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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Waiting Game

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To avoid any unneeded confrontation and subsequent ill-feelings, Resourceful Woman (RW) gave in to the request of Exploring Boy (EB). Over the years, EB has been dependent on RW on his needs and transactions. When he came to the right age, he expressed wanting to be more independent and explore more of life as an adult. The first step was to have control over money.

RW suspected that EB might have been influenced by Elder Personality (EP). EP’s connections with EB strengthened the suspicion of RW. EB assured RW that he will still provide for her in the future. This time, he wanted to make decisions on financial matters so he could gain sufficient experience that could prepare him later in his life. Thus, as RW adhered to EB’s request, she made sure EP knew about it.

Meanwhile, RW cannot just rely on the word of EB and side hustles. The side jobs can only pay so much and RW has to ensure her own lifestyle. A once-in-a-lifetime offer came that could make RW allegedly earn more than enough within a short period. Nonetheless, nothing is easy, as there was a catch.

Although RW agreed to the lucrative offer, she needed EB’s support to fortify the outcome of the offer. EB was not ecstatic with RW’s proposal. He allegedly declined giving his support, a response RW could not bring to tell her future benefactors. For now, the waiting game begins if EB would give in to RW or not at all.  

“What I'm telling you is, if you want to do things your own way, you’re going to have to make a decision – you’re going to have to find a little courage.’ ― John Irving

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    1. Jusko ka magbasa ka ulit! 12:46am

    2. Same guess tayo 12:46.

      Nagbasa kami 1:34. Ikaw magbasa uli.

    3. Tama si 12:46am, ikaw ang umintindi ng maayos.

  2. K and X kahit wala sa hulog bwahahaha!!!!

  3. M & A kah. Innocent pa talaga kasi si A, focus sa career kasi, so understandably.

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