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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Continuous Doubt

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Various stories are coming out concerning the relationship of Female Talent (FT) and Cute Beau (CB). As the two will soon make their relationship formal and legal, FT was excited to meet the family of CB. Conscious of the background of CB’s family, FT prepared for a cold welcome, but she had Someone (SO) who could soften any coldness that might arise.

Surprisingly, CB’s family prepared to welcome them and SO lit up the household. FT expressed gratitude and started to document the family with SO. Family Member 1 (FM1) remarked that SO reminded her of a Showbiz Personality (SP) without mentioning any name. FM1 added that SP and FT used to work together. FT stopped whatever she was doing as awkwardness enveloped the scene.

As CB interacted with his family, FM1 was not done with FT. FM1 asked FT not to post photos as they value their privacy and do not want to be feasted on by tabloids. FT agreed. Meanwhile, Family Member 2 (FM2) took SO and said he wanted to bond with SO. The two of them disappeared for a few minutes.

Allegedly, during those minutes, saliva was taken from SO. The helpers were secretly instructed to separate and not wash the utensils used by CB. Apparently, doubts were cast on SO’s paternal side and only a DNA test could prove or disprove any involvement of CB. Based on an alleged investigation, FM1 and FM2 are still suspecting that FT was still seeing SP even if CB was already in her life.

‘I say, Parker, these are funny cases, ain't they? Every line of inquiry seems to peter out. It's awfully exciting up to a point, you know, and then nothing comes of it. It's like rivers getting lost in the sand.’― Dorothy L. Sayers

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  1. Replies
    1. Wrong dahil tanggap ng family ng guy si S.

    2. Help classmate 1:19 di ko mahulaan eh

  2. A & M. Eto na inaabangan ng pipols!

    1. pano magiging A & M ito eh wala pang SO na involve sa kanila

  3. So juicy but I have no idea who these people are. More clues please.

  4. Teleserye lang ang peg. Kalurks.

  5. Not S dahil tanggap sya ng family ni D. Very involved nga ang m ni D nung pregnancy nya.

  6. sino ba itong dalawa na malapit nang ikasal? with SO pa.

  7. Sino bang couple ang nagkaroon ng anak at magpapakasal na?

  8. S & D. Di pa rin tanggap ng family ni D si S.

  9. baka si FT si R saka si CB yung baby daddy. Antagal na nga naman kasi ni R saka ng ex nyanh si P.



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