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Sunday, September 26, 2021

All About Timing

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Friendly Celebrity (FC) invited Male Visitor (MV) to stay with him and His Benefactor (HB). MV was touched by the generosity of FC and thus, accepted the offer. There was no need to hide their true selves, as both have kept each other’s secrets during their careers. Moreover, MV just wanted to unwind and break away from locked-in tapings.

One time, FC asked MV to have a drink with him and HB. When MV was tipsy, FC and HB led him to the bedroom. MV felt he had no choice and went in. The three had a grand time with each other. Come morning, FC told MV that if he needed bookings, he had contacts who could pay well. MV laughed at the idea but still took the work opportunity. After earning more than enough from his bookings, MV bid farewell to FC. FC was surprised, but MV had his reasons, which he did not disclose.

MV was tired, as HB wanted intimacy daily. HB even said that he preferred him over FC. The thought made MV fearful, as FC might not like that idea and get mad. MV feared that FC might suddenly out him, something he’s not prepared for. Moreover, MV did not like the booking lifestyle. Leaving the couple was his best option. The timing was right, as no controversy has happened among the three of them. 

‘So much of life is not about whether you're good or bad, or right or wrong, or can afford or not afford - it's just about timing." − A. A. Gill

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  1. D, A, P KaH. Sleep night!

    1. Sila rin naiisip ko. Pero sino si P?

    2. Sa dami ng pera ni A I doubt papasok siya sa ganyang kalakaran. May masabi ka lang.

  2. Ang juicy naman! Pero cleaners ang peg ko mag dzai.



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