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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Hasty Impressions

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Rumored Kept Woman (KW) of Public Servant (PS) had to go on break, as PS’s family discovered their secret. The wife of PS gave him an ultimatum and he folded up. To avoid additional tension, PS sponsored KW’s trip overseas.

During the overseas trip, KW’s friend introduced her to Celebrity Businesswoman (CB). CB’s decision to stay overseas was a painful one, as she left her career and friends. She risked everything. KW heard of CB but the two never had a chance to be together in a project. KW thought CB was still struggling overseas. The introductions were quick, and CB marveled at the way KW looked. Later, KW confided to her friend that she felt CB lacked class and trying hard to belong. Moreover, they should not invite CB to their gimmicks.

The friend shook her head and refuted KW’s impression. The friend said that CB married a wealthy man and lived in a huge home. One time, CB invited KW and the friend to her home. KW was shocked at the luxury item collections of CB. From that moment, KW went into fanmode. Tables were turned, as KW initiated invitations to CB.

KW brought CB to one of the best restaurants in their area. She was shocked as CB was known by the staff and owners. KW was amazed and realized how wrong her first impression was. Time passed and KW had the courage to visit CB on her own. She allegedly even asked for a luxury item and CB gave it to her without fuss.

CB had a chance to talk to their friend and she revealed that she noticed that KW was aloof during their first meeting. She felt KW looked at her from head to foot. She kept cool but promised herself to show KW who she really is overseas. She succeeded. These days, whenever KW invited her out, CB would excuse herself and say she’s busy with her business.    

‘The problem with making hasty judgments is that it will emphasize your ignorance at the end of the day.’ ― C. JoyBell C.

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  1. Major parasite si KW haha Kabit na nga, judgy pa

  2. Abang abang sa mga classmates.

    1. Kanina pa din ako classmate, di lang kumuda kasi solo lang ako. Abangan natin ung mga maritess classmates natin hihihi

  3. wag kasing judgemental agad agad!

  4. Replies
    1. Korek ka jan inday marites

    2. Clue sa pangalawang K, pls.

    3. Sis share mo lang... Clues nman Marites

  5. Replies
    1. Ay, tru. Kala ni A porke pa comedy mga banat ni R cheap na. Sya nga etong cheap e.

  6. Hahahaha, ang daning ganyan na mga Pinoy dito sa ibang bansa. Yung first time mo mameet at makatitig sayo parang may utang ka na di nabayaran sa kanila. 😂

  7. Da who? Clues please...wala akong maisip for any of them (KW, PS and CB)

  8. CB ba ang dating sikat na singer?

  9. Pansin ko lang sa mga ganitong lalaki, takot na takot sa wife nila pero nagloloko pa din naman. Ito namang mga kabit ang lalakas ng loob akala ikinaganda nila yung pagkakabit.

  10. A - Bata pa to

    R- sexy xa

  11. KW - A
    CB - R
    PS- ??

    Kaya pala can afford si A kahit nalaos dahil may sponsor. Ew kabit.

  12. Ayan kasi judge agad siya nung niya itong nakita niya si CB. Nung nakilala na niya Naloka siya kung ano kayang bilhin ni CB. Tapos di na siya pinapansin ngayon hahahaha

  13. KW- A CB - R PS - ?? Kaya pala can afford sa lifestyle si KW kahit laos dahil nagpakabit para may sponsor. Pacool image kabit pala. Ew.

  14. Bakit, c KW- A may class ba? Kung makasabi sya ba walang class c CB..



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