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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Apple of His Eye

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Newbie in the network is receiving left and right appearances. After one project ended, newbie was immediately cast in another. Once this newbie's appearance in this project ends, there is already another in line. Newbie is the latest occupant in the heart of a network executive.

Do you know who newbie is? Please abide by the RULES in writing comments if you want me to post them. Initials and comments that are too explicit will not be accepted.

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Spotted: Wrapped Around His Neck

Can you identify who this actor is based on the blurred photo? If you were his wife, how would you feel if you see this photo? Please share your thoughts. 

Borgy Manotoc's Hot Trailer

Raymond Gutierrez is Thinner!

Whatever Sexy Solutions did to Raymond, it definitely worked! I want to try it as well. 

For more information:
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Gone in 60 Seconds

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One night, in a bar somewhere in the city of stars, some girls were having fun and drinking. While most of them were tipsy, one of them caught the eye of indie actor (IA), who was drinking as well. The girl and IA kept exchanging glances until IA stood up and approached their table. IA introduced himself using his boyish charm. The girls were excited as they knew he was the latest discovery from the indie films and was next in line for major acting projects in his current network.

However, IA had his eyes set only on the girl. He sat next to her and they continued drinking. They hit it off and exchanged numbers. They continued flirting and started kissing each other right in front of the amazed girlfriends. After a few minutes, IA and the girl excused themselves.

IA took the girl to his nearby flat. The girl was all excited and had high expectations after all the flirting that happened. Besides, he was an actor so he might have some creative tricks to make their night memorable. True enough, it was indeed a memorable night because IA was done in less than sixty seconds! The girl was shocked that she could not help but share her story of disappointment to her girlfriends afterwards. On hindsight, the girl did say that IA apologized for being done so quickly.

Hopefully, IA will not live up to his character with this random encounter.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Manager?

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Is the new talent of a network having manager problems lately? He needed a new image and the network cooperated by including him in their major dramas. Although his movies did not do well, the network still trusted him.

While having too much to drink at a party for his latest project, the talent emotionally expressed his worry that his current manager is not cooperating at the way his career is turning out well. The talent feels that his manager puts more value in the previous network and more focus on managing the other talents there. Thus, the talent is planning to leave his manager as soon as his contract expires.

Are the worries of the talent unfounded or does he really have a substantial reason to change management? Please advice him.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just Living with Reality

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When he came back from his forced vacation, all were eager to know if talented actress (TA) will see him. TA replied that her January schedule is fully booked with tapings and other commitments. Besides, she said it was her time to be waited on rather than be kept waiting. Meanwhile, he said he also does not know, as they have not really talked for a while.

Barely a week has passed since then and the two have been sighted together. Both even attended social events, such as the birthday of a showbiz personality. That's not all! TA even flew to an island down south in a private jet, while he was seen in the same area as well. They stayed in a hotel for a couple of days and people assumed that they were threshing out whatever was left of their relationship.

Now, while returnee was away, TA and slick actor from the other network were seen doing PDAs and behaving like something more was happening between them. What happens to slick actor now? Did TA drop him for the returnee just like that? Did slick actor stay away from TA because he feared that last year's gifts might become real if he stuck it out with her? Or will TA risk everything and serve both at the same time? What do you think will happen next?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Poll: Christian Bautista, Deported or Not?

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Jakarta Globe: Philippine Star Christian Bautista Deported From Indonesia

Multi-platinum-selling singer and actor Christian Bautista will be escorted to a plane and sent back to the Philippines on Friday night after violating the terms of his visa by giving a performance in Indonesia this week.

Immigration official Herawan Sukoaji said on Friday that Bautista was being deported for disrespecting and disobeying Indonesia’s 30-day visa regulations, which prohibit foreigners from working while in the country.

Bautista is also barred from re-entering Indonesia for six months, Herawan added.

The singer is scheduled to leave Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on an 8 p.m. Singapore Airlines flight.

“Christian’s departure to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport will be escorted by investigators from the Directorate General of Immigration,” Herawan said.

Bautista was pulled in for questioning and had his passport confiscated on Thursday after it was discovered that he had staged a performance in Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang, the previous night.

After being questioned by immigration officials, he appeared on TransTV on Thursday night.

The announcement that he would be deported came on Friday morning.

According to Herawan, Bautista has traveled to Indonesia numerous times on a work visa.

“But this time, the sponsor did not fully understand the immigration regulations, so Christian used the free visa,” Herawan said. Christian Bautista denies being deported from Jakarta

MANILA, Philippines - Multi-platinum-selling singer and actor Christian Bautista is set to return to the country this weekend amid reports that he was deported from Jakarta, Indonesia for allegedly violating the terms of his visa.

A report from the Jakarta Globe said Bautista was being deported for violating Indonesian immigration laws for singing in a show in Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang without a proper work visa.

It quoted Indonesian immigration official Herawan Sukoaji as saying that Bautista had traveled to Indonesia numerous times on a work visa "but this time, the sponsor did not fully understand the immigration regulations, so Christian used the free visa."

Bautista's manager, however, denied that the Pinoy singer had been deported.

"Christian is not deported. Whatever the problems in the immigration was legally settled. He is on his way home from Singapore tomorrow and will be back in Jakarta for his Valentine's concert in Hotel Mulia," manager Carlo Orosa said.

He said Bautista will be flying to Singapore tonight before returning to Manila on Saturday. With a report from TV Patrol

Milking the Actor Son

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When he left his network, his acting talent immediately got recognized in a surprise cult movie and highly-touted remake telerserye. The hardworking actor got various projects following the movie's success. Many people were happy for him including his family members who rely on him for financial support.

His manager is in charge of giving a family member the designated monthly amount. When he hardly had projects, the family got around 30t, then when his projects increased the family member demanded 50t. Now, the family member is demanding P100t. 

When the manager refused, he got unsavory and offending words from the family member. Despite being talented, the actor has yet to be a lead star material whose mere presence can guarantee projects to be box-office hits. Now he has to work even harder for his family.

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The Sisters and the Bag

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Little sis was publicized to be the network's star, while big sis is already an established name in another network. Little sis starred in big soaps, hosted shows, and was visible in her network. Big sis remained in the limelight enough to keep the audience appreciating her talent in acting and hosting as well. 

Sometime ago, little sis bought an expensive designer bag for their mom. The bag was indeed quite pricey that little sis had to ask big sis to pay for the bag. Big sis paid for the bag without question as it was for their mom. However, someone else is using the designer bag instead of mom. Do you know who is using it now?

Letter from a Reader: Is It Really More Fun in the Philippines?

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Dear Fashion PULIS,

I am an avid reader of your blogs and it makes life fun especially to those people like me who are not really into following the showbiz world.

I would like to share the experience I recently had in our Terminal Airport because I really wonder why we promote the tag line: “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.” Is it really fun? I guess the government/DOT should fix our tourism first before using this tag line.

When I got back to the Philippines, I experienced the following that made me think of how much the government needs to work to provide truth to the tagline.
  1. We waited for about 15 minutes inside the plane because the ground crew was still looking for an available ladder.
  2. Terminal 1 really needs renovation. Its age, smell, and small size add stress to being in the airport.
  3. When I got my 2 pieces of luggage of about 50 lbs each, nobody helped me to get it from the conveyor (unlike in the US, someone helped me immediately).
  4. The custom officer rudely asked if I had things to declare. When I said I had nothing to declare, he asked where I came from. I replied I came from the US. Then, he retorted with, "Ano mga binili mo sa US? Ano laman ng bagahe mo? Ang laki ng bagahe mo wala kang ideclare?"
  5. While I was in the toilet, I overheard a conversation between a worker and a passenger. After her sad story, the passenger gave her five Canadian dollars, to which she replied with, “puwede na po ito sir.” The toilet is so small that I could not bring my cart inside and there was no air conditioning.
  6. While I pushed my heavy cart towards the exit door, five male porters were waiting. One of them said, "patulong ka na, konting pera lang naman yan. Di makakabawas yan sa dollars mo!" By this time, I was very frustrated already. I did not say anything because I was so tired and sweating too much.
  7. When I was waiting for my ride, I felt sad how the waiting area looks like. It is such a shame for foreigners and balikbayans. I remember there was a couple on the same plane I rode saying they were excited to go to the Philippines for their much-awaited vacation and it was their first time. I wonder how they felt when they reached the airport.
Is it really fun in the Philippines? Perhaps, the government should consider that fun in the Philippines begins with its airport and I wish this were positive fun.

Yours truly,
Frustrated Balikbayan

Grand Baby Fair

Baby Company will hold its 2nd Year of Grand Baby Fair on january 27, 28, 29 at Megatrade Halls 2 & 3. Grab the chance to shop for all your baby needs and enjoy discounts of up to 70% savings on selected items. Other event highlights: With over 100 exhibitors, Learning sessions with experts and celebrity moms, Excluisve offers, Free Gifts and Raffle Prizes.

Some of the celebrity moms and dads who will share their experience on parenthood: Tessa Valdes, Christine Jacob, Chesca Garcia, Danica Sotto, Maricel Laxa, Shaane Bermudez, Marilen Faustino, Tintin Bersola, Gladys Reyes, Suzie Entrata, Paolo Abrera, Lexi Schulze, Vince Hizon, Dominic Ochoa

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Great Chaser

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Her latest controversy was a major meltdown in front of a camera, which was followed by a series of tweets that said she valued her family and privacy most. While the public gave into her wish for peace, stories of her drinking binges are emerging. Her love for alcohol allegedly transforms her into an entirely different person. When drunk, she licks, bites, and touches the people around her regardless of gender. When her potential victims run away, she continues to chase after them. This unethical behavior is indeed quite embarrassing according to people who have seen her in this state.

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Just an Equally Sad Story

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Some people have columns that speak positively about a network just to be noticed. Some people hang around the station so bosses can remember them (even if the bosses hate seeing them around). After a while, loyalty can equate to payments, paid publicities, and a stable position.

What if one of these people (X) succumbs to the newfound power and starts to use the new position to lure good-looking boys who want a career? X moves up the ladder and the poor boys are left with no career. (Sometimes, smarter boys are able to go to the other side quickly.) When exposed, denials come from left and right and fights are picked over print or new media technology.

It is just so sad! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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Coming Into Her Own

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Until the very last minute prior to her contract signing, she waited for the other network. However, at the back of her head is the thought that the other network prioritizes the blood-related talent over her and the others. Having worked at that network for a time, she still has yet to land another lead role in a primetime soap again and receive a higher talent fee worth her accomplishments. Hoping against hope she waited but the other network did not bite into the counter-offer game.

Was she just waiting for more money or something else? Can you identify who she is? Please abide by the RULES in writing comments if you want me to post them. Initials and comments that are too explicit will not be accepted.

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Make That Move to Mabuhay Miles MasterCard

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Now is the best time to switch to Mabuhay Miles MasterCard. With the “Lipat Na Lipad Pa” balance transfer promo, cardholders get more value with as much as 30,000 instant bonus Mabuhay Miles. Transferring to Mabuhay Miles MasterCard can even let cardholders fly to Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei or Xiamen for free! Promo is extended until April 15, 2012.

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With Mabuhay Miles MasterCard’s very low Miles conversion of P33 to a Mile, the free trips will just keep on coming.

Flexibility in Redeeming Earned Miles

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

She's No Good

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Is this television actress herself or in character when she was in a magazine photo shoot? She asked the new hairstylist the brands of the hair dryer and curlers being used on her. When the hairstylist said the brand, she retorted, "baka masira ang hair ko!" ("it might ruin my hair!") and called her PA to get her personal hair dryer and curlers.

Then, she asked how long will fixing her hair take and said, "Matagal pa ba yan? Madali akong mangawit!" ("Is that going to take long? I tire easily in one position.") What is puzzling is that she has yet to establish a name and status in her network. If she keeps bullying production people, her world might just soon crumble without the support of these people.

Do you know who this television actress is? Please abide by the RULES in writing comments if you want me to post them. Initials and comments that are too explicit will not be accepted.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mom Knows Best

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After they officially admitted they were a couple, he hardly visited her family. Despite his behavior, her mom only said kind words about him and never volunteered any information about the love life of her daughter. Her estranged father did not interfere in her relationship because he knew she was very much in love. However, when the fairy tale ending did not happen, the dad was among the first who replied with a sheepish smile when asked what he thought about the break-up. 

Now, this incident happened recently when mother and daughter were dining with some friends in a restaurant somewhere in Makati. When someone asked the daughter about her love life, the mom cut the conversation and answered in a voice loud enough to be heard by other diners, "ito kaseng daughter ko, ang nagustuhan pa si Nene!" and laughed really hard.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Actions Gone Wrong

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She made a name for herself by her catchy way of expressing happiness whenever a contestant won something. It was this expression that made her a household name and eventually she was known by this moniker. Viewers thought she would follow the footsteps of dancers who successfully moved to acting and other fields.

While her career has yet to take off, she had her share of catfights (over makeup) and public breakups (her boyfriend left her for her best friend). She has been seen drunk and wasted, behaving wildly, and picking fights in bars. Witnesses feel sad seeing her display a seeming lack of breeding in public places.

She was pulled out of a gig because she only went to work when she felt like it. Management had no choice but to cut her contract, while saying that she will pursue her studies over her career. These developments in her life eventually led her followers and colleagues to wonder what will happen to her as she was the one who showed the most promise in her group.

Perhaps this BI will serve as a wake up call for her to value her career. After all, everyone deserves another chance.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Obsessive Compulsive

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Press releases said both of them are hands-on in the preparations of their wedding, This statement, however, is not true. The groom is said to be more involved than the bride as the bride is quite slow to decide. For example, they have two sets of invitations, one plain and the other complete with the entourage. His being the take-charge guy has left the bride knowing only a few details of their wedding. One wonders if he's really obsessive compulsive with details or there's something more to his personality.

Do you know who the bride and groom are? Please abide by the RULES in writing comments if you want me to post them. Initials and comments that are too explicit will not be accepted.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

His Confidential Business?

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This character actor is a popular face on television and cinema. Sometimes he's the ruthless killer or the loyal friend of the lead. In real life, he is known for his home, cars, businesses, and turbulent love life. Yet, it seems he's spending more than the typical character actor. Where does he get the extra money? He allegedly brokers male celebrities for a big time businessman.

Do you know who this character actor is? Please abide by the RULES in writing comments if you want me to post them. Initials and comments that are too explicit will not be accepted.

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Little Tired

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The actress is left thinking if she made the right move in signing up with a network. Having been used to dramas that have strong plots, big cast, and challenging roles, she can no longer hide her frustration at her latest soap.

While she was lured to star with another actress who is as equally beautiful as she, the story of the soap has relegated them to mere supporting roles in favor of the discovery of the said network. Moreover, the actress is frustrated because the soap lacks the big scenes that should justify the premise of its title and its talented cast. 

She tried reaching out to the executive in charge of the production to share her ideas but she is already getting a little tired because he has remained unresponsive. Do you know who she is?

Right Manners 101: Epic Fail

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During the last shooting days of a series, one of the actors brought his non-showbiz girlfriend (GF) to the location. The GF was chatty and started to be chummy with the cast. In between takes, she talked to people. Then, she got too comfy with one of the actresses and started asking her questions.

Without warning, the actress loudly reprimanded the GF! The other cast and crew heard the actress at the top of her voice. The GF was so stunned and embarrassed. The actor immediately asked his GF to leave the set. He then apologized to the actress for what happened. Afterwards, the GF felt hurt because it seemed like the actor sided with the actress.

Was the actress living her role or was she merely being herself? Do you know who she is? Please abide by the RULES in writing comments if you want me to post them.

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The Great Lifestyle Sale - Extended!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

May-December Triangle

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After the newspapers and blogs picked up the sweet story that he and accident-prone host were in a relationship, comments proliferated in the media and cyberspace. Most commented on the age difference and the not so savory materialistic reputation of the girl. The exchanges started giving the impression that people, family included, were not going to let them be happy.

Now, senior TV host has his eyes on a naive-looking starlet who recently moved to a TV station. He's sending expensive gifts to the starlet. Accident-prone host is jealous! She's not happy over this development.

Is it true that the new show that would bring together the starlet and senior TV host got axed because of this controversy? Your guess is as good as mine!

Reel or Real Couple?

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Both of them started in the fashion industry. He was a commercial and ramp model but the acting bug bit him. He had his own share of controversy over a marriage people thought would last long. She is a model and beauty queen. Although famous in her circle, acting caught up with her when she was paired with him in a hit drama series. Recently, both were spotted being sweet to each other in a parking lot. Are they making their reel roles real?

Do you know who they are? Please abide by the RULES in writing comments if you want me to post them. Initials and comments that are too explicit will not be accepted.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Alternative Lifestyle

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Prior to his popularity, young actor (YA) shared a very special friendship with a fellow student (FS), whom he met while living abroad. When YA moved to the Philippines to fulfill an athletic scholarship, he lived-in with FS in a flat in the central business district. When FS needed to be picked up at the airport or at school, YA would come over in his own car. They would go out and and enjoy each other. Friends would even tease how sweet they are together.

Later, YA got his share of breaks in modelling and TV appearances. When YA became busy, he moved out of the flat he shared for five years with FS. YA dated and had a year's worth of relationship with a leading lady in the network but it was kept secret for fear of the fans of her strong love team with another model-athlete (MA). Yet, their dates were played up in tabloids, paving for YA to be noticed by the public.

YA did not escape the eye of a popular host (PH), who flirted with YA on and off the show like a vice that was hard to get rid off. PH sent YA gifts, food, sweet tweets, etc. until PH found out about FS and YA's reputation. During this time, YA's name became a buzzword and more people got to admire him.

Today, YA is enjoying more fame as he already has his own love team with his TV partner (TP). However, the open secret is the love team is really for show and for the rabid fans. TP is actually dating another athlete and YA is well, living up to the expectations of this new love team. As for FS, he never felt YA used him and for him, YA will always be a good man.

So, is YA a user or a charmer? What do you think?

A Little Unreasonable

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How much is a tweet worth? A new discovery thinks her every tweet is worth a premium. Her crossing over to TV has increased her followers and possible endorsements. However, a company got surprised when her handler said that on top of her endorsement fee, she charges per tweeter follower. If she has around 80,000 followers, that would be P80,000 every time she sends out a tweet! Immediately, the company dropped the idea of getting her as an image model.

Do you know who this new discovery is? Please abide by the RULES in writing comments if you want me to post them.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Missing Butterfly

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In a press conference for an evening drama that was recently aired, reporters noticed the absence (or disappearance?) of a male performer (MP) who plays a significant role. MP must have gotten butterflies in his stomach for fear of being asked about his involvement in a recent controversy. Since this new drama deals with the soap industry, the joke among the reporters is that they were going to ask MP what soap he and the other celebrity used in that alleged shower incident.

Do you know who this male performer is? Please abide by the RULES in writing comment if you want me to post them.

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Just a Piece of Land

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She remained by his side despite the pressure to leave him because of his indiscretions. She finally put her foot down and banned his friends, whom she thinks are bad influences. These friends are no longer invited to join gatherings. She made sure she looked more beautiful than ever but even he failed to recognize her photographs at first. She claims he is now a changed man who is now more focused on their family. Thus, on her birthday, he gave her a grand celebration on an island.

Entertainment online sites quickly picked up this story and assumed this island to be his gift for her. What he really gave her was a piece of land and not an entire island. Now, will the husband stay true to his word or will the wife's dream of having a perfect family turn into mere fantasy? What do you think?

Like or Dislike: Harper's Bazaar 10 Best Dressed at the Golden Globes 2012

1. Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace

2. Rooney Mara in Nina Ricci

3. Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackerman

4. Charlize Theron in Dior Couture

5. Shailene Woodley in Marchesa

6. Emma Stone in Lanvin

7. Julianne Moore in Chanel Haute Couture

8. Michelle Williams in Jason Wu

9. Salma Hayek in Gucci

10. Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang


The Toni Gonzaga Interview


Monday, January 16, 2012

A Brother's Story

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Behind her wealth and status, this female performer keeps a secret. Somewhere in the desert, her brother is languishing in jail for unpaid loans since last year. His ordeal began when he was displaced during the recession in 2009. Unable to find work, his loans piled up. Then, he had to undergo an operation for both of his eyes. The operation was unsuccessful and resulted in one eye going blind. His fellow Filipinos pitched in for the cost of the operation to save the other eye. His kids stopped studying because he could not send money anymore. He does not want to ask help from her because of a conflict they had. Yet, the people around him know he needs her help more than ever.

Some press people have published this story as a blind item in the hope that the female performer will find it in her heart to help her brother. Unfortunately, she has not yet budged.

Recently, a reader from that Middle Eastern country contacted FP to relay the brother's plight. The reader has no intentions of hurting the sister's image but hopes she will get rid of her pride and help him the way she extends her charity to the ordinary people in her show.

Do you know who this female performer is? Please abide by the RULES in writing comment if you want me to post them.

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Spotted: DOT Using Thailand Photo in Campaign?

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Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Getting Too Much Attitude

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This blogger personality (BP) gained attention with a faux pas in a major event last year. Her comment went viral among netizens and followers of the industry. The media even picked it up as news. BP received negative reactions that expressed major disappointments. However, others were quick to defend her by citing her age as an excuse. After that incident, people thought BP learned her lesson in humility as she even apologized for that put down of the industry. Apparently, she did not!

BP hired a professional to handle her career. This handler got bookings and major companies as sponsors. Her sponsors before she became famous were set aside in favor of the bigger companies who could afford her exorbitant talent fee. The handler sells BP by saying she has a larger following compared to other bloggers even if these are her friends. When sponsors try to get BP and her circle, the handler refuses and reiterates that BP works alone.

Worse, BP now demands a high figure for her appearance in public events. Worst, she uses her social networking sites to bash professionals and other bloggers in her field. In fact, her circle alleges that her faux pas was not just a once-in-a-lifetime mistake rather it’s a habit that shows in her microblogging. Her lack of respect for people, who worked so hard and paid their dues to achievesuccess, has not gone unnoticed.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Righteous Big Heart

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This hyper personality (HP) became a trending topic in twitter when he had to leave a show where he stayed for almost a year. Pressure from the viewers could not make management bend the rules to bring him back so he was erased from the roster. During his stint, HP developed a friendship with this TV personality.

This friendship was well-meaning. When the favorite relative of the TV personality was confined at a hospital, HP spent time with the relative. He even left food for the mother of the TV personality who took over the duties at the hospital. When the relative eventually passed away, the mother could not stop sharing a sample of the sincere kindness of HP to the visitors at the wake.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Obvious Excuse

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Her new look, new projects, and renewed confidence project an image of a woman who has risen above the situation. In fact, viewers were happy to see her back in her element and the fans look forward to seeing her again appear regularly on TV. Unfortunately, she already sent word she might not be around for tomorrow's show. It's not a big deal, really. However, tomorrow happens to be his birthday celebration. 

Is she afraid to be the next victim of a possible awkward moment just like what happened last week? Is she still not ready to see him? What do you think?

The Actor's Response to the Downelink Account

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