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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Risky Tantrum

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As producers are budget-conscious these days, planning and preparation are prioritized. By carefully designing how producers envision the final outcome, they are able to maximize the investment and work within the allotted time for artists. The pandemic has made movement limited and thus, every presence of the talents should not be wasted.

The production team had made arrangements on the performances of various talents for a project. To ensure talents received ample exposure, they were grouped according to what they could offer and other similarities. As soon as Irate Performer (IP) noticed his team, he questioned why he had to belong with them. IP noticed his teammates were once involved in rumors questioning their sexuality. IP was uncomfortable and did not want to be associated with them.

Predictably, IP protested and raised his concern to A Head (AH). IP recommended Versatile Talent (VT) to replace his slot. AH thumbed down the idea as VT had already rehearsed with his group. IP had to control his disappointment and his protests. He realized if he continued to complain, he might not be given a call slip and every talent needs work. These days, no one is indispensable. After sometime, IP apologized and said it will not happen again. The final product was worth it, as IP showed his stuff was a notch above his teammates.  

‘It isn’t the words we speak that make us who we are. Or even the deeds we do. It is the secrets buried in our hearts.’ ― Thrity Umrigar

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  1. A kaH. Happy Friday because Its Friday.

    1. Puro ka A wala kana bang kilalang iba lol.

    2. At 1:12 Sobrang inggit at insecure mo talaga kay A kaya lahat ng blind item kahit napakalayo sa kanya siya pa rin pinagpipilitan mo. Sabi sa BI takot daw si IP mawalan ng work baka hindi na bigyan ng call slip. Si A na umaapaw yung trabaho sa dami so paano naging siya?🙄

    3. "He realized if he continued to complain, he might not be given a call slip and every talent needs work"
      dito pa lang lagpak ka na, 1.12am. 2 tv shows ni A at plus endorsements. higit sa lahat, wala syang attitude problem at di sya nagkocomplain

    4. A or not. it’s no secret naman na ganun nga sya. Hehe

  2. D- may pakahomophobia ata yon.



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