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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Young Daddy

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One of the controversies that parents would rather avoid is for their children to have kids prior to becoming full-fledged adults. Access to technology and sexuality materials makes easy for the youth to gain awareness of sex at an early age. Without guidance, physical intimacy can lead to unwanted pregnancy and its corresponding challenges.

When Young Talent (YT) was starting his career, warnings have been given for him to stay cool on exploring his sexuality. YT was linked to several young female talents and his handlers feared he might give in to temptation. Attractive and youthful, YT was a good catch. Moreover, he seemed to be promising in his career and was able to gain a following within a short period of introduction to the public.

The management of YT saw his potential to be groomed into an impressive actor. He landed roles in various projects that rated well. He was soon noticed and was bound for bigger opportunities. However, things slowed down a bit given the challenges of the pandemic. Like most talents, YT would have to think about his next career move.

What is abuzz in the grapevine, even if YT’s career is silent, is that he has disobeyed the advice given to him when he was starting. Rumors indicate that YT is already a young father and his child is living with the non-showbiz mother. The child and the mother are not in the city and are away from the limelight. By being a young dad, YT’s path towards becoming the next heartthrob would be in jeopardy. Hence, a deal was made for child support, which could ensure the mother will not say anything that could affect YT’s career.

‘What are you hiding? Is it something from others, or from yourself? Find your truth. The more you show up, the more you'll be found.’ ― Brittany Burgunder

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