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Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Intangible

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Managing artists is often seen as a business and to protect the interest of management, certain clauses are indicated in the contract. For example, to ensure the image, a talent might be given restrictions on where to be seen in public, how to behave offcam, and who to be with when going out. Violating the provisions might mean sanctions or cancellation of the contract itself. However, other managers require compensation in case a talent no longer can or wants to fulfill his/her obligations.

When a Network Talent (NT) expressed an intention to opt out of a project, the initial reaction was to slap NT with the payback provision. Top Executive (TE) allegedly calculated the amount NT needed to pay back to free NT from completing the contract.

NT saw the huge amount but expressed the desire to pay. NT then asked the Other Executive (OE) if a discount is possible and reminded OE that the situation already happened to Another Talent (AT), who did not pay anything for causing a project to undergo significant changes. AT remained with the network after that consideration. Then, NT said that the choice to leave was an option as the management contract was ending soon.

When OE heard the plan of NT, she immediately talked to TE. OE presented the detrimental effect if TE pushes through with the plan of squeezing the amount from NT. Thinking long-term and their depleted roster of talents, TE backed down. After all, NT is a prized talent and if freed from contract, other management teams will definitely bid for NT’s services. Not everything can be measured by what is tangible. 

‘One day you will realize that material things mean nothing. All that matters is the well-being of the people you love in your life.’ −-Leon Brown

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  1. J of KH is NT homegrown

  2. Kudos to NT for pushing back. Tong nga mgmt at executives kala mo utang ng talent ang kaluluwa nila sa mgmt. You both financially benefit from their fame, hindi lang naman ang talent.

  3. Akala ko si NT is J na KaH, AT is R na KaF na ngayon.

    Then nabasa ko "depleted roster of talents", mukhang ka-F ito lahat.



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