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Sunday, August 23, 2020

No Opening

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Confidently, many celebrity casualties of the closed network thought they would be kept by the station or that other networks would easily absorb them given their popularity and track record. Their fan bases are loyal and definitely would follow them wherever they land. Hence, followers of Network Personality 1 (NP1) and Network Personality 2 (NP2) were sure that they would remain in their original station.

Unfortunately, the followers were wrong. NP1 and NP2 already had an idea that they were part of the casualties and ties would already be cut prior to the formal announcement. Hence, they started sending feelers to their Target Station (TS). Prior to the shutdown, rumors indicated that NP1 and NP2 were close to people who wanted to close down their station. Hence, when NP1 and NP2 said their goodbyes, no drama happened.

As the industry is not that big, talents develop friendships outside network rivalries. Hence, when Media Practitioner (MP) heard about NP1 and NP2 seeking possible placement in TS, he replied with encouraging words. NP1 and NP2 seemed to have found a backer in MP.

After the formal letting go, NP1 asked MP if he and NP2 would have space in the network. MP delivered the bad news, that is, the bosses were not interested. NP1 was shocked, as he was sure he would be taken in. Instead of forcing a possible employment with MP, they decided to apply somewhere else. They found a management willing to hire them, but the salary was not as lucrative as in their previous posts.

Allegedly, the bosses of MP heard about rumors of personal ties of NP1 and NP2 to certain parties and such hush-hush connections might affect the image of TS if they were hired. Further, management was afraid that the show might be used to propagate those ties of NP1 and NP2. These days, TS seems to be keen on protecting homegrown talents and so far, no movement of a significant celebrity has been confirmed.

‘The strongest man can have the weakest weakness. We must never be over confident. Humbleness is always required.’ ― Munia Khan

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  1. M & S - buti nga!

    1. they weren't homegrown talents just contract stars and they belong to another management so it's not them

    2. 1:12 maka buti nga. Mali naman. Harhar

  2. Sina A at G 'yan, ka-S. 😇

  3. J&A Finally hindi na ako cleaner.

  4. Definitely, M and S

  5. NP1 and NP2 - A and G
    MP - A
    TS - KaH

  6. Nahilo ako sa inyo mga Beshie! M and S lang ang na name ko yung iba, nasuka ako ako sa hilo bwahahaha



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