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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Do Learn Humility

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Whenever a talent is given a break, expect stories of his/her past encounters with ordinary people to emerge. Thus, when Pretty Talent (PT) was lined up among the next big stars of a network, people who recognized her started to recall how she was then.

On the one hand, the public adores good-natured talents and people whose loves have been touched would always say a good word. On the other hand, talents who lack people skills are abhorred and their misadventures with ordinary people become blatant.

Take the case of PT, who was already striking when she was still starting out. Thus, people who saw her could not easily forget her face. The question then was probably when PT would finally break into the higher league. Now that she is part of bigger plans, stories about her attitude are resurfacing.

During one occasion, PT was invited to grace an event. The organizers deemed it best to prepare her for the event by booking an appointment at the town’s popular saloon. Every time a talent from the city goes to a provincial area, excitement is high. Even if PT was still new then, the staff and other people who knew of her arrival eagerly waited for her.

When PT got out of her car, she held her head high and did not remove the pair of sunglasses she wore. Worse, PT did not even greet nor acknowledge the people who were waiting for her. She sat on the chair and did nothing more, as the makeup artist prepared for her look for that event. Nonetheless, people who witnessed how PT acted could not help but think of how she will be now that she is going places.

‘We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.’ ― Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. Replies
    1. M of kaH. Di ka na talaga nagbago gurl.

    2. L is very mabait and ddown to earth never mahangin what you see is what you get

  2. Definitely J of kaF

  3. Si J ng KAF. Wala pa nganag napapatunayan... Baka ni chamba hindi siya makakuha... Goodluck!

  4. J. So kapal. WALA PA napapatunayan may attitude na

  5. Lols nakabasa lang kayo ng mataray si J kagad naisip nyo. Sorry kayo, mabait si J sa mga katrabaho nya.

  6. si J din una ko naisip. parang wala pa nga siya napapatunayan pero nagbibilang na siya ng itlog sa interview niya.

  7. Hindi yan si J, napakabait nung tao. Nakasama ko sya sa isang event kaya ako na ang magsasabing "Hindi".



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