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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Polite Clash

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Elder One (EO) took it upon herself to oversee the ventures left by Busy Celebrity (BC). EO thought that since BC was working, he would not mind her supervising his businesses. First, EO went to BC’s Own Hangout (OH) and instructed the manager to close early to minimize electric consumption. The patron-friends of BC were shocked but EO said the duration would only be until BC has time to resume duties as part of the management.

Then EO called the manager of the Other Venture (OV) to announce her visit with her friends. After partaking of the resources, EO said BC knew about her payment scheme and left without opening her wallet. Allegedly, EO did not even bother to leave a tip. Further, EO said that her friends would be dropping by soon without her.

Meanwhile, Elder Two (ET) received a call from one of BC’s friends to inform her of EO’s doings. ET was surprised and decided to do action. Later, EO dropped by OH with a cleaning and disinfecting team. She was shocked to see ET. She said that BC told her to supervise OH. ET thanked EO and added BC should not have bothered her. ET added that she would be taking over the chores of BC so as not to bother EO. EO was speechless and helpless in defending her presence.

As EO prepared to leave, she overheard ET talking to the manager of OV. ET said she will be coming over. EO immediately called OV and cancelled her friends’ visit.

‘Generally, there is a lot of truth value in stepping back, observing, then logically generalizing the extremes of what you see.’ − Criss Jami

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  1. Ang hirap naman mamsh. Walang clue? Lol.

  2. parehas babae ang mga elders pero magkaiba ang management style!

  3. EO-M

    hula lang...hehehehe

  4. EO- K of D
    ET- M of K

    1. Huh? Parang wala namang business ventures si D or K na nasa clue.

  5. Are EO and ET related to BC? Hirap FP

  6. Ang tanong, sino ba talaga sa kanila ang authorized ni BC?

  7. si K and X to sure na



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