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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Naughty Plan

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Gregarious Personality (GP) rose from being a nobody to a huge celebrity. Through persistence and passion, GP achieved the present status. What distinguishes GP from the rest is the range of abilities or versatility. GP is goal-oriented. Fans love GP for bravely trying creative and new ventures. In the same breath, GP has bashers as well. GP knows how to handle the bashing and the followers admire that quality.  

Like some people, when GP has a fantasy, GP knows how to fulfill it. GP confided to a friend of an intimate fantasy involving men in uniform. Using connections, GP found a way to fulfill the plan. GP spotted a couple of uniformed personnel and was immediately smitten. As GP was a familiar face, introductions were easy.

Target 1 (T1) was not difficult to attract. GP found happiness in a private area with T1. By contrast, GP had a hard time with Target 2 (T2). T2 is a family person who loves his kids. Nonetheless, GP took a few days and the agenda with T2 was executed well.

With the fantasy turned into reality, GP achieved another agenda. GP expanded the personal network and is assured of backers among the men in uniform.

‘More often than not, you will never be judged by your intentions because the world can't read minds and very few will know the heart of a person they have not given time to know personally.’ ― Shannon L. Alder

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  1. Waah sino zia? Nakaka intriga naman ito mga classmates

  2. Ay ganun?! Wala nang covid social distancing eclavus?!

  3. Wow! Sino ‘to?! Prolific!

  4. I have no idea. Any clues?

  5. GP= I? No idea about T1 and T2.

  6. GP - V
    First Honor, Happy New Year!

  7. Babae ba sya or baks? If babae si oldy A

  8. Grabe naman si FP. Talagang hindi gumamit ng pronouns. Ang damot sa clues.

  9. I have no clue who is this.

  10. Hmm... The picture may be feminine, but the gender of GP is not specified. Also, mabibilang mo sa isang kamay ang mga gwapong 'targets', and they very likely joined pageants. Unless targets nya ay oldies and big tummies haha.

  11. Kadiri. Mga future partners niya should be aware of the possibility of any transmitted diseases.



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