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Between Choices

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All good things come to an end, especially when someone has lost interest on circumstances that are quite gray, meaning, the benefits are neither here nor there. Sometime ago, Rich Benefactor (RB) managed to win over the endearment of Veteran Actress (VA) and her Older Sibling (OS). RB became a constant presence in gatherings with the family of VA and OS.

‘A family friend’ was the justification for seeing RB in rare public photos with VA, OS, or both. Moreover, RB would be seen with other relatives, and rumors of his intimate involvement with a member of the clan silenced rumors of any extra-ordinary relationship with VA and OS.

Nonetheless, when VA needed an escape, RB would come to the rescue. Rumors have it that RB has been financially supportive of VA and would even help out OS at certain times. Nothing is flaunted publicly and such stories are loud whispers among their distinct crowd.

Now, RB has grown tired of the two and has stopped fending for VA. Thus, VA has no choice but to seek financial help from OS. With blessings from her own family, OS agreed to help out VA but on certain conditions, which are not easy. VA, in dire need, made her choice to the disappointment of the party that she had to cut ties with.

OS refuses to be associated with that party and if VA wants to be helped out, then she would have to drop that party. Between survival and loving the members of that party, VA made an obvious choice.

‘You know how sometimes you tell yourself that you have a choice, but really you don't have a choice? Just because there are alternatives doesn't mean they apply to you.’ ― Rick Yancey

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Trailer of 'Because I Love You' Starring David Licauco and Shaira Diaz

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David Licauco and Shaira Diaz Loveteam Launched in ALV Films’ ‘Because I Love You’

ALV Films gives a timely twist to the rich boy-poor girl love story in ‘Because I Love You’ with the country’s budding love team of David Licauco and Shaira Diaz. The film is directed by award-winning director Joel Lamangan.

Arnold Vegafria, ALV Films President, sees much potential in the partnership of David and Shaira. Vegafria says, ‘For this project, I wanted to launch new artists, new faces, a new love team. I know it’s a big risk, but I strongly believe in the movie’s potential. It’s fresh content, and a very aspirational story, and I hope the movie spreads through word-of-mouth.’

‘With their combined strengths as influencers and exemplary role models for the youth, they can rightfully be hailed as today's fast-rising millennial icons. I have always believed in David and Shaira's acting potential, and it's high time that they get their first big break through this launching movie.’

‘I have always been excited about producing movies, because it’s my way of giving back to the industry. We hope to create more jobs and make the industry flourish, and make our films competitive in foreign film festivals,’ Vegafria adds.

One of GMA’s highly anticipated talents, David gives life to the cool, quiet and reserved executive and heir to his family’s business empire, Rael. His conservative roots have shaped him into stereotyped thinking, which includes affairs of the heart. Summer, played by Shaira, is a ‘tenacious, street-smart firefighter’ who proudly continues her departed dad’s heroic legacy, which is quite opposite the dream of her mother who wants her to be a flight attendant or a beauty queen.

Initially, netizens noticed the chemistry between David and Shaira in Magpakailanman’s ‘Nakawin Natin Ang Bawat Sandali’ in July 2018. The couple’s portrayal trended in social media and in March 2019, the two guested in GMA 7’s web project, ‘One Hugot Away’. David and Shaira have appeared in GMA-7’s top-rating teleseryes. Shaira has acted in ‘Contessa’ (2017), ‘Pamilya Roces’ (2018), and currently, in ‘Love You Two’ (2019), where she plays ‘Sam’, the younger sister of Jennylyn Mercado. David, meanwhile, had marked roles in ‘Mulawin vs. Ravena’ (2017), ‘Kapag Nahati Ang Puso’ (2018) and ‘TODA One I Love’ (2019).

David and Shaira only have good words for each other. David finds working with Shaira a blast and he loves the way Shaira handles her dramatic and kikay sides in their scenes, including love scenes. Similarly, the Artista Academy alum found working under Director Joel Lamangan as a privilege, ‘Knowing his reputation as a strict and disciplinarian director, I’m happy that we survived,’ she said. Preparing for his role, David extensively trained in horseback riding and polo, and a chopper was used to give the authentic ‘old rich’ vibe to his character. 

‘Because I Love You’ stars Martin del Rosario, Michelle Dee, Samantha Lopez, Bernadette Allyson, Monsour del Rosario, Mr. World Philippines 2018 JB Saliba, Timothy Lawrence Yap, Bryan Benedict, IC Mendoza, Victor Basa, Rob Sy, Chris Leonardo, LM Mercado, Afi Africa, Melo Merkona, Jao Mapa, and Mosang. Special cameo appearances are by Miss Multinational 2017 Sophia Senoron, Miss Eco International 2018 Cynthia Thomalla, RJ Ledesma and newly-elect Senator Francis Tolentino.

To ensure the quality of the movie, the producers spared no expense in the movie’s highlights, such as recreating the lavish cinematic backdrops, which would remind viewers of 1990’s ‘Pretty Woman’, which starred Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

‘Because I Love You’ was written by popular Wattpad writer and TV Director, Charlotte Dianco. The movie is the second offering of ALV Films for this year. Kris Lawrence performs the theme song, which was rearranged by Vincent de Jesus. ‘Because I Love You’, was popularized by Julian Lennon. The movie is produced by ALV Films in cooperation with Garahe Films and distributed by Regal Films, ‘Because I Love You’ opens in local cinemas on June 26

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Dismayed At The Talk

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When management was informed of a controversy involving a Major Actor (MA), the top executives became worried as MA is one of the station’s prized talent and much is banking on his presence. Although MA is not among those celebrities who are always in the limelight for controversies, his rare involvements in issues make it to headlines of media.

To shed light on the said controversy, MA was allegedly called by the management to listen to his side of the story. One thing admirable with MA is that he calls a spade, a spade, that is, he will say what he wants to say, admit to what should be admitted, and deny whatever he believes are lies. Besides, MA is a financial investment of the network and investors would want a high return. Issues might, however, affect the way MA will be received by the public and negative feedback could lead to dismal ratings of his projects.

During the meeting, MA was asked in a Fellow Talent (FT) is involved in the controversy. MA denied FT was part of the hullabaloo and the commotion involved him and his party. Thus, MA cleared FT of whatever role she might have had. Subsequently, MA was reminded that the network shuns issues and has an image to protect as well as projects that need positive vibes. The management is keen on the behavior of their talents and want them to be issue-free. The meeting was done and over.

However, the management was not yet done. Allegedly, instructions were given to trusted people on the set to observe if something is happening between MA and FT. Actions speak louder than words, as the cliché goes. After a few days, feedback reached management that something might indeed be developing between the two and that sometimes, they would leave the set together.

So now, things are waiting to cool off and MA is concentrating on his work and other endeavors. As to FT, she has hardly said anything about being dragged into the controversy, anyway.

‘If you don't believe in something, you'll fall for anything. I believe everything happens for a reason. If you are strong from within, you can will anything. I'm a firm believer that where there's a will, there's a way.’ –Eric Davis 

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