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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Water Under the Bridge

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Words are powerful. Consequently, words of a celebrity can lead to rewards or consequences. Sometime ago, Involved Celebrity (IC) posted a few words, which may have sounded innocent and dismissed as a mere reaction by many. However, those words reached Seasoned Talent (ST) and his camp.

Persuasive Personality (PP), whose loyalty to ST is unfathomable, was much pained as well and thus, began the quest to get back at IC. Close relation of ST took time to communicate with PP and relayed their feelings. After the talk, PP vowed that IC will never be seen nor heard in the premises of the workplace.  

Using contacts, PP talked to Higher Management (HM) and gave the cons on having IC stay among their ranks. HM felt PP was unfair, but did not push the argument further. PP retorted that the management was placed in an unfavorable position with IC’s project performances.

Allegedly, a threat to pull out ST was said if IC will remain in status quo. HM knew the consequences of PP’s words and extent of capability. PP’s words can wreak havoc in the big picture. Subsequently, the binding document was allowed to lapse and IC felt the lack of plans and support for the future from HM. Decisions had to be done and loyalty was cast aside.

‘I'm not gonna try to defend, or undo what's been done. All I could say about whatever's been done, it's been done, and it's water under the bridge. I have no regrets of my life.’ − Ike Turner

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    1. Seasonal si V? Lagi nyang present sus

    2. Anong seasonal? Seasoned kasi! Ibig sabihin matagal na sa industriya at may napatunayan na. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA



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