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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Goodbye for Good

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Perhaps the timing was off that day for Upfront Talent (UT) indeed had a Hidden Hater (HH) within the workplace. Regardless of the personalities, that day’s innocent event led to UT rethinking her position. Prior to that day, UT has been warned to be mindful of her criticisms of Controversial Personality (CP). The comments reached CP, who allegedly made a call to a head to control UT. CP added that if UT does not stop, he will raise the matter to the big bosses. Unfortunately, UT did not stop and the head could not do anything about UT’s opinions. Expressing opinions was not a major offense.

As UT has been comfortable in the workplace, she thought things would not be taken too seriously. On that day, a fan sent a gift. UT was working and could not leave. Hence, she requested One Employee (OE) to receive the said gift. HH saw OE with the said gift and asked who it was for. OE said it was for UT. HH subsequently told The Boss (TB) about the gift and added that UT has no right to ask any subordinate to do menial errands. TB took the side of HH.

TB suspended UT, who clarified that the gift was sent and she did not ask OE to buy it. However, TB said UT still gave OE an order and such requests are not part of OE’s job description. UT did not like where the conversation was leading and walked out.

Meanwhile, Her Pal (HP) tried to argue her case, but he was shocked at what he learned. Apparently, the major management knew of such suspension, which was also a way to address CP’s concerns. UT would be allowed to come back in the future, as the move was just to please CP. Sadly, UT has no more intention to return and perhaps, she would spill the tea at the right time.  

‘Never let anyone walk all over you. Stand up for yourself, put your foot down and tell them that you DON'T put up with disrespect.’ − Sonya Parker

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  1. A- kaH go spill it na

  2. Si G na nagtransfer sa Ka-S

    1. wrong 1:33AM. Hahaha its A ng kaH. same field as G tho

    2. Yes, UT is A from kaH. Power trip si HH (na A din ang name) esp sa mga babae sa industry nila.

    3. 2:52 nooo! HH is not another A. si HP si A na tinutukoy mo, they are friends kaya.

  3. Female si UT
    Male si CP


  4. So this is why MIA si A (UT).. Sino kaya si CP?

  5. Si A. Sayang favorite pa naman namin to lalo na mga bagets kong pamangkin.

  6. UT- A
    HH- R
    TB- M
    HP- A

    All KaH
    so sino si CP?

  7. UT-A HP-A male HH-W

  8. UT-A HH-R CP-M sure na!



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