Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Exploring Taj Mahal

                                      The Great Gate: Gateway to the Taj Mahal

                                                                Taj Mahal

                                               View of Taj Mahal from the East Side

                                                         Taj Mahal Mosque


  1. Wonderful! Wish you could also provide some details of the hotel you stayed in, prices, food and restos that is a must visit and must try and those that are not worth trying :) looking forward to more travel blogs from you, FP :)


  2. Love your pics FP, you have a good eye, ang ganda ng pictures ha...:)

  3. Do we need a visa to enter India?

  4. I am sure youve tried the different kinds of curry? and the biryani? Yummy!!!

  5. Thanks for the posting, if you can provide details on your travel, cost and some tips, or is it better to join the tour group? Can you recommend any? Planning to go to India , Egypt and Israel soon.

  6. I got to visit Taj Mahal some years ago pero once lang. I heard to appreciate it better you should visit at different times of day. To those who wish to visit, bring extra socks kasi pahuhubarin ang shoes. Wear shoes that you can fold and keep in your bag. May nawawalan din kasi ng shoes eh.

  7. Beautiful. Wish hubby and I could go there one day. :-)

    Chika naman about the hotel you stayed in and the food!

    --mall rat

  8. diba pwedeng pumasok mismo sa loob?

  9. yes same question re hotel and food



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