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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Miss Sabotage

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One Sunday, this television host/singer was backstage with her fellow female performers getting ready for their song number. Out of the blue, she approached the others girls and suggested to them that they should all wear dresses in the same shade to make their number look more special.

The other girls agreed to her suggestion so they began going through their dresses to find a shade that is common in everyone's wardrobe. After agreeing on which shade to wear, the girls started getting ready for their number.

When the girls were about to leave their dressing rooms, they noticed that the host was missing. The next time they saw her was when they were already about to appear on stage. Much to their surprise, the host was wearing a dress in a shade that is different from everyone else's. She totally made the other girls look like her backup dancers on stage.

Do you have an idea as to who this host/singer is? She seems to enjoy giving inaccurate information to her rivals so that she can upstage them.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Please Vote for Miss Philippines

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The whole world is expecting that Miss Philippines will make it to the semi-finals because Filipinos are known to be avid online voters. Let us not disappoint the world.

Please vote for Miss Philippines, Shamcey Supsup on and guarantee her a spot in the semi-finals. 

Letter from a Reader: False Advertisement

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Dear Fashion PULIS,

I started watching this DJ's podcast when my husband asked me to watch one of his hilarious episodes with a rock star. I started following him on Twitter and I learned that he is giving away prizes for all his callers. According to him, every caller will get an MP3 Player from the sponsor, and the caller of the night will receive another major prize.

One time when I was listening online, I was trying to contact him thru Skype because I was very interested to ask the psychic guest about this certain paranormal activity that I have experienced. The assistant of the DJ ended up contacting me instead and I was able to speak to him and his guest. A few minutes later, my line got cut due to the bad internet connection.

Since the line was cut, I tried to contact his assistant again because I want to ask her how I can claim my MP3. She told me that someone will contact me anytime soon to give me the instructions. I was surprised that she did not bother asking for my personal details so I volunteered to them to her instead. 

A few days later, I decided to visit their Facebook account since no one got in touch with me regarding my prize. There, I was able to read several complaints from callers who have not received their prizes. There were also comments from some people who waited for weeks before they got their prizes.

After waiting for more than three weeks, I decided to send a message to the assistant and ask her about my MP3. I was shocked when she informed me that I can claim my 100 PhP worth of gift certificate from this certain techno hub in Eastwood. When I read her message I was dumbfounded so I said thank you and more power to their show since the assistant was very nice to me.

I was very disappointed when I heard that they were not giving me what they promised. I am not about to waste gas money to drive all the way to Eastwood to pick up the 100 PhP GC. I would have gone all the way to Eastwood though if they told me that the DJ will be there personally to give me the GC.

Before I end my letter I just want to make it clear that I sent this letter because I believe that the DJ is using false advertisement to attract people to view his podcasts. He and his assistants should be very clearly regarding the prizes that they really intend to give to the callers. 

I have nothing against the DJ. I am still a fan and I still love him.

DJ's Fan

Monday, August 29, 2011

Spoiled Blue Cheese?

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The sour and salty taste of blue cheese makes it an acquired taste for people with tolerant palates. Its pungent smell is often enough reason for most people not to try it. People who are afraid to even taste this cheese are missing their chance to enjoy the extraordinary flavor of this misunderstood cheese.

When this actor and his actress-girlfriend were invited to dinner, they were served salad with blue cheese. During dinner, a female guest noticed that the actress was picking the blue cheese out of her salad, so she asked her if she dislikes the taste. She was surprised when the actress told her that the blue cheese from the salad is "panis" or spoiled.

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Letter from a Reader: What are His Deeper Issues?

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Dear Fashion Pulis,

I am an avid fan of Fashion PULIS since I found out about it. I make sure that I check it everyday to update myself with your celebrity blind items. Everyone I know is reading your blog. Now, let me share a blind item for you.

Who is this television host who recently badmouthed your blog on a television show? He said, “Walang kwenta naman ang Fashion Pulis na yan.” When this sore loser, sour graping guy broke up with a famous celebrity from another TV network, he also badmouthed her. Ironically, a few months later, he reunited with her after saying so many bad things about her.

What he said made me wonder if his podcasts or his radio programs have “kwenta”? He is the only male celebrity I know who makes “patol” all his enemies and claiming that he is just brave to confront them. So I say, “yeah right, that's very girly.” If he were really straight, I don’t think he will talk and answer back like a girl to all his detractors. No straight guy from the any network does that.

In my opinion, I think this guy is so “feeling.” Just because he can speak straight English doesn’t make him superior. The way he reacts to things proves that he is insecure about his looks and his height.

Before I end this blind item, I wish to dedicate a quote by Naomi Campbell to this guy, “Anger is a manifestation of a deeper issue... and that, for me, is based on insecurity, self-esteem and loneliness."

Fellow FP readers, what do you think are his “deeper issues”? If I remember correctly, he is currently seeing a therapist, right?

More power to you FP and continue to delight us with your juicy stories.

Char Esmundo

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just Chewing

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According to statistics, if a job applicant is chewing gum while he or she is being interviewed, it is almost a guarantee that he or she will not get the job. Public relations professionals would always advise their celebrity clients never to chew gum while being interviewed on television because this is considered rude, unattractive and disrespectful.

Last night, a Fashion PULIS reader was severely bothered when she caught this handsome actor on television chewing gum while being interviewed by a veteran host on his late night show. At one point, the camera even caught him sticking out his tongue while trying to blow a bubble with his gum. 

Yes, this actor might have halitosis but it still does not give him an excuse to use chewing gum to freshen his breath while being interviewed. His behavior on television last night was simply unacceptable. 

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Really Changed

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This actor used be naive, conservative, shy and timid before he started dating his sexy actress girlfriend. Nowadays, whenever he is with his guy friends, all he talks about is sex. He constantly insists that they should give him more pointers on how he can better satisfy his girlfriend in bed.

What this actor does not know is that he has become the laughingstock of his friends. They can tell that his lack of sexual experience is making him very insecure. They also feel that his actress-girlfriend has really changed his entire personality.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Win a Pair of Somnio Running Shoes

Please click on the image to read the mechanics.

Somnio is Latin for “dream”. Our mission is to help people achieve their lifestyle goals and do so while remaining injury and pain free. We aren’t just selling shoes; we’re solving problems, and are helping to make some dreams come true along the way.

Somnio is founded on the principle that shoes should adapt to the individual and improve biomechanics. Every person is different, and we believe that every pair of shoes should be different, too, so we built a platform for making that possible. Our exclusive system of almost infinite shoes and limitless possibilities was designed in the nation’s leading sports medicine lab, and then tested and refined there on real people, just like you.

We believe focus provides a clear path to achievement. We are focused on making great shoes that accommodate to every individual’s needs. We are focused on building the perfect Somnio shoe for you.

She's Going?

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The top executives of this network have been pushing this big star to renew her contract but she turned a deaf ear to all of them. She is not so interested to renew her contract because she is totally satisfied with the way that these executive have been dealing with her money-related concerns.

What the executives of this network do not know is that the management of this star has been secretly meeting with another network to discuss her possible transfer. According to a source, the offer of this rival network was just too big for her not to consider it.

This big star's possible move is just the beginning. Another star that this other network is targeting is this beautiful frustrated singer who hosts a regular television show.

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Silence of Love: Thai Life Insurance TVC

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Letter from a Reader: Please Don't Deprive Us!

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Dear Fashion PULIS,

I'm an avid fan and it has been my habit to check your blog everyday. I also try to read the comments of other FP fanatics if I have the time. Your blog is very influential and I am writing you this letter hoping and praying that our appeal will be heard. 

Our appeal is regarding the Board of Nursing's memo that the July 2011 Nursing Board Exam Passers will not be having the traditional mass oath taking ceremony. This is very disappointing for me because I am one of the July NLE board exam passers and knowing that I will not be able to experience this tradition gives me a heavy heart. 

I believe that the Oath Taking Ceremony is a solemn event that should be experienced by new registered nurses because this is our time to make our parents proud by having them witness us taking the oath. This will also give them the feeling of fulfillment after all the hard work that they have gone through to send their children to the nursing schools. 

We (new RNs) are aware of the country's economic condition, and the scarcity of job opportunities but depriving us of this experience would not solve it. Having the experience of seeing our parents proud is priceless. Money can be earned until the day we die. 

I am hoping that the proper authorities could read this so that our appeal may be heard. Thanks FP and more power!

Sincerely yours,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just Purchased Them!

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The wife of this famous celebrity was spotted by a Fashion PULIS reader somewhere in Bonifacio High Street buying stacks of this certain magazine that featured her on the cover. Was she buying them to give away to friends or she just purchased them to boost the magazine sales? You guess is as good as mine.

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Kudos to Dubai-based Filipino Designer

Image courtesy of Asghar Khan/Gulf News

For someone who started off by making dresses for his mother, Dubai-based Filipino designer Furne One has come a long way indeed.

With a celebrity roster that includes supermodel Heidi Klum, legendary actress Joan Collins and, most recently, three of pop's current biggest names — Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry — his is every designer's dream client list. But that's only if you consider dressing celebrities the ultimate career high. One (pronounced on-ay) has been making his dream-like couture dresses, all sequins, glitter and all, for highly-placed Arab clients and royals for the past 12 years.

The soft-spoken designer puts his current successful celebrity run down to a lot of hard work, and some luck.

"I have been working with Heidi for Germany's Next Top Model for about four seasons now, designing for the finalists," he tells tabloid!.

Source: (By David Tusing, Deputy tabloid! Editor)

Albert Martinez is Belo's Latest Endorser

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Desperately in Love

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His son does not like her so he has been avoiding her ever since his son came to visit. She, on the other hand, is still desperately in love with him. Despite the fact that he has been avoiding her, she went to one of his shoots unannounced to catch a glimpse of him. This is how much she misses him.

When the cameras stopped rolling, the production team was surprised that he did not even mind her. Instead of entertaining her, he pretended that she did not exist. While he was goofing around with one of the production staff members, she went in front of him, yelled "Happy anniversary" and left the scene abruptly.

Lately, she has been drinking a lot with her friends to ease her pain. She is really head over heels in love with him but it seems like he will never be able to reciprocate her love. Do you guys have any advice for her?

Thank you very much for loving Fashion PULIS. Please continue to send your juicy stories to I will be waiting!

Sightseeing in Brussels, Belgium

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Her Mouth Smells

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According to, when a person's normal food intake is altered, his/her body begins to burn deposits of fat for energy use. This process is called Ketosis.

Ketosis is capable of burning almost all types of fats except for Acetone. While Ketosis burns all the other fats in the body, that only way that Acetone can be excreted  in our bodies as waste is through the urine or the breath. This is why a person's mouth tends to smell bad when he/she is on  a diet.

After understanding Ketois, we now know why this certain actress' mouth smells. In her attempt to be as skinny as Miss Halitosis, she strictly controls her food intake. She also loves dancing because it helps her lose even more weight. I guess the guy that she is currently dating is so used to smelly cheese that he does not notice her stinky breath. 

Do you know who this actress is? I suggest that you follow micsylim on Twitter if you still need additional clues

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Political Butterfly

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After a few years of being together, Politician A finally decided to end his relationship with his actress girlfriend. He made this decision after he discovered that his girlfriend is seeing Politician B. He also learned that his girlfriend used to date this said politician way before he even met her.

This actress is definitely one lucky girl because these two politicians were both included in the wealthiest list. Politician A comes from a very influential family while Politician B once impregnated a former beauty queen turned actress.

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Letter from a Reader: Disappointing Online Voucher Deal

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Dear Fashion Pulis,

I am newbie in your throng of readers but this does not make me enjoy your articles less. Even if I am a considerably new follower, it has been already a habit of mine to check your website regularly for the juiciest blind items. In this way I have also seen how powerful your website is in informing netizens things that they should avoid. In this light, I have come to write about an annoying experience.

I have never been really a fan of those voucher sites but I sometimes check on them in case I see a deal that might be useful for me. In this particular deal site, I saw a deal that offers half the price for ink cartridge refills. I had doubts before purchasing a voucher but I eventually gave in since I am a student and printer inks are very important for me since I do nonstop paper work for school. I checked out the terms and conditions of the deal site first before purchasing to see if they have some policies on refunds because ever since this voucher trend became popular, I have been hearing and reading about false advertisements, bad deals, etc. It was clearly stated in their FAQs that refunds could be done if they find the voucher not useful to them and there would be no any problems with regards to that. That gave me a sense of security just in case I would not be able to get the said deal stated in their advertisement so I ended up purchasing one voucher.

When I ran out of ink, I planned to use the said voucher to refill my cartridges. I asked my mom who was going to the same vicinity of the refilling shop to drop by the shop to have the cartridges refilled. However, I wanted to make sure so my mom would not be embarrassed using the cartridges so I gave the shop a call first. I called to inform them that someone will have cartridges refilled using a certain voucher. To my surprise, the person who answered the call was totally clueless about it and he did not even seem to know the concept of vouchers. I even reiterated about the promo and he sounded even more confused and told me that he was not informed about something about the deal. I asked if there is another person I could talk to and he told me that he is they only one there. I got very disappointed and just asked my mom to have the cartridges refilled in another refilling shop (different from the one in the deal website).

Due to this, I immediately went back to the website and looked for the refund procedures. I immediately emailed their customer support and told them about what happened. I was asking for a voucher cancellation. I got a response 3 days after and they apologized and clarified that it is not their fault and they should not be blamed for it. I understand that there was a problem of miscommunication or non coordination with the merchant and did not think for a second that the deal company was at fault. They immediately cancelled my voucher but did not mention anything about the refund. I was even the one to ask about my refund when it should be an SOP that they would issue the refund upon cancellation of the voucher! An agent responded and assured me that a refund will be given as soon as possible.

I paid them through PayPal so I also requested a refund through PayPal. After a few days, I got a response from the deal website's PayPal account declining my refund request with an arguing message which stated: "did you actually call the numbers on the voucher? Because they are very well aware of the promo." This shocked me because this is not the way you should be responding to a client! Moreover, I stated very clearly that I already did my part as a customer yet they said they are not aware of the promo. It was so disappointing to get such argumentative message when the client is already the one on the losing end. I responded and said that my voucher has already been cancelled even if they check my account so they should issue a refund. I also emailed their customer support citing the reply I got from their PayPal account and all I got was a message saying that I was CC'd in the email sent to the person in charge of refunds. It has been more than a week and I still do not see a payment reversal in my PayPal account.

The amount in question is just 200 pesos. 200 pesos won't make me poor or rich but in principle, I believe that they should return my money since they already cancelled my voucher. I would have accepted it if they refused to cancelled my voucher but that is not the case. Not have I only been cheated on but I also felt that I was scammed since I haven't gotten the refund that I was assured of. This deal website also has poor coordination and they just communicate to each other through email. Seriously? Do they have such large corporation with different departments that they are so busy that they could only communicate with each other through emails? Moreover, they have rude personnel who would not recognize what the client has to say and would even argue. Disappointing! I would understand if I used my debit card or credit card in paying and refund would somehow take time. Refunds in PayPal are the easiest because all they have to do is to reverse the payment and it would go back to me. I already made their lives easier by requesting a refund so they would just click YES to my request but they argued to a client just for 200 pesos.

My advise to people who want to try deal websites, call the merchant first to confirm before purchasing or else this might just happen to you!

Thanks FP for taking your time in reading this.

Yours truly,
Clar Bear

Sightseeing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Magna Plaza

Central Station

Royal Palace

Concertgebouw on Museumplein

De Munt (The Mint)

The Flower Market

Sunday Art Market on the Spui


Zeedijk aka Chinatown

Chinese Temple


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