of media, and as a mother, one of her children is making a name in the field of drama. As a TV actress, her one role in a teleserye in a top network years ago still remains her biggest break so far.

"We seldom find people ungrateful as long as we are in a condition to render them services." - La Rochefoucauld