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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Murphy’s Law

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Shooting during the pandemic is not easy. Every step relies on careful planning and making sure everyone is synchronized. The production team and cast members follow a strict schedule that includes quarantine time on top of actual shooting days. Hence, time is highly regarded.

Sometimes, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, as per Murphy’s Law. A twist resulted in Talkative Actor (TA) finding his schedule disrupted. TA had to air his sentiments to production people, who said that his presence was dispensable and any actor can fill his shoes.

TA then talked to His Bestfriend (HB). HB was in the midst of a project and was reminded that no calls should be taken prior to facing the camera. Distractions, such as emotional phone calls, could affect the performance of the talent. Even if TA was so into the conversation, HB had to cut it short. TA had to make do with the little time HB could give.

Nonetheless, to appease TA, the management assured a forthcoming project will definitely include him.

'Murphy's Law states that ‘If anything will go wrong, it will’. The positive side of this law is ‘If anything good can happen, it definitely will happen’’.― Jiten Bhatt

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  1. Replies
    1. I dont think so. X is not know to be talkative parang mas tahimik at mahinhin pa nga sya kesa kay K.

    2. Prang sila nga, kasi front lng nmn nya si k, char

  2. TA-J
    HB-B now ka-H

  3. After 42yrs, tumama din ang X and K.

  4. X labas! Tumama ka rin

  5. Row 4 ako mga mate, da who?

  6. Si I(i) ba to? Sya lang naisip ko may project na biglang napalitan eh.



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