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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sightseeing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Magna Plaza

Central Station

Royal Palace

Concertgebouw on Museumplein

De Munt (The Mint)

The Flower Market

Sunday Art Market on the Spui


Zeedijk aka Chinatown

Chinese Temple


  1. 2nd photo: Not Royal Palace, that's a mall called Magna Plaza. The photo below the one labeled Dam Square is actually the Royal Palace.
    Photo below the "Van Gogh in Antwerp" sign is the Concertgebouw on Museumplein. It's the concert hall, home of the Royal Netherlands Orchestra.
    Photo labeled Flower Market (with the clock tower) is De Munt (The Mint), where money used to be made.
    Sunday Flea Market is the Sunday art market on the Spui.
    The street party looks like it's on Reguliersdwarsstraat which has a lot of gay-friendly establishments.
    Chinese temple is in Zeedijk aka Chinatown.

  2. Hi FP! Good thing that you are enjoying your time in the Netherlands. Just take good care should you decide to try the "space cakes" *wink wink*
    Anyway, should you decide to try visit Netherlands again, I suggest you go to Zaanse Schans which is outside Amsterdam and also Vlieland island which is in the northern part of the country.


  3. Wow do street parties happen often in amsterdam or na chempohan nyo lang?

  4. Dear Anonymous 3:29,
    Thanks for helping me identify the places. I wasn't so sure that's why I was asking for help on Twitter. So glad you posted your comment. Are you from Amsterdam?

  5. Yes I'm living in Amsterdam. It's great weather today, rent a bike and go to Vondelpark! Save your museumgoing for a rainy day like tomorrow. Rooftop cafe of de Bijenkorf is nice for lunch if you're in that area. Enjoy!
    - Anon 3:29

  6. Hi FP!

    Of all the places in Europe that you've visited so far, I'm really liking the vibrant feel of Amsterdam! I would really love to visit this place someday.

    Thanks for documenting everything and sharing it with all of us back home!

  7. Hi FP!

    Are you also going to visit The Hague? Let me know, i''ll tour you around!!!

  8. I just saw this. Hihi. I love amsterdam. Woaah i miss there. :(



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