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Sunday, September 19, 2021

How Could You

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When a career is at stake, strategies fall into play. Network Talent (NT) learned that changes in a show might affect everyone in the production. NT realized his career might be in jeopardy if he does not make his move carefully.

An opportunity came for NT to share his thoughts when he heard some production members talking about possible changes. NT allegedly said that a Co-worker (CW) was not well liked based on audience feedback. Someone agreed with NT.

However, another voice was heard in support of CW. The support made everyone quiet. During the discussion, the matter of resource allocation came up. Apparently, someone has to go to make room for other people. NT proposed that the choice of whom to let go should be based on seniority. The implication is that CW would be the first out if that were the criteria. However, the management has the final say.

Meanwhile, CW got wind of how NT seemed to thumb her down. She did not take it kindly as she thought everyone was sincere in their relations. Nonetheless, CW was assured that changes will not affect her.  

‘I cannot in good conscience ask my colleagues to expend precious time and energy defending or explaining my past. We need all hands on deck, fighting for the future.’ − Van Jones

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  1. NT-J
    Who assured CW- V

    1. Eto rin hula ko

    2. NT and that someone who agreed with NT - J/T

      silang mga walang ambag sa show.

    3. Gets ko na. J/T has nothing to offer. Di nakakatawa at di naman artistahin kahit pang side-kick pa.

  2. NT= A
    CW = J
    May history si NT of throwing other women under the bus if they are a threat to his career

    1. Not them, if seniority sila mag base meron mas senior kay J. Also character ni J female lead, pag wala sya, eh di tapos storya.

    2. Hula ko rin. Babae lagi ang karibal nya

    3. Hindi si J. Malamang si Y. Parang si Y ang pinaka bago sa network.

    4. makabash ka lang talaga kay A no.

  3. hindi ko po mahulaan. clue pa po.



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