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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Secret Project

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While many are scrambling toward possible sources of income during the pandemic, Network Actor (NA) seems to be chilling and not showing signs of worry. Although he was not visible even prior to the pandemic, his demeanor remained calm and never had he resorted to social media to air his sentiments. This attitude has been a source of wonder among his colleagues.

Worse, some of his co-workers noticed a bit of flaunting even if many of them are in limbo. For example, His Wife (HW) has continued to buy jewelry and without her buying, the sellers would not have any source of income. This activity keeps HW busy, which is one matter off NA’s mind. Moreover, NA likes to spoil HW, which is the reason he allows her to do what makes her happy.

Meanwhile, the neighbors noticed the presence of non-resident cars in their midst. Sometimes, they see NA being fetched and brought home by one of the cars. One time, an Influential Personality (IP) was allegedly seen in the car. As far as HW knows, NA works for IP, and she has gotten used to the odd evening hours NA leaves for ‘work.’

Nonetheless, NA has not been greedy with his finances. With his huge salary from IP, NA allows him to lend money to fellow talents. One time, Fellow Actor (FA) joked if he could also be given work by IP. NA laughed at the idea. Subsequently, he turned down FA and said that he’s involved in a special project with IP, and IP does not need any one else but him.

‘Business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering, and providing tremendous service to customers. Finally, business is a cobweb of human relationships.’ – Ross Perot

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  1. Heto naman ako hirap FP hindi naman ako makatulog nito kaiisip sino sila?🤣

  2. NA - R HW - M KAF

  3. Mapa babae o lalake, married or single, meron palang mga celebs na parang call boy or call girl para lang na support lifestyles nila & family. Wow, how sad!



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