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Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Model

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Every time the sexual preference of Model Actor (MA) is talked about, his camp would issue denials and call such comments as false. In rare interviews, MA would address such rumors whenever a brave reporter would have the guts to ask about his sexuality rumors in his face. Predictably, MA would refute such claim and say that certain people are responsible for spreading an issue that is false.

Nonetheless, even if MA’s camp has been doing its best to do damage control over sexuality issues, the rumors continue to move around the grapevine. While being gay might not be an issue to many, for a celebrity admission of such truth can mean loss of endorsements, roles, and fans given that the local entertainment scene is still conservative.

Everything changes when one aspires to be part of the entertainment industry. MA is not an exception. Prior to attempting his luck, MA was allegedly part of a group of young ‘bekis’ in the neighborhood. At times, MA would even claim the title of ‘muse’ of his peers. MA was the life of the group and his presence made everyone happy.

One day, all the fun with MA ended. That was the time when he entered the entertainment industry. Consequently, his decision means a drastic change in his image. Image is often synonymous with being a role model. Thus, MA was transformed into a versatile performer, as he can sing, dance, and act. He even had a mentor, who considered him as one of his better talents.

Despite everything he had done, MA’s star took a while to shine brightly. Thus, he explored other options and had been successful. As soon as he established a name, sexuality issues started emerging and MA has been quick to deny such claims. In his case, much would be lost if he indeed comes out of the closet.

‘The image is one thing and the human being is another. It's very hard to live up to an image, put it that way.’ – Elvis Presley

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  1. T of KaH. May beki na lover

  2. Si T.. pogi naman sya infer

  3. MA is T, halata naman.

  4. si T na dating kaH na naging kaF. yeheeey hindi ako cleaner

  5. T. Hayaan nyo na, he's a good actor and pleasing to the eyes on TV. As long as he can act, yun ang trabaho nya and he is good.

  6. T. Sure ako dyan hahaha

  7. This is KaH to KaF T. There were already stories about him being gay even before he became famous. But I don't think it should be an issue at all. If he's professional and employable enough, then it should not be an issue.

  8. Sure ako na si A ito



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