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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Friendship Test

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True friends in showbiz are hard to find. Thus, when celebrities realize a fellow celebrity can be a good friend, they nourish the relationship. Fans often tag such friendships as goals and express admiration for celebrity-friends. However, celebrities are prone to disagreements with their friends regardless of the length of friendship when sensitive issues are touched.

The friendship of Vocal Friend 1 (VF1) and Vocal Friend 2 (VF2) was tested when VF2 was offended by VF1’s pronouncements. When they had a chance to go online to ask how they were doing, VF2 confronted VF1 and unleashed harsh words. The repercussions of VF1’s pronouncement greatly affected the personal and professional aspects of VF2. VF2’s partner reminded her that someone that VF1 was not fond of was expecting their support. That reminder added to the combative mood of VF2.

Taking the higher road, VF1 apologized to VF2, but the latter was so hot under the collar. VF2 continued her tirade and told VF1 to backtrack on her pronouncement. However, VF1 was still saying her amends when VF2 logged out. Then, VF2 confided to a close friend that she will not speak to VF1 for now. She will only talk to VF1 if the pronouncement will be taken back, which might not happen soon or at all.

‘I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.’ – Thomas Jefferson

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  1. V & N. Mga artista nung araw.

    1. nakakaloka! panahon pa ni kopong kopong yan lol

  2. M at A. Sabe na eh. Kaya pala lagi sila nag iirapan nahuhuli sa cam sa Nshow nila.

    1. teh anabey nakachance nga lang na magkumustahan online tapos magkasama sa show?

  3. T & B . Sleep night!

  4. VF2 will not speak to VF1 for now daw so malabong J & J kasi matagal not silang not in speaking terms

  5. Wow si VF2 pa galit. Kapal



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