Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Make That Move to Mabuhay Miles MasterCard

Image courtesy of Allied Bank

Now is the best time to switch to Mabuhay Miles MasterCard. With the “Lipat Na Lipad Pa” balance transfer promo, cardholders get more value with as much as 30,000 instant bonus Mabuhay Miles. Transferring to Mabuhay Miles MasterCard can even let cardholders fly to Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei or Xiamen for free! Promo is extended until April 15, 2012.

If getting those bonus Mabuhay Miles for trips is simple, then moving to Mabuhay Miles MasterCard is even easier. Cardholders need only apply at the nearest Allied Bank or Philippine National Bank and complete the Lipat na, Lipad pa application form.

The “Lipat Na Lipad Pa” balance transfer rates are available in easy 12, 18, and 24-month terms with a minimum balance transfer amount of P10,000. A P10,000 balance transfer gets you 5,000 bonus Mabuhay Miles. That already gets you to a local destination for free.

The higher the balance to be transferred, the more bonus Mabuhay Miles one gets. To illustrate: P20,000 gets you 10,000 bonus Mabuhay Miles; P30,000 get you 20,000; and P50,000 gets you 30,000.

With Mabuhay Miles MasterCard’s very low Miles conversion of P33 to a Mile, the free trips will just keep on coming.

Flexibility in Redeeming Earned Miles

Generosity in recognizing and rewarding customer loyalty – this in a nutshell, is what sets Mabuhay Miles apart from the other frequent flyer programs. One good measure of generosity is flexibility. And Mabuhay Miles surely measures up. Members are provided with award choices, specifically, with options to redeem their Miles according to their needs. Domestic award ticket redemptions may be made for one-way or roundtrip flights. However, international award tickets are only available for roundtrip travel. Travel awards start with as low as 3,000 Miles. Award tickets are transferrable to anyone and upgrade awards may be transferred to family and friends who are also Mabuhay Miles members.

Convenience and Peace of Mind with Mabuhay Miles MasterCard

Everytime the cardholder uses his Mabuhay Miles MasterCard for purchases, his credit card and purchases are protected from fraudulent transactions, theft, and accidental damage—thanks to Allied Bank’s Fraud and Purchase Protection Insurance.

Cardholders do not need to go on installment to avail of the Fraud and Purchase Protection Insurance. Enjoy extended warranty and security for free with the Purchase Protection Insurance. Items bought are covered against accidental damage and theft for 90 days from purchase date.

There is also nothing to worry about even if one’s card gets lost or stolen or if the card information is used for fraudulent transactions. For a minimal fee of only P10 a month, the cardholder can avail of the Fraud Protection Insurance.

Here’s another reason to choose Mabuhay Miles MasterCard: 24/7 travel insurance coverage. While the usual travel insurance is only limited to while inside public transport, Mabuhay Miles takes it further with its 24-hour coverage. It also comes along with assistance for hassles like lost baggage or travel papers, flight delays, and such.

Transferring to Mabuhay Miles MasterCard also means moving to the best travel card. Nowhere else can one find a concierge that boasts of the widest range of service not offered by other concierge services. Whether it concerns dining, entertainment, travel reservations or other services in the world, the World Assist concierge gives personalized assistance all day, all week, and all year round.

So make that move to Mabuhay Miles MasterCard now through the “Lipat Na Lipad Pa” promo! Earn big bonus Mabuhay Miles instantly and enjoy the advantages that only Mabuhay Miles MasterCard can bring.

For more details, call Ally Live at 818-9-818 or visit Like us on Facebook – search for Mabuhay Miles MasterCard.


  1. hindi naman totoo yung poster and press release nila na bonus miles points....and advertised nila was 30,000 miles for P 50k balance transfer but when i called yday, 3,000 bonus miles lang daw..hindi na daw updated yung nasa press release at website nila

  2. ganyan naman ang pal. eh twice na ako nag-apply dati sa mabuhay miles na yan. hanggang ngayon wala pa din akong card. ang ginamit ko un kapiranggot na papel na ni-cut dun sa brochure na ni-fill upan ko.

  3. katatawag ko lang sa hotline nila. pareho naman sinabi with this article. consistent naman. i actually got the email na w/ the application form.

    1. really? i repeatedly asked the customer rep and she repeatedly replied na 3000 miles instead of tge advertised 30000 miles for P50k balance transfer. nagpacompute ako sa kanya actual points for P44k balance transfer and less than 3000 points lang

    2. baka shonga lang nakausap mo :) email mo yung sila yung nagpadala ng application sa akin. for my follow up questions i send it thru email na. sumasagot naman. yung unang nakausup ko sa hotline ang cute ng sinabi. she called their promo L na L ... ahahaha.. kasi daw Lipat na Lipad pa...

  4. It depends on how much are you balance transferring. This promo is up to April 15.

  5. Even if you were given the advertised 30000 miles which supposedly gets you a 'free' south east asian ticket you still pay at least $150 in taxes, fees, charges, etc or P6525 minimum once you try to issue the ticket.

    Now is that supposed to still be labeled as FREE?

    1. ganun naman talaga.. even Piso fares of cebupac are not really Piso fares because of taxes. they would always say that as far as they the airlines are concerned they give the flight for free or at a lower price. government na yung naniningil ng additional taxes. it's really just packaging and marketing.
      I'm a miles maniac. whenever and where ever i can get miles, grab lang. taxes are taxes. we cant fight BIR. choz!

  6. Follow up on 'free' ticket, in comparison to other airlines under Delta/Northwest the same range of asian destinations charge between $15-75 depending on when you placed your booking. That's easily half the fees of PAL.

    Lastly, personal rant, I hate it when friends tell me they got a ticket to say Shanghai for only $30 via PAL or even Cebu Pacific. Why? Ask them if that was all they paid for to get it. They will sheepishly tell you with exception to airport terminal fee $150-300 more was charged... How is that just $30?


  7. Di naman free yun ticket, I have 40,000 miles sa PAL but pag nagpabook ako ng award ticket kahit Hong Kong lang may bayad pa rin around $120 ata. May paid ticket ka na sa $170, na discount lang ng $50? Hirap kaya mag earn ng 20,000 miles kasi every 3yrs expired na miles mo, ang corny ng PAL.

    Try ninyo call 8558888 then press 3 for booking, 2 for international and 1 for economy class. Ask mo how much talaga yung LIBRENG ticket ng PAL. Ibang airlines less than kalahati ang fees nila pang mileage ticket. Ku...PAL

  8. Nakuha ko na Mabihay Mastercard ko! Nag-apply ako 2 weeks ago. Hintay ko na lang bonus miles ko! Yahoo!!!



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