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Friday, August 26, 2011

Win a Pair of Somnio Running Shoes

Please click on the image to read the mechanics.

Somnio is Latin for “dream”. Our mission is to help people achieve their lifestyle goals and do so while remaining injury and pain free. We aren’t just selling shoes; we’re solving problems, and are helping to make some dreams come true along the way.

Somnio is founded on the principle that shoes should adapt to the individual and improve biomechanics. Every person is different, and we believe that every pair of shoes should be different, too, so we built a platform for making that possible. Our exclusive system of almost infinite shoes and limitless possibilities was designed in the nation’s leading sports medicine lab, and then tested and refined there on real people, just like you.

We believe focus provides a clear path to achievement. We are focused on making great shoes that accommodate to every individual’s needs. We are focused on building the perfect Somnio shoe for you.


  1. Off-topic pero FASHION PULIS was mentioned on Juicy today by IC Mendoza. Yung the one about P ignoring K on the set ng photoshoot? Mo ranted about how walang kwenta daw ang articles ng fashion pulis Buti na lang IC came to FP's defense and said na reliable daw ang sources ng Fashion Pulis

  2. I can't view the photo. The link is broken :(

  3. wala kwenta din c M, but i guess mahilig din xa mag basa ng FP.. tanga nya



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