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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Doubtful Narrative

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Over the past years, many showbiz couples have separated for various reasons. Falling out of love, joining a third party, finances, and family are some of the issues the separated couples have pinpointed in justifying the end of their relationship. On the one hand, fans can be sympathetic and understand the breakup; on the other hand, others cannot be stopped from posting rude reactions and blaming a party. What is clear is that one party will always be favored by fans and the other will have to live with the bashing for a while.

When Female Talent (FT) called it quits, many of her followers were surprised. Her Partner (HP) was praised for being a good half of their relationship. Thus, the revelation astonished many. As their followers hoped they would not separate, the decision’s announcement was inevitable.

However, rumors among ordinary folks and neighbors expressed doubt on the narrative. HP supposedly left FT, but he was allegedly still often seen with FT in her home. Rumors said the two lived a high lifestyle. Unfortunately, circumstances led to fewer showbiz assignments for them. Such a situation could have affected their finances. The claim was that they needed to make themselves noticeable and the narrative might be part of a play that their fans could not see.

‘People trust their eyes above all else - but most people see what they wish to see, or what they believe they should see; not what is really there.’ ― Zoë Marriott

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  1. N & J. Sleep night.

    1. Besh naka-move on na ung isa, move on ka rin pag may time.

  2. Sabi ko na nga ba palabas lang ang lahat. J and A sure na! Lol

  3. Clue pls kay j & a

  4. J & A duh nung mainit ung issue nila, katabi ko sila sa resto nag lulunch. Bumili pa ng gamit sa bahay.

  5. Clues naman kay J & A

  6. Sinetch? Penge clue mga mamsh

  7. No I think it's M and P. Never nmm lumabas na si A and good half sa relasyon nila ni J e..

  8. More clues please

  9. unahan ko na yung laging si X at K

  10. pero diba simple lang ang lifestyle nung J&A? As they claim to be?



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