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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Pipe Repair

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During her projects, Attractive Actress (AA) developed fondness for Young Man (YM) from the production staff. AA found herself very attracted to YM, who had the physique that she found intriguing. Soon, AA spent time talking to YM and asking him about his life and family. Even if YM only had the body, the lack did not matter to AA.

AA found out that YM was in his 30s and is single. He was the breadwinner for his family in the province and he was obligated to send his siblings to school. The sad story hit AA’s heart. She asked if YM has other skills, such as driving. AA said she needed someone young who can stand the long hours of waiting for shooting. AA offered a salary that was three times YM was receiving. The offer was too good to pass and AA got her way.

AA has been alone most of her life and her family is usually away for school or other commitments. In short, she spends time in her home by herself and nights are cold and lonely. Inevitably, YM warms up her bed during those sad nights. Their physical relationship was satisfying indeed.

Meanwhile, Talent Friend (TF), who is close to AA and lives within the vicinity, asked AA about YM. TF noticed YM has good looks, and AA just smiled. TF then proceeded to talk to YM and asked about his skill set.

One time, AA was tired and spent the whole day sleeping. As she was too tired, AA did not know that TF called YM to her home to repair a busted pipe. When AA woke up, she looked for YM and saw him stepping out of the home of TF. YM was sweaty, which made AA ask a lot of questions.

YM explained that the pipe repair took longer and harder than expected, but AA doubted the story. As AA and TF are close friends, AA knows about TF’s history of dating committed men and not minding the mistress role. AA started to think that TF might be thinking of getting YM from her.

Subsequently, AA instructed YM to tell TF that he has other chores if she asks help from him. YM has to avoid TF at all costs and give excuses to prevent further interaction. Making matters worse was the reaction of AA to TF. She no longer responded to messages from TF and says she has much work just to avoid her friend. However, no one knows if YM only did fix a pipe or something else happened. For AA, even without proof, the latter is the truth.

‘There are people on whom even clean linen looks indecent.’ ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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  1. Juicy... lawlzzz!
    Mga mamasang nato, itataya ang fwenzhip para sa boytoy!🙄

  2. So how does YM look like haha

  3. eto si TF naman kasi, makati pa sa gabi. Hanap hanap din ng sariling boytoy

  4. Bibili na ako bukas ng car para maka hire narin ng ganyang driver!

  5. TF dating committed men and not minding the mistress role - in other words, can’t get a guy to commit to her

  6. grabe sino kaya ang mga ito

  7. clue naman, hirap mga sis

  8. Lol, uhaw na uhaw ang dalawang matronas. Kaloka.

  9. Hmmm, YM should demand more money. The higher bid wins.

  10. Hahahahaha, 30s in not a young man anymore, Kaloka.

    1. Hello wala pang 20 ang nasa bi no!!!

    2. Si 5:31 naman nakasulat na nga na 30s. XD
      siguro sobra laki ng age gap ni AA at TF kay YM kaya pinopoint na young pa sya.wala ba clue huhu this is juicy.

  11. Wala bang website na parang Foxella for FP? Yun may makahula ng BI? Ang hirap kasi.

  12. Sabik na sabik dalawang gurang. Too funny.



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