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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Ever Dependable

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Supportive Male (SM) received a call from Troubled Talent (TT) asking for urgent financial assistance. SM was surprised as TT seemed to be having a good life away from troubles. TT said he was in an unexpected bind that could ruin him if he would not be able to raise the money to pay up.

Allegedly, TT read wrong signals from Another Person (AP) and the misreading resulted in an unforgettable moment. TT thought AP was all in, but he was not. The moment changed TT and AP. However, the repercussion would be detrimental to TT and his reputation would be tarnished once details are leaked. AP wanted compensation as TT’s alleged act affected his future.

Legally, TT was at a losing end and the recourse was to address AP’s financial need. Hence, SM was called to help. TT knew that SM would keep his mouth shut and things will proceed smoothly without people knowing.

SM could not keep quiet and confided all details to Dependable Female (DF). DF was worried and checked on TT to make sure he was okay. TT again asked for secrecy. The good heart of DF was not only verbal, but material as well. DF sent financial help to TT to make sure he had a good place to sleep in, as he was supposedly kicked out of his home by a lover due to that moment.

‘Through career fumbles and life changes, she supported me. Through shattered dreams and hopes almost-realized, she supported me too.’ ― Shannon Celebi

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  1. hirap naman bestie yun lang masasabi ko lol

  2. row 1 ako, K and X

  3. ang dami ng cast of characters. ang hirap hulaan

  4. bakit ba si B lagi naisip ko pag money trouble



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