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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Actor Badly Needs Extremely Good Deodorant

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The photoshoot for a campaign with Hefty Actor (HA) was going so well that the staff was impressed with the attitude of HA. HA was cooperative and professional. The staff appreciated that there was no trouble with HA following instructions, and they loved his presence.

Despite his recent achievements, HA patiently waited and worked as he was required to do. At the start of his career, he played supporting roles or sometimes he did not even have projects. Still, HA remained loyal to his craft. When HA finally hit the big one, his fame increased and his name became synonymous with a highly successful partnership.

While at times, rumors would surface about the questionable actions of HA in public, he did not show any irritation during the said photoshoot. He dressed and wore the required outfit without complaining. Even if the heat generated by the lights were uncomfortable, HA did his task.

Lights are essential in a photoshoot, and the degree of lighting can actually improve the image of models. However, the heat generated by the bulbs can make models sweat excessively, but still, they had to project that the heat did not bother them.

As the photoshoot was winding up, the clothes worn by HA were gathered by the staff. The next thing that happened made the staff stare at each other for a second, as they could not believe the smell emitting from the clothes that HA had worn for the shoot. Nonetheless, the staff had no choice but to pick up the clothes. Then, someone noted that the looks of HA cannot compensate for the odor.

“If you don't smell good, then you don't look good.” - Katy Elizabeth

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Sun Poised to Continue Outpacing Globe with Double-Digit Growth in Postpaid Subscribers

On the back of its strong first quarter figures, Sun is confident that it will continue outpacing rival network Globe Telecom, Inc. with double-digit growth in postpaid subscribers this year, affirming its position as the country’s fastest growing postpaid brand.

Sun dominated the mobile postpaid segment during the first quarter of 2015 with a remarkable 18 percent year-on-year growth in its postpaid subscriber base, according to the latest disclosure of its parent firm PLDT. Meanwhile, Globe posted a 9 percent year-on-year growth in terms of postpaid subscriber base over the same period.

“Sun’s stellar performance in the postpaid segment has been hugely driven by feature-packed plans that give subscribers unbeatable value for their money,” said Sun Vice President Joel Lumanlan.

“We are very confident that Sun will sustain this momentum of double-digit growth and outpace its direct competitor as we roll out highly competitive products that appeal to the wise spender in every Filipino. Sun’s strategy has always been simple: empower Filipinos with a much better choice for their mobile services,” he added. 

Choose Better campaign

This strategy resonates in Sun’s newly launched ‘Choose Better’ campaign, which encourages mobile users to rethink their options, cut through all the fluff and settle for the choice that offers the better value.

Under the campaign, Sun is pushing Sun Best Value Plan 450, an entry-level postpaid plan which already comes with a free Android phone plus a monthly pack of unlimited Sun calls and texts; 20 hours of mobile surfing; free Freebook, and 250 texts to other networks.

On the other hand, Sun offers broadband users with Non Stop Surf Plan 450, which provides nonstop surfing; additional 1GB data for data streaming; and another 1GB music streaming on the Spinnr app.

As part of its aggressive campaign, Sun is also boosting its prepaid offers like Super Loaded Call &Text Unlimited 100 (which features unlimited calls to Sun, Smart and Talk ‘N Text; unlimited texts to all networks; and 100MB data now valid for 7 days), and its prepaid broadband pack Non Stop Surf 25 (which now includes 50MB data for light online activities; 25MB data allowance for heavy online activities’ and 300MB worth of content Spinnr, valid for one day).

Fastest growing postpaid brand in 2014 

In 2014, Sun emerged as the fastest growing postpaid brand in the country after posting a remarkable 16 percent year-on-year growth in terms of subscriber base, compared to the 12 percent growth posted by Globe over the same period.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Cutting Further Losses of Their Positive Image

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Everyone knows that showbiz personalities and their management are very keen on keeping a certain image. Thus, a celebrity has to live by that image even if that is not his/her true personality. For example, a pleasant looking and wholesome personality might actually be someone who curses and fumes at the slightest mistake of household helpers or a handsome actor might really be indifferent and uncaring for people he works with. However, the public will only get denials of such stories as networks and their publicity warriors will do the required damage control immediately. Only when things are offhand and the network realizes that damage control is too costly, will it relent and later on, drop the “pasaway” talent.

When talents are highly bankable, expect that the network will make sure their images are all positive. Thus, while some people are insisting that something is troubling this showbiz couple, the parties involved have surprisingly addressed the issue and affirmed to everyone that all is fine between them. One of the personalities even said that despite their busy schedule and different shooting locations, they make it a point to make sure that their relationship remains as expected. Posting pictures of both of them together as often as sunrises and sunsets is not possible at the moment as their schedules are really tight.

Even their network is quite supportive to make sure that the publicity contradicts reports that they have separated. In fact, the management is doing what it could to avert any possible tension that could affect the status of the couple. Soft-Spoken Actor (SA) and Dynamic Talent (DT) both have full schedules of movies, endorsements, and TV appearances. Thus, any negative news, such as their relationship becoming muddled, will affect their net worth. Much will be lost for SA, while DT needs to project positivity as well.

Nonetheless, image can only be believed as far. When DT became a victim of vandalism, she was stopped from filing a police report by her management. Yes, you guessed it! SA, who was angered upon finding out that DT went out with a good-looking man, allegedly did the said vandalism. However, DT sort of made the vandalism known to send a message to SA, which is her knowing of what he had done. Of course, the question is if all were well between SA and DT, why would the latter go on a date? With their projects lined up in the next few months, negative publicity will only diminish the luster of their career, and thus, denials are expected in confronting that happiness is becoming elusive to the said couple.

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.- Winston Churchill

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Reality Bites Hard

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True love and lasting marriages seem to be myths when it comes to showbiz couples. While some couples are role models, others sacrificed their marriages and families for the sake of their career and love. Sadly, no one among showbiz personalities who assume the role of the second family can proudly claim their role. Despite rumors buzzing loudly, personalities remain silent, as they know that advocates of morality will not let them be.

When news broke out that Low-Profile Figure (LP) got married to Showbiz Scion (SS), quite a number of eyebrows were raised. Prior to their union, SS was also in the news for marrying his long-time girlfriend. Since LP and SS were in showbiz, they were given more exposure and the earlier news about SS died down. Soon, LP and SS raised their family, while SS moved into another field to test his skills. Unknowingly, a Non-Showbiz Bigwig (NB) had his eyes set on LP.

Soon, rumors on the separation of LP and SS were denied, and the involvement of NB was downplayed. Unfortunately, the rumors turned out to be true, as SS took all their children and separated with LP. Allegedly, LP opted to be with NB, who, by the way, is very much married. Time passed and LP was consistent in denying that she has a relationship with NB. However, snippets of confirmation would emerge in social media, but LP would neither deny nor confirm. Lucky for her, local showbiz is notorious for keeping open secrets. For instance, everyone already knows about a certain story, but no one with a name will dare confirm its veracity. The same is true for the case of LP and NB.

Leading the life of the unconfirmed second family, LP is very protective and possessive of her alleged status with NB. One day, someone approached LP and showed her a published photograph. In a split second, the smile became a smirk, and the smirk of LP became stern. In the publication was a clear picture showing NB with his legal wife. The photograph made LP fume, and she started to rack her brains to figure out who was responsible for the publication. The usual suspects came into mind, but then the more fuss LP created would lead to the risk of exposing her arrangements with NB. Besides, LP could not do anything but accept the fact that NB has a lovely wife.

Given her status, LP realized that she should just mind her own business, as she might not have anywhere to turn to if NB leaves her. Her kids are barely out of their teens and she has no solid career to fall back on in case such scenario happens. The possibility of NB leaving LP is not remote, as he has allegedly done it with his legal wife. If LP behaves like a brat, then NB might realize his ambitions are better fueled if he returns to his wife. LP and NB are not legally bound to each other, which is something that LP will not be able to deny.

“Anger at lies lasts forever. Anger at truth can't last.” - Greg Evans.

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