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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Questionable Choice

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After the recasting of a project was announced, cast members and production staff were surprised at the choice of the management. Reliable actresses from the network expressed their interest and were among the ones left wondering why they were snubbed.

Initially, an actress was approached for the role, but she refused at being the second choice. Besides, she did not want to be in lockdown for the shoot. Meanwhile, Another Actress (AA) was confident to be chosen, as other female possibilities had just completed work or were dealing with personal matters. AA was confident she would get the role.

Sadly, AA was disappointed as the role was given to Female Talent (FT), who does not have as much acting experience as she has. Tongues started wagging at the choice of FT for the plum role in the project. Even the lead cast members wondered when FT was named. One lead even approached the production head and expressed his apprehension. He was assured that FT would be able to pull it through.

What then was the reason for FT’s choice? Rumors indicated that Influential Personality (IP) pushed for FT to get the role. As IP is among the trusted and dependable production heads of the network, his expression of support for FT was given weight. Now, alleged stories of IP and FT being seen in a car in the network’s parking lot are spreading. What is puzzling to those who have seen IP and FT together is that he is rumored to be in a relationship with a female celebrity.

‘Once you embrace your value, talents and strengths, it neutralizes when others think less of you.’ ― Rob Liano

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  1. Replies
    1. I think you're Korek Besh S nga

    2. Not her. Yung original daw decloned kasi she was the second choice. M was the only choice for the role na nakuha ni S.

    3. Hindi yan si S. she’s the only choice after the first choice. Si E ito

  2. H kaf sure na. Lol, kaya pala.

  3. initial actress - M
    FT - S
    IP - ?

  4. FT - E
    Ip- L?
    Orig female lead na nag back.out - i?

  5. H na pumapit kay J

  6. FT-S, sino kaya si AA and IP hmmm

  7. S. IDK who is her padrino sa network.

    1. Mashonda, bading at middle-aged ladies po execs sa kaH. Sa kaF ang maraming padrino jumojowa ng celebs

  8. Hula lang: S - FT R - AA IP - ?

  9. H - first lead role nya out of nowhere

  10. Hindi bagay kay H na pabebe lagi. Si S ito na laging may show may padrino pala sino kaya yon?

  11. Definitely kaF.
    E o kaya si H

  12. This is H more than S.



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