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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Clueless Celebrity

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Clueless Celebrity (CC) might still be pondering about the inside story why work has eluded her these days. Talents have been eager to work, but various productions have been careful in hiring. Lucky are the celebrities who have other means of income. Meanwhile, CC has been excited for a call, but none has been extended so far.

CC could not understand the silence. In anticipation of possible work, CC even took the initiative to undergo tests that would clear her health. CC did not receive a response after sending her results to the management. When CC called the production team, the head said the decision was with the top. When she called the top, he said to coordinate with the head. CC realized she was being given the run around, but she was still clueless about the treatment.

As she had no one to turn to, she asked A Friend (AF) who might have heard the reason for the cold treatment. Apparently, social media was involved and CC had a post that was not kindly looked upon by the Intended Target (IT). In her defense, CC told AF that the post was immediately deleted, as she realized her joke might be misconstrued. Before she deleted the post, someone already took a screenshot and sent it to IT. IT then used the management chain until her offended feelings reached other influential personalities. Thus, the decision was made to drop CC from the project.  

‘When people have not learned to interpret the past, to read the present; and to imagine and empower the future, they are living a life without a punchline, clueless about the story they are embarked upon. (‘Not on the shortlist’)’ ― Erik Pevernagie

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