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Sunday, October 24, 2021

First Blood

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Showbiz celebrities usually remain ambiguous in their statements when they do not want the rumormongers into their lives. Several personalities are vocal in stating that they prefer privacy. Even if fans are raring to show support when a showbiz personality is emotionally down, such as grieving from a tragedy, they adhere to the request. However, one trigger can change everything.

The grapevine buzzed because one party could not keep still. Instantly, fans turned into detectives to check on the possible veracity of a statement. When the alleged truth is uncovered, former statements can be negated. One such detail in question was which party drew first blood.

Rumors indicated that One Side (OS) called the relationship over due to the involvement of Non-showbiz Talent (NT). NT and OS hit it off as they shared a common ground. NT keeps a low profile compared to OS’s high visibility. Still, details about their behavior when they are seen together are starting to be the buzz in social media. The behavior allegedly will not sit well if the status of OS was considered. If the rumor were verified, then the past reason will no longer hold water and the party that could not keep quiet might just be vindicated.  

‘Uncover your scars and get help instead of breaking others, because of your hurt.’ ― Thandazo Perfect Khumalo

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