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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Uratex Hamptons Class

Like sleeping at The Hamptons

The Hamptons on Long Island, New York is one of the most upscale destinations in the state and is quite popular for its seaside resorts, plus some of the most opulent and exclusive residential properties in the US. This “South Fork” of Long Island, New York, composed of both Southampton and East Hampton, is renowned for its exquisite charm, elegance and sophistication.

Combining these attributes of this famous geographical location and the discriminate bedding needs of today’s modern Filipinos helped inspire Uratex, the Philippines’ largest manufacturer of commercial and automotive polyurethane foam products, to come up with its newest mattress collection—the Hamptons Mattress Class.

With 4 different models, namely Hamptons Premiere, Hamptons Prestige, Hamptons Mystique and Hamptons Royale, the Hamptons Class from Uratex redefines prestige and elegance that will definitely suit different tastes in style, from the basic to the more intricate.

Made from classic Bonnel spring, with its hourglass shape and knotted end rings at the top and the bottom, plus a round helical wire that connects the springs together, the Hamptons Premiere is a traditional type of mattress that features heavy-duty construction and high density foam for a good and restful night’s sleep. Its Damask fabric covers the whole mattress to provide utmost durability and definite value for your money.

The Hamptons Prestige mattress, on the other hand, is specifically made to help sleepers address their aching bodies. Providing an ideal balance between firmness and comfort that allows the body to assume a more natural sleeping position, giving superior support and great comfort, the Hamptons Prestige thus helps ensure proper spine alignment. Its foam is also composed of a breathable open-celled structure that provides coolness and a more comfortable sleeping experience day in and day out.

Meanwhile, the Hamptons Mystique mattress is made from high quality visco-elastic foam on top of a high density base. This feature enables the mattress to cradle the body and considerably helps ease pressure in order to provide superb comfort in your every nap or full sleep time. The science behind this comfort is that the mattress conforms to the body’s specific shape and contours, distributing the pressure evenly all over the body in order to ease pressure points. Thus, it promotes better blood circulation which is important in getting a comfortable sleep and a well-rested body the following day, great for those used to working long hours at the office

Finally, the Hamptons Royale mattress is designed with superior comfort in mind, bringing about an allover feeling of relaxation and comfortable sleep minus the uncomfortable tossing and turning. The combination of advanced pocket spring system and body-molding memory foam balances the softness and the firmness of the mattress to help provide optimum support together with superior comfort. Its temperature- and pressure-sensitive memory foam gently conforms to the contours of the body, relieving pressure points which results to a comfortable cocoon. Its quilted mattress cover is made from soft knitted fabric to provide extra softness.

The sleepers will definitely enjoy their dreams for a very long time since Uratex guarantees The Hamptons Mattress Class of its durability and longevity. Each item has a warranty that protects The Hamptons from inherent manufacturing defects and damage, or wear and tear under normal usage.

The Hamptons Premiere has a full 5-year warranty from the date of purchase while The Hamptons Prestige has 7 full years of warranty. The Hamptons Mystique, on the other hand, has a 10-year warranty and an unbelievable 15-year warranty for the Hamptons Royale.

There’s even more to know about the Uratex Hamptons Class of Mattresses and its array of foam and mattress products, made exclusively for SM Homeworld. Just visit the nearest SM Homeworld outlet, Uratex showroom, or go to or call their Customer Hotline at 888-6800.


  1. Is this your sponsor, FP?

  2. when is Uratex going to open in Davao?! their pix in your pages are so fab! when are we going to take a glimpse of their showcase in person? when and where can we buy them?



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