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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Raging Before Getting the Facts Right

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Showbiz personalities are often reminded that behavior is an important factor in their careers. Regardless of the image they have built in front of the cameras, misbehavior could put a dent on their career, turnoff fans, and dismiss endorsements. Sometimes, celebrities forget that local fans have a notion that their idols should be perfect, which means that celebrities should be role models and live a wholesome life. However, most celebrities find difficulty in suppressing their true selves, especially when emotions take over.

People were glad when Former Heartthrob (FH) finally found someone with whom he could settle down. Throughout his career, FH has been linked to several actresses until he got involved with Gorgeous Young Talent (GY). As he seemed to have change priorities since his relationship with GY, FH left his home network and pursued other interests. As the years passed, FH seemed content with not having a permanent station. This decision was not questioned, as everyone saw that FH was happy with GY. 

While people wished that FH could permanently settle down with GY, his behavior at a private club seemed to indicate that he was not ready to leave his bachelor life any time soon. FH was spotted in the club with a beautiful woman (BW). Since GY was not around, onlookers assumed that FH was on a date. As things were going on in the club, attention was suddenly focused towards FH, BW, and a Male Guest (MG).

Prior to the commotion, MG approached BW and started talking to her as though they were old friends, which in fact, they were. MG and BW were laughing and obviously enjoying their conversation. When FH saw the two, he called the attention of MG. Before the latter could explain, FH allegedly tugged his shirt. In other words, FH acted like a jealous boyfriend, which was quite surprising, as everyone knows he has GY in his life. Given that FH allegedly manhandled MG, BW had to calm him down, and tell him that MG is a childhood friend and he is gay. MG is not at all a threat.

Being hot-tempered and getting physical is nothing new to FH. He has been involved in several incidents, but interest in such moments waned as time passed. Being in the private club could have also added to the confidence of FH that he could act the way he wanted, as he is well connected with the owners of the controversial venue.  

Man seems to be capable of great virtues but not of small virtues; capable of defying his torturer but not of keeping his temper. - Gilbert K. Chesterton

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Letter from a Reader: Doctor's Negligence Leads to Severe Pain

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Hello FashionPulis,

Allow me to share my experience with this certain doctor from a private hospital in San Juan.

Last July 5, 2013, I had an operation for the removal of my myoma (Total Abdominal Hysterectomy, Left salpingo-oophorectomy/ Pfannenstiel Incision/GAOT). The procedure was performed at this private hospital in San Juan by this certain doctor, who is affiliated with our HMO, Intellicare.

Several months after the operation was performed, I started experiencing severe abdominal pains (worse, like labor pains), severe pain during urination, vaginal bleeding (which I thought was normal), discharges with foul odor, vaginal infection, constant hypertension, and fever.

On October 24, 2014, I went see an ob-gynecologist at in a mall for what I thought was urinary tract infection. The doctor there advised me to go back to the doctor who performed the surgery because there was a suture from my operation that caused bleeding and infection.

I went back to to my doctor last October 25, 2014 to complain about these problems, and she performed tests, namely, urinalysis, CBC, transvaginal ultrasound, pap smear, and FBS. My doctor also advised me to seek clearance from my cardiologist for possible surgery. Further tests, namely, ECG, PT, PTT, and X-ray were needed.

However, the pain kept recurring and worsened. Even after several tests, my doctor could still not find anything wrong. She started giving me verbal diagnosis, such as telling me that I may have cancer or a scratch.

Prescribed medicine, such as antibiotics and pain relievers, did not improve my condition. During these times, I became depressed and anxious of my situation. My work got affected, as I was recurrently absent because of physical pain. My superior almost terminated me because I could not carry out my work properly. A very good career opportunity did not push through because of my absences from work, and I missed out on the merit increase cycle because of this situation.

Our finances were depleting. Since I have consumed my leave balances, I was on a “no work, no pay” status. I kept buying and taking medicines that did not cure me. My husband needed to attend to me and my children, and missed his work duties. Hence, he did not get his daily allowance as well. As a result, the relationship with my husband and children suffered. As I was unable to care for my children well, time spent with my family suffered. I had emotional anxiety, and my body was fatigued with laboratory tests. We were all mentally and emotionally in pain because of my situation.

In November 17, I had a checkup with another OB. She saw the suture had not dissolved .She said that it was the cause of all that I have been experiencing. The suture was there all along and was not removed. It was a clear manifestation of carelessness. She also advised me to have kidney and bladder ultrasound just to make sure that those organs were not affected.

Finally, the suture was removed last November 19, 2014 in the same hospital. We got in touch with someone in the higher ups, who promised us settlement. However, my doctor seemed to keep delaying the process and made me feel stupid, too. As per my operation technique dated last July 2013, the report said that my cervix was removed, but as per my transvaginal (performed at the same hospital with their OB) test last October 2014, the result said that my cervix was very much intact. I was simply told that perhaps it was probably my fats, which showed that laboratories and equipment in their facilities were not accurate.

Thank you so much Fashion Pulis for publishing my story. I hope something positive will come out of this.


Note: FashionPulis is open to the side of the involved parties. Letter was edited for brevity and publication purposes.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Behave Like a Diva, Goodbye

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Among the graduates of this reality show, Versatile Talent (VT) could be considered as one of the luckiest. Since she was discovered, she has had regular appearances in successful movies and teleseryes of her home station. Although she is not that striking in her looks, she makes up for this limitation with her strong screen presence and her talent. She was commended for her performance in a supporting role in one of the biggest hit movies in the local scene.

Because the management noticed that VT was a notch ahead of their other talents, she was given roles that had much exposure and significance in the story. Alongside her building up of her name came the barrage of intrigues about her personal life. Not contented with what VT shows, tabloids exploited her love life and her seeming preference for mature partners. Thus, stories linking VT to older men added to her name recall.

Despite this controversy, the network still gave VT significant projects that met expectations. A few weeks into the project, VT had to be dropped from the cast. Immediately, the assumption was that the cause of her being dropped was her personal condition, which might limit her actions and become a risk factor. As this reasoning seemed to be just, viewers accepted the situation just like that.

Questions were then raised as to why the production did not simply bother to write in the situation of VT into the storyline, which some teleseryes practice anyway. Besides, her role would justify her condition and would flow in the context. While that decision is not as simple as it seems, the real reason why VT had to go was not directly linked to her condition. The reason was that the production had enough of her actions.

Allegedly, success has gone into VT’s head and she started behaving like a prima donna on the set. The behavior was just too much that working with VT was no longer pleasant. VT would order the staff left and right, and her demands were sometimes beyond limits. At one point, VT demanded a massage from the staff, which was not part of their job description. When the head found out about the diva behavior, changes had to be made. Being a series that promotes positivism, irony would reverberate if the major lead were exuding negative energy. Things fell into place and VT’s present condition was such a good excuse to let her go.

Success can make you go one of two ways. It can make you a prima donna - or it can smooth the edges, take away the insecurities, let the nice things come out. - Barbara Walters

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