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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Tough Times

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At the height of her workload, Lovable Celebrity (LC) was very generous, not only to her family, but to members of the media. After a press meeting, Media Personality 1 and 2 (MP1, MP2) used their charms on LC. MP1 and MP2 are respected practitioners, who use their talents to uplift many celebrities in publicity writeups.

MP1 said he was going on a trip, while MP2 said he was moving. LC gave MP1 a substantial amount, much higher than MP2’s. Then LC said that they should come up with positive posts about her or else time would come when she would ask to be paid back. At that time, everyone thought she was kidding.
The pandemic greatly affected the income of LC. Although she had savings, her expenses piled up and besides, she extended support to her partner, whose projects were limited due to production restrictions. Moreover, positive, nice write ups lessened, as social media readers preferred controversial stories. Consequently, LC contacted MP1 and asked to be paid.

MP1 was shocked as he thought the money was a gift, not a loan. MP1 could not argue his case, as LC reminded him that she said the day will come when she will ask to be repaid. The day arrived. However, MP1 said that he could only afford to return half of the amount. He then asked LC if she’s in financial trouble. MP1 broached the idea of writing about her situation. Of course, LC denied the thought. She then agreed on just getting the half back and the remaining half would just be for MP1 to keep quiet.

'Give and you may keep your friend if you lose your money; lend, and the chances are that you will lose your friend if ever you get your money back.’ − Edward Bulwer-Lytton

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