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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Brave Beauty

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Talent managers are very keen on establishing the image of their prized talents. At the onset, a talent’s background story has to be set in place so as to start generating sympathy and interest from fans. Once the talent captures a market, making him/her famous becomes an easy task. As soon as the team has decided on the talent’s image, his/her action off cam has to be in accordance. For example, a talent who is partnered with another onscreen should not be seen with someone else.

The set guidelines can greatly affect the movement and personal relationships of a talent. A talent cannot just be seen anywhere and with anyone who could turn-off followers. Such is the price of fame. Not following the advice of management can negatively affect the talent’s career.

Sometime ago, Brave Beauty (BB) seemed to have thrown caution to the wind when she was spotted in the company of Known Personality (KP). BB was once controversial, but her career is taking direction as the plans of her team are rolling. KP is older and known for his achievements. He also has his showbiz connection and supportive friends. Thus, when a photo of BB and KP circulated, questions were raised as to why BB seems to be in the good graces of KP. Is BB the latest one keeping KP happy these days? Is BB unaware of the possible effects on her image if she were openly linked with KP? Only showbiz insiders can assume the answers and keep quiet.

‘Time, which changes people, does not alter the image we have retained of them.’ − Marcel Proust

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  1. BB- J
    KP- C

    Grabe si KP, hanglupeeet!

  2. M & A. A is super achiever naman no doubt kaya super dikit si M.

  3. Naku mga baks, ito options ko:
    Y and P
    That starlet and yummy papa G

    Pakopya naman!

  4. BB ay si Y?
    KP ay si C?
    Tagal ng issue yan o balik nanaman?



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