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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Can't Stand Her

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A beautiful face can not guarantee a good character. While good looks and talent are prerequisites for a career in showbiz, few celebrities exhibit the same character on and off camera.

Elegant Model Host (EH). EH belongs to a showbiz clan that is genetically gifted both in acting and musical skills. Ever since she was a child, EH already had her own following and admirers, and her exposure in tri-media over the years increased her fan base both here and abroad. However, her career has been rocked with intrigues, which are mostly related to love and relationships. Still, her fans were there for her.

Despite her sweet smiles, EH is alleged to be hiding a monster in her. Road managers (RMs) and handlers have reportedly given up on her because of EH treatment of them. In her current management, she has had a fast turnover of handlers in only a few months. Apparently, these RMs resent being treated like personal maids by EH. She makes her RMs fix her personal stuff, including several wardrobe inside her luggages which she also makes them carry - all of which are no longer in their job description. The RM's job is to fix her schedule and not do the work of a personal assistant.

Then, EH was reportedly heard badmouthing her fellow performers in a show. The performers in the show are wary of her as they could feel her being a two-faced infront of them. For example, EH quipped that she has been in the business longer than the three major female talents of their network, and yet they get to enjoy more exposure than her. These talents are three of the current top endorsers of the country - that alone answers her rant. When EH found out that a relative of one of these talents is studying abroad, she reacted as though she was the only one to have studied in that country.

Another quirk of EH is her supposed disgust for any stuff that she is not familiar in her residence. When she saw some gifts, e.g., coffee, bananas, and shampoo, which were obviously from fans, she ordered these things to be thrown out of the house

Perhaps, it is no longer surprising that when EH got involved in a major controversy, she did not get as much sympathy as that of the other party, who is believed to be more real in terms of how he deals with the people smaller in stature than him

Some people have a difficult time facing truth and reality. They prefer to live in a make-believe world, pretending that certain things aren't happening. – Joyce Meyer

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rabid Aging Girls Who Love to Party and Flirt

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A high-society magazine held its posh event at a luxurious venue recently. As in the past, gracing the occasion were mostly industry movers from showbiz, business and politics. Aging Celebrity AC and Relevant Actor RA were among several stars who were invited to the occasion.

AC and RA - once a controversial couple were seen having a good time together when they saw each other at the event. They were having a few sips of wine while enjoying some conversations with common friends. It was a fun time for all and the continuous flow of drinks complimented it more - and you and I know what happens when one gets to have one drink too many, don't we?

RA, who is known to love wine had become a little bit loose – much to AC's liking. AC has long been rumored to be still harboring secret desires for RA long after their brief affair ended. At the event, the ex-sweethearts were reportedly seen talking very sweet to each other, more like something with malice in it, if reports are to be believed. RA's commitment to someone else is public knowledge. Hope that AC, whose carnal appetite seems to be always on fire, will behave more and learn restraint this time, or risk trouble – she knows what that means.

RA must be such an irresistible creature as he seems to attract every female specie on the planet. Also seen looking like wanting to have a piece of him was a Media Heiress known to have the hots for younger men. MH probably had to sip more wine than she could to be gutsy enough to go near RA. Certainly, she was not under instruction from her indefatigable dad to pirate RA, was she?

And the last, but definitely the original go girl of them all – the Party Girl PG was also at the event. Like her friend, AC, the tirelessly romantic PG was allegedly caught busy ‘cougaring’ to Playful Actor PA. Well, given PA's love circumstances these days, he might just give PG a try. After all, he had seen much worse - been there, done that, so to speak.

Do we expect to see more hot mommas with their hunks at the social party scenes? Well, with the rise in the number of break-ups these days, one momma said that the prospects certainly look encouraging.

" Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." ~ Marilyn Monroe

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No Make-Up is Right Enough

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Lovable Actress who rose from rags to riches seemed to have struck a goldmine ever since she entered showbiz. With her awesome talent and mass appeal, LA was never lacking in projects, with most of her movies gaining commercial and critical acclaim. Apart from her talent, the well-grounded LA is also liked for her charm and humility. She is friends with both the powerful and the powerless – something that says a lot about her.

Compare this with a Beautiful Celebrity BC who is a complete opposite of LA and you will get the picture. Many people say that BC's only asset is her beauty that has graced a number of magazine covers and a few endorsements as well. Inspite of her trying to appear pleasant, her negative demeanor and/or seems the one that really pulls her down in the eyes of the public.

However, BC's latest career decision had obviously done her a lot of good. For a long while, with the help of her new team and the social media, the once negative image has somewhat improved and soon, BC was busy with her television guest appearances, endorsement and a movie starring her with LA no less.

Some people speculated while others pinned their hopes that this movie will help BC to reaffirm and nail her star status once more. After all, LA's drawing power is beyond question with nary a movie earning less than overwhelming. But alas, despite the heavy promotion that the producers poured into it, the movie failed to meet expectations.

LA was thus reportedly overheard that for the first time ever in her colorful movie career, this latest movie was a big letdown at the box office. People surmised that the movie's objective to help pull up BC's sagging image has achieved the opposite. The movie got pulled down for the very same reason. As shown in the results, despite LA's name, the overwhelming negative image of BC brought it down hard.

Obviously, nothing can be undone in days the damage you have caused in years.

"A character is like an acrostic or Alexandrian stanza; read it forward, backward, or across, it still spells the same thing." ~ Emerson, Ralph Waldo

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JM de Guzman is Back!

After all the harsh controversies and speculation that preceded his self-imposed hiatus, JM, the 'Batang Ama' is back!

As what everyone is aware of, the once-embattled JM got into some deep, personal problems that drove him to lose focus on himself. He was nowhere here nor there, jeopardizing his projects at that time. His last teleserye, Angelito, Batang Ama, was one of the casualties of his undoing. The show had to be cut short because JM could not keep up with work anymore.

The situation had to be controlled and decision had to be made. JM chose to be away to sort himself out and heal.

For the record, the talented actor left at the height of his career, leaving behind a dream movie, a solo starrer that would have added more awards to his collection, the 2013 Metro Filmfest indie, "Pedro Calungsod. "

For several months, JM rested in a secret place. Credit should go to his parents and the whole family who took care of him and supported him every step of the way.

As shown in the pictures, he is definitely looking good and stable, eager to start the ball rolling again.

As the saying goes, no one can put a good and talented man down.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

'Tis Just a Make-Believe

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Pretty Actress PA who seems to be the current network favorite is one lucky star. From among her peers, she is perceived as heavily favored, and as such is never lacking in projects. There are rumors going around that something is attached behind such luck – as in strings attached.

Not only are projects given to her, they are special big projects that are fully supported and promoted by Management MN. Suffice it to say that PA's status in the network is one that is stable and solid anchored as it is on the strength of tremendous support from MN which is doing everything it can, leaving no stones unturned to make sure that PA's projects make it.

One strategy that MN supposedly employs is to make it appear that the co-actors of PA are fighting for her affection. To reinforce it even more, the actors' press releases never fail to point out PA as their object of desire, someone they are determined to pursue and win at the end.

When the Current Starrer CS of PA started airing on television, MN got alarmed at its disappointing ratings inspite of the heavy promotion. To remedy the situation, MN thought of going a step further to boost its ratings. Thus lately, PA is packaged as a beautiful girl above all that men find so irresistible. She has to be the girl any Tom, Dick and Harry will ever dream of – such is the image PA has to act and adhere to.

Recently, even the hot athletes of the hour were also drawn into PA's publicities. Reportedly, it was management's idea. Well, whether they were coached or not, the athletes' expressed admiration for PA is likely to help generate interest in PA and improve the ratings of CS one way or another.

But observers say it can only go so far. In the case of the heartthrob athletes' alleged attraction to PA, it left some people wondering if PA is the only pretty celebrity left in showbizlandia.

" It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. " ~ Mark Twain

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10 Things You Can Learn from Fashion PULIS Mike Lim

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Celebrity gossip blogger Mike Lim has earned his share of fans and haters as his blog attracted millions of readers. He says there is little one can do about how people perceive you. What matters is that you are honest and happy with what you do.

Here are 10 other things we learned from Mike during Friday's, October 25 interview:

1. "Your blog loses credibility if you hide. It’s important to know who’s the person behind it."

Mike, a public relations professor in one of the country's leading universities, says that for any brand or blog to take off, there must be a face behind it. Without a face that can be held accountable for posts made, people will find it hard to trust you and your content.

2. "It's very important to be close to your target audience."

Mike often replies to his readers online. Through Twitter and other social media sites, he stays in touch with them. Recently, he also posted his BBM barcode on Instagram so his readers could easily send him messages. His readers can somehow be considered as his friends as most of them alert Mike when celebrities react to his blind items. Some even send him blind items.

3. "Haters are secret admirers. If you don't have them, you're not relevant. People will always hate. Just ignore them. The 'block' button is your best friend."

With several Twitter accounts dedicated to bashing Mike and his blog's success, the celebrity blogger says having haters is actually affirmation.

4. "Don't be trying hard. Be natural."

When it comes to fashion, Mike says it is best to be yourself. His advice seems to transcend fashion choices and is applicable even to how we live our daily lives.

5. "There's a secret basher in all of us. We don't show it. The difference with me is I show it."

It's because we all want to be liked, Mike says. That's why we keep the bashing to ourselves. For Mike, however, being frank works for him as he says he can't afford to be dishonest. "When a client asks me what I think about their dress, I tell them if it's ugly. They value my honesty."

6. "Loyalty is a rare commodity."

Mike's blog gets hundreds of comments every day. He says he has a dedicated team that helps him sift through the comments they receive before publishing as he cannot do it on his own any more. He says the team has to be trustworthy and extremely loyal to him as the blog is constantly under attack. In this day and age when people can easily go behind your back and destroy something you've built from the ground up, Mike is lucky to have his loyal group of friends.

7. "It's my blog. I can do what I want because it's my blog."

Taking control of your life and the things you own is important. You are the captain of your own ship and nobody should be steering it other than you. Mike has mastered the skill of not letting people get to him and doing what he wants in life, keeping him happy and contented.

8. "I try to detach my emotions. At the end of the day, it’s work."

Does he ever get sad when a celebrity is bashed or an issue breaks out because of his blind items? Mike says it is best to stay professional and not to get too personal with your job.

9. "Everybody loves gossip, don't you?"

Though Filipinos are described as being chismosos and chismosas, the love for gossip is common in all nationalities. Mike recalls overhearing a group of Australian tourists talking about gossip during his trip to Europe with his mother. After all, knowing someone's business is a guilty pleasure that surpasses nationalities.

10. "I've always been honest. I always say what I want to say."

Being true to yourself relieves you from unnecessary burdens. Saying what you want to say and how you feel leaves you with no regrets. "I tell my friends that If I die today, I won't regret it because I've always been honest."

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