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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Cold and Angry

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The Emissary (TE) had high hopes prior to meeting with Impetuous Personality (IP). TE has been trying to be the channel between IP and his party. However, patching things with IP is like moving heaven and earth, as IP has remained nonchalant and cold despite all attempts.

This time, TE was optimistic that time could have softened IP and would grant his request. All IP needed was a signature as required by the bank. TE relayed that his party only wanted what was due and IP can have the rest, which was more than enough to sustain the lifestyle IP had been accustomed to. However, TE got a litany from IP, who fumed. IP told TE to remind his party that she was right all along about their financial situation.

The tirade went on, and TE ran out of patience and left. Meanwhile, TE told his party about IP and proposed legal means to deal with the problem. However, TE’s proposal was thumbed down as his party did not want too much fuss and to upset IP further. Thus, for now, TE’s party will make do with their present means, as IP seems to be unwilling to give up even a single centavo.  

‘We cannot negotiate with people who say what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable.’― John F. Kennedy

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  1. te, v
    ip, d

    ayaw ibigay ang perang di kanya.. di nya kinita, di nya pinaghirapan......

  2. hindi naman magiging ganun ang financial status kung ibabalik nya ang pera....

  3. Kaya pala ang dami na naman Rant ni IP.



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